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Former Indian tennis player Sania Mirza weighed in on the importance of good mental health and highlighted the challenges athletes face. Mirza who hung her tennis racquet in February 2023, said that athletes feel the same emotions as normal human beings. Post-retirement, Sania made it to headlines due to her personal life after she and Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik decided to part ways and get divorced.

Mirza recently appeared for an interview on ANI, where she spoke about the challenges athletes face emotionally and mentally. She also spoke about how the biggest athletes are opening up about the mental turmoil they have faced. The 37-year-old said, “You have the biggest athletes of the world coming out and pressure is real, mental health is real and depression is real.” 

Mirza added, “Sometimes people forget that athletes are also normal human beings, who have the same feelings, who feel sad, upset, happy, excited, and depressed. I think it is very important that the human side has been revealed in many ways as athletes.” 

WPL has been the biggest revelation for the women's cricket: Sania Mirza

The former tennis player spoke about the rising popularity of several sports, including women’s cricket with tournaments like WPL. Mirza said, “WPL has been the biggest revelation for the women's cricket that has happened. Right.Because women's cricket has always been played. It's not like they haven't played. They just haven't gotten the recognition that the male cricketers used to get.”

Sania added, “Now with this platform, with the WPL, I think it's become really, really cool for them to be able to showcase their talent and also show how good they really are at what they do. The more eyeballs, the more tv, the bigger the sport gets...."