Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

In the match number 64 between PBKS and DC of IPL 2023, Atharva Taide after scoring an unbeaten 55 from 42 balls, walked off the field and retired himself, to allow other hard hitters like Jitesh Sharma, Shahrukh Khan, and Sam Curran to smash the ball out of the park as Punjab needed 86 runs in the last five overs to win. Atharva Taide became only the second batsman after Ravichandran Ashwin to get retired out in the IPL.

Here in this article, we will see what retired out means as per cricket rules and regulations.

Retired Out: According to ICC laws, a player is considered retired out if the player leaves the crease without the umpire's permission. 

Laws of Cricket:

25.4.1 - At any stage of the game a batter can retire from his innings while the ball is not in play and before leaving the ground, the batter needs to inform the umpire about the reason behind retiring.

25.4.2 - If the batter is retiring because of an injury, illness, or any unavoidable circumstances then the batter will be considered as retired hurt. In stats, the batter will be counted as retired hurt-not out, and the batter will be allowed to resume the innings if he/she wishes to continue in the later part of the game.

25.4.3 - If the batter retires without any reason mentioned in the above laws, then the batter is counted as retired out. In this case, the batter won't be allowed to resume the innings in the later stage of the game, unless the opposition team captain approves and in stats, the batter will be counted as "out".

The main difference between retired hurt and retired out is a batsman who got hurt will be allowed to continue his batting in the later stage of the game, while the case is not the same for retired out as it needs approval from the captain of the opposition team.

Retired hurt has happened several times due to the injuries that occur on the field while retired out happens rarely like this in a T20 game when the batter feels the lower-order batsman can hit even better than him in the current situation.

Notably at the international level, the first time retired out was seen in the match between SL vs BAN, 2001 in Colombo where Marvan Atapattu retired himself out after scoring 201 runs in the innings.