Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

New York Knicks point guard Jalen Brunson forgot his wallet after Monday's exhibition game for Team USA in Las Vegas, in which they comfortably won 117-74 against Puerto Rico. Tyrese Haliburton, one of Brunson’s teammates, found the wallet and had some fun with it while Brandon Ingram also joined the banter.

Before giving the wallet back to Brunson, Haliburton treated himself and fellow Team USA athlete Brandon Ingram to a shopping spree at the closest vending machine. Brunson made a mistake, and Haliburton got a free bag of chips as a result. In the meantime, Ingram gathered a beverage, some chips, and another snack.

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"JB left his wallet … and we hit him.  BI what you get in the vending machine bruh? ," Haliburton said with a laugh as he showed off his bag of chips.  Brandon Ingram replied, “…Ruffles Sour Cream With Cheddar…Big Texas Cinnamon Roll 😂” Knicks guard Brunson said,  “I’m not paying for anything the rest of the trip.”

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Tyrese Haliburton chuckled to himself as he displayed a bag of Funyuns he purchased with Jalen Brunson's cash and then inquires as to what Brandon Ingram purchased for himself. Brunson's Team USA teammates made fun of him, but no one was really offended after such a strong first performance against Puerto Rico.

Despite a sluggish start, Team USA easily defeated Puerto Rico in the end. Seven players reached double figures, with Anthony Edwards and Cam Johnson leading the way with 15 points each. While Brunson had 11 points and 12 rebounds, Haliburton had seven points and 12 assists. Before playing exhibition games against Slovenia and Spain in Spain and FIBA World Cup warm-up games against Greece and Germany in Abu Dhabi, Team USA will now venture into international waters as they travel to Spain.