Virender Sehwag, the former swashbuckling opener of the Indian Cricket Team, played 374 matches and amassed 17,253 runs in an international career spanning over 13 years. During his playing days, he was never lost for words whether on the cricket field or off it.

This frank and straightforward attitude of Virender Sehwag has also carried over in his post-playing days as seen in his recent chat with Ranveer Allahabadia, the host of a prominent YouTube channel called BeerBiceps. 

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Sehwag talked about how he once was extremely angry towards Virat Kohli as he dropped a catch off his bowling as he was nearing a milestone with the ball. He said,  “I actually felt quite sad when Virat Kohli once dropped a dolly off me at midwicket once. I would have probably got to some bowling milestone, but he ended up putting it down. I got so angry, probably far more than when I missed a triple century. I told him come on man, you should have caught that.”

Fondly addressed in the cricketing circles as the Nawab of Najafgarh, Sehwag was known for singing various Hindi songs while smashing the bowlers all around the park, cheering up his teammates with hilarious jokes, creatively ribbing the opposition players into submission, and occasionally, getting a little displeased with others in the heat of the moment as well. 

The legendary Indian cricketer also went on to state that Virat Kohli far superseded his initial expectations of him. “No one ever doubted his talent, but I didn't believe that Kohli would reach the heights he has now. Others may have felt that way, but I didn't. Even when he smashed Lasith (Malinga) for fours in that match, I think we needed some 280 inside 40 overs, he scored a wonderful century."

"So we knew there was no lacking in talent and that he would score runs, but we didn't know that he would reach such legendary status and hit 70 to 75 centuries or score 25000 runs,” Sehwag was quoted as saying to Allahabadia on the BeerBiceps YouTube Channel.

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