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Devin Haney broke his silence on the footage leaked by Ryan Garcia on his YouTube channel that features Haney getting brutally beaten up by Gervonta Davis. The WBC super lightweight champion took to social media and commented on the same, while pointing out Garcia’s TKO loss to Davis last year, saying that he gave up. 

The California-born wrote, "Never did they post a chopped up edited video…16 years old & in there holding my own. We bet AB pops & he honored it & paid! Ryan we watched u quit we are not the same & never will be tune in April 20th I’ll show it!" Notably, the fight on April 20 will be the first time Haney and Garcia will clash in the professional ranks and seventh time overall. 

Notably, Ryan Garcia shocked boxing enthusiasts by dropping the full video of controversial Devin Haney’s sparring session against Gervonta Davis. The fight took place at Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s gym almost a decade ago. Since that time, fans engaged in debates about whether Davis, aka Abdul Wahid, took down Haney or was it vice versa. 

Devin Haney accuses Garcia family of racism during pre-fight press event

The pre-fight promotional event ahead of the clash between Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia turned ugly with families getting involved in the fight. During the media event, when Haney was speaking from the top  table, he was interrupted by Lisa Garcia, Ryan’s mother, who was intervened by Bill Haney, Devin’s father and trainer. 

Later, Ryan Garcia decided to jump in, leading to an ugly verbal face-off. Henry Garcia responded to one of Bill Haney’s comments to Lisa Garcia and said, “Nappy head motherf*****.” Devin Haney responded and said, “Nappy head? That sounds like some racist s***.” Henry Garcia didn’t shy away from continuing as he said, “That’s what he’s looking like. That’s what he’s looking like, I’m sorry, a nappy head.”

Haney went on to say, “At the end of the day, we’re African-Americans and we have different, coarse hair. That does not mean that our hair is nappy. These people are not who you guys think they are. This guy’s talking about nappy hair. In what world is that OK to talk about a black man’s hair? We’re talking about a toupee; we did not ever say about black hair.” 

Challenging his opponent, Devin said, “That was very unprofessional. April 20, the world will see. My hard work will pay off and we get this guy out of boxing. He’s a f***ing clown – him and his family.”