Apex Legends Fight or Fright Event 2022: Olympus after Dark map, Shadow Royale and others modes

The event will also feature Fight or Fright flash sale featuring exclusive limited-time Halloween bundles that will host spooky legendary skins and Apex Packs.

Aakash SrivastavaAuthor

Updated - 03 October 2022 07:19 PM


The arrival of Fight or Fright event will kick start brand new season of Apex Legends. The month-long event scheduled to kick start from October 4 till November 1, will feature all-new Halloween-themed skins and will mark the return of the classic limited-time Halloween mode, Shadow Royale. 

The event will also feature Fight or Fright flash sale featuring exclusive limited-time Halloween bundles that will host spooky legendary skins and Apex Packs. Season 14 of Apex Legends is available on PC, Play Stations 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series 5 and Nintendo Switch.

The return of Wraith's Voidwalker and Pathfinder's Memoir Noir special edition skins back in the shop, sold separately or in bundles. The Fight or Fright event will be a four-week thematic occasion, celebrating the spooky month of October as Halloween approaches. Following Apex Legends' tradition, event will witness the return of Revenant and his horde of shadows in the Shadow Royale limited-time mode. It will also include Apex Legends community's favorite modes: Control and Gun Run.

In this article, SportsTiger looks at Shadow Royale on the Olympus After Dark map and other game modes available with the Fight or Fright event:

Shadow Royale on Olympus after Dark map (October 4-11 and October 25-November 1):

The Fight or Fright Event will begin with the arrival of Shadow Royale which will take place in a new location called Olympus After Dark. A remodel of the Olympus map, this celebratory version will feature different language lighting and a spooky skybox with a blood-red moon. The Shadow Royale mode will feature a different take on the classic trios Battle Royale mode, where any player who gets eliminated will be able to return in the terrifying Shadow Form.

The Shadow Royale game mode will be available in the first week of the event from October 4-11. It will also mark the end of Halloween season with its return on October 24, concluding the event and Season 14 on November 1.

Gun Run (October 11-18)

On popular demand, Gun Run has been introduced in the fresh edition as following the end of Shadow Royale Week 1, second week of Fight or Fright will feature Apex Legends latest mode. The Apex Legends' version of the classic Gun Game will feature four teams of three players, each having the same initial weapon, with every kill upgrading them to another gun.

Control Mode (October 18-25)

Featuring two teams of nine players, each fight for dominance over the three Control Zones and the side that is able to score up to a hundred percent, wins. Players will be given a choice between five loadouts to spawn with and should look out for supply drops that spawn regularly, consisting high-tier weapons and body shields. The Control game mode will be available in the third week of the Fight or Fright event, from October 18-25 on the following maps: Lava Siphon, Barometer, and Labs After Dark.


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