Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

Former F1 driver and broadcaster Martin Brundle left his interview with Terry Crews midway during Hungarian GP on July 23, Sunday. Brundle approached Crews, who was having a gala time with the Red Bull at his first ever F1 race. Crews also gave answers to all the questions that Brundle asked him with full enthusiasm. However, the former F1 driver seemed to be in a bit of a rush as he left the interview mid-way to chat with Ferrari racer Carlos Sainz Jr.  

In a video that has been doing rounds on social media, Crews could be seen telling Brundle about his excitement to be at the F1 event. Not only this, but the actor also said that he learnt the science behind the cars and is equally excited about F1 going to Los Angeles in October. 

Watch the video here: 

However, Brundle seemed to get distracted by then, and ended the interview abruptly to have a chat with Carlos Sainz Jr. Replying to Crews’ response, the British former racing driver said, “Alright, good stuff”, and walked away. Meanwhile, Crews handled the situation in a positive manner, and simply waved and smiled at the camera. 

Speaking of the race on Sunday, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen grabbed first spot on the podium, followed by McLaren’s Lando Norris on second and Red Bull’s Mexican racer Sergio Perez standing third.