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Picture Credit: X

The excitement around BGMI 3.3 update has reached another level with all eyes set for its release. The wait of the BGMI 3.3 update is finally coming closer as fans await the unveiling of new features, themes as well as modes. According to several speculations, the BGMI 3.3 update will unveil A8 Royale Pass, bringing new rewards along with it. 

The BGMI A8 Royale Pass is set to bring in the Aqua theme. Notably, the update will come after the conclusion of the A7 Royale Pass, which concludes on July 29, 2024. The A8 Royal Pass will also bring number of rewards from 1 to 100 RP, which have been mentioned below in the list as follows:

Rank 1: Sea Critter Set

Rank 10: “Seadream Melody Stingray” skin

Rank 15: Farcical Arts emote, Frigid Aqua Plane Finish

Rank 20: Moody Clownfish Helmet skin

Rank 25: Dazzling Sea parachute skin

Rank 30: Nautical Quest AUG skin, Wave Whisperer emote

Rank 40: Wave Whisperer set and headgear

Rank 50: Seadream Melody SLR (Level 1)

Rank 55: Bashful Cheer emote, Sea Critter UZI skin

Rank 60: Octosurprise Backpack

Rank 65: Rp Avatar A8

Rank 70: Fluorescent Raider Set and Headgear, beach Buddy S1897 skin

Rank 75: Violet venture Jet Ski boat skin

Rank 80: Industry Precision M16A4 skin, Seadream Melody emote, Disco Beat Stun Grenade

Rank 90: Submersible DBS skin

Rank 100: Seadream Melody Set Level 1

What is the BGMI A8 Royale Pass price?

The BGMI A8 Royale Pass, which will come after July 29, with the conclusion of BGMI A7 Royale Pass, comes in two options. A monthly version, which unlocks levels 1-50 in the first month and 51 to 100 in the second, can be bought for Unknown Cash (UC). The monthly pass costs 360 UC, while one-time purchase will cost 720 UC only.

Additionally, there is an Elite Pass variant also available. In this the monthly edition will cost 960 UC or the players can opt to buy for first two months for 1920 UC.