Picture Credit: Instagram

Picture Credit: Instagram

After his fourth straight defeat in UFC 287, Jorge Masvidal has decided to call it quits and has retired from the Ultimate Fighting Championship on Saturday Night. Jorge, who got down to his opponent Gilbert Burns, in his fourth back-to-back defeat, announced after the fight that he doesn’t feel the same about the game. 

The fight began with Masvidal kicking eight kicks midway into the first frame for the fight. However, who was in search of the right opportunity rushed in with a body lock and took his opponent ‘Gamebred’ down. 

As Burns was announced the winner of the fight, Jorge announced his retirement in front of his home crowd and bid his 20-year-long MMA career a goodbye. Speaking in front of the crowd, he said, "I love all of you. Thank you everybody for watching. This is where I started my career. It’s been a long 20 years, 50 some fights. Sometimes your favorite basketball player don’t have that 3-pointer no more. Your favorite quarterback loses that rifle. I don’t feel the same when I get in here no more. It’s been 20 long years.”

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The Brazilian fighter and the winner of the night, Gilbert Burns also paid tribute to Jorge. “It feels good but shout out to this guy, he’s still a king from this city,” Burns said. “We’re just here because of this guy. Give it up to your boy, ‘Gamebred’ Masvidal,” he further added.

Jorge, in his farewell speech, paid tribute to the former US President Donald Trump, who was also a part of the audience panel. Masvidal regarded him as ‘the greatest President in the history of the world’. Beginning his career as a street fighter, Jorge Masvidal, went on to win the ‘BMF’ championship. Not only this, but he also holds the record for the fastest knockout in the history of UFC.