Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

Mobile gamers in India are awaiting the return of the popular battle royale game BGMI on their phones after the game was banned all over India in July last year due to alleged security concerns. Game developers KRAFTON recently announced the return of the iconic game to Indian markets, however, the servers which were functioning after the ban have also stopped working since the news broke out and players, who had the game installed before the ban, are also unable to play it.

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Connecting to the game servers is currently problematic for a number of distinct BGMI players. The warning "Server is busy, please try again later" was one in particular. They can see the message "Error Code: Restriction-Area" on their screen. This might occur after players attempt to access the game through unauthorised channels such as PS emulators. They unfairly have an advantage over players using mobile devices in this game because of such platforms. The fact that players have been attempting to access the game from different nations could also be the source of this problem. The users should keep in mind that only India has access to this version.

Gamers may need to switch to a compatible platform, such as a PC or mobile phone, in order to play this game with the BGMI limit area error code. Emulators are prohibited from certain games for a reason. In addition, they can strive to increase the speed of their internet connection. If the creators define that this problem must be resolved, a new BGMI update may also be released.

Although the exact date of the return of the game is not yet announced, the game is expected to make a comeback soon in the coming days. The official social-media handles of the game are also posing updates regularly and a release date is expected to be announced soon. All the errors in the game are expected to be fixed once the game arrives on the Play Store.