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American  WWE star Liv Morgan  retained her WWE Women’s World Championship and later shocked everyone by kissing Dominik Mysterio. The 29-year-old WWE fighter and actress, Liv beat Becky Lynch to retain in her first case fight. The ending of the game saw Dominik Mysterio come out to try and help Lynch come on top.

Mysterio opened the cage door while both Morgan and her opponent were down, and tried to help Lynch come out of the cage. Things got a little more dramatic when Finn Falor and JD McDonagh came out and tried to yell and ‘Dirty’ to leave her after they were all told not to get involved. Later, Braun Strowman suddenly came out and chased Balor and McDonagh after they already had a brawl earlier the night.

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However, he ended up colliding with Mysterio and it was exactly when Lynch was coming out. It caused the former NXT North American Champion to slam the door, which knocked Lynch back in. It helped the eventual winner Morgan to get up and crawl out of the ring. After the show, Morgan stopped and planted a kiss on him.

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The incident shocked everyone and fans took to social media to react to the same.