Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

Jorge Masvidal might be gearing up for a rematch against Ben Askren. The retired fighter recently went on the TMZ Sports show to talk about the Gaethje-Poirier fight before giving his thoughts on Askren wanting a rematch. Masvidal looked confident that he will destroy Askren in any rematch, and even offered to box him because of how overwhelmingly better he feels when he is at MMA.

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The pair originally fought in what has become one of the most infamous fights in history at UFC 239, which is the fastest KO in UFC history. The fight lasted for all of five seconds, after a flying knee to the face of Askren by Masvidal knocked the fighter out. Askren has been eager to avenge his humiliating defeat and has discussed the possibility of a rematch before.

But Masvidal was confident, and said, “Hey Ben, kiss my ass! You're coming out of retirement? I'll send you right back in the motherf***er!”

He added, “Ben, I'll beat your ass with both hands behind my back! [Askren] wanted MMA, but for his sake, I'd do it boxing so I can't knee him in the face. It's illegal!”

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Masvidal calls out Conor McGre gor

During the show, Jorge Masvidal also called out Conor McGregor and said, “Conor, you're a bitch. You never mentioned my name because I'll break your f***ing eye over it, you're a f***ing skank bitch. I don't really like those guys too much, you know?”

This isn’t the first time the former welterweight fighter has taken shots at the Irishman. In January of 2023, before UFC 287 he called out McGregor for dodging fights with him.

He said, “I want Conor but Conor doesn’t want me. It sucks, you know. He just doesn’t want it. Every time the UFC’s brought it up, he has shut it down. I don’t know why. I think I am bigger. I think I am quicker than him. We both know I hit harder than him. I get it. Stylistically, it’s not the best for him or his brand.”