Picture Credit: Instagram

Picture Credit: Instagram

Former NFL player and Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe recently showed off his brand new Dodge Challenger on Twitter. But it wasn’t just any other Hellcat, it was a limited edition model called ‘Black Ghost.’ This model is a very exclusive version, with Sharpe stating that only 300 have been made. The player is a fan of cars, and specifically of muscle cars, and the latest addition to his collection is sure to be one of his most prized assets. 

The video which Sharpe shared on Twitter shows the Black Ghost being unloaded from the truck and Sharpe driving it on his block and up his driveway. The car really lives up to its name with how imposingly dark the colors are, along with the sleek design of the vehicle and the shiny exterior. It also has an impressive build, with a supercharged V8 engine that boasts 807 horsepower. 

In his tweet, Sharpe said, “Meet “Black Ghost” Due to @Dodge announcing their Last Call for all Hellcats. I decided to get me a special one. This edition is called “Black Ghost” it is an 807hp Supercharged V8 with limited production of only 300. Make that 299, because I got me 1!”

Rumors abound that Sharpe is headed to ESP N

With ESPN going through a major staff reconstruction, many fans and industry figures have speculated Sharpe will be joining the network. It would be a welcome addition because of his expertise in American football and insider understanding of the NFL, as well as his strong knowledge of other sports such as basketball. 

Prior to ESPN rumors, Sharpe was part of ‘Undisputed’ with co-host Skip Bayless. The duo worked on Undisputed for seven years together, but their relationship was far from perfect. Towards the end many fans speculated that the two had fallen out or that tensions were rife between them. This was somewhat because Sharpe felt he was not given enough agency to decide what was to be talked about on the show. Another point of contention came when the Bills’ Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest during a game. Bayless questioned the NFL’s decision to suspend the game while Sharpe took issue with this as a former NFL player.

When Stephen A. Smith was asked about Sharpe joining ESPN, he said, “You'll find out in a few weeks. Shannon Sharpe is a tremendous talent. He's a friend of mine, our friendship is growing. He's an incredible talent."

If he joins the network it is likely that he will be pairing with Smith on the show ‘First Take’.