Winner pays for dinner: Djokovic, Kyrgios' Instagram chat ahead of Wimbledon final goes viral

The two are currently fighting it out for the Wimbledon 2022 title.

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Updated - 10 July 2022 07:13 PM

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The Wimbledon 2022 finalists shared a light moment before the Summit Clash at the Centre Court. The pair met during the practice session and had a talk before taking the conversation to Instagram. Both discussed how they should go for dinner after the final and winner should pay.

The duo seems to have buried the hatchet as Kyrgios in the past had called Djokovic "boneheaded" and a "tool". The Aussie had tweeted, “Boneheaded decision to go ahead with the ‘exhibition’ speedy recovery fellas, but that’s what happens when you disregard all protocols. This IS NOT A JOKE.”

Check out their conversation:

Djokovic: “It took you five years to say something nice about me.”

Kyrgios: “But I defended you when it mattered.”

Djokovic: “You did, I appreciate that.”

Kyrgios: “We friends now?”

Djokovic: “If you are inviting me for a drink or dinner, I accept. PS winner of tomorrow pays.”

Kyrgios: “Deal, let’s go to a nightclub and go nuts.”

I had so much anxiety: Kyrgios

But before the final, Kyrgios had opened up about facing anxiety and nervousness which led to him not having a good night’s sleep during Friday’s press conference. He then spoke about how he hopes to get back to his routine before the final.

He said, “I had a shocking sleep last night, though, to be honest. I probably got an hour's sleep just with everything, like the excitement. I had so much anxiety, I was already feeling so nervous, and I don't feel nervous usually. I just know there's a lot of people that want me to do well and give my best. But I had a shocking sleep last night. Hopefully, I can get some sleep tonight (smiling).”

The Aussie then discussed the importance of playing the semi-finals as it mentally prepares to for the next game. “Obviously at a Grand Slam, you want to have those matches. I think in a way, exactly right what you said, the competitive juices, you want to have those going, the adrenaline.”

“That's just something that I'm going to have to go into the final without that semi-final kind of experience,” said Kyrgios. “But that's okay. I'm going to take every positive. I get to rest my body a little bit. It's not bad going in there feeling fresh.


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