Brock Lesnar once refused to work with a former WWE Universal Champion

Road Dogg confessed that he has heard Lesnar was not willing to work with the Canadian prizefighter.

Prithvi MishraAuthor

Updated - 24 November 2022 06:04 PM


For well over two decades, ‘The Beast’ Brock Lesnar has defeated the who’s who of the pro-wrestling world. Not only inside the squared circle, but Brock Lesnar has also dominated the octagon as well. However, back in the day, ‘The Beast’ refused to work with the former WWE Universal Champion, Kevin Owens.

Speaking on the latest episode of “You Didn’t Know”, Road Dogg confessed that he has heard Lesnar was not willing to work with the Canadian prizefighter. However, during the episode, the former Tag Team Champion mentioned the name of Jinder Mahal.

Back in 2017, to the surprise of many, Mahal defeated ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton and won the WWE Championship. Mahal then carried the belt till November before dropping it to AJ Styles in England. On the podcast, Road Dogg mentioned that WWE was looking for a bout between Mahal and Lesnar.

Eventually, WWE decided to take a creative decision and made Mahal drop the belt to Styles because Lensar was more comfortable with the former Bullet Club member.

“I want to clarify, it is not that he did not want to work with Jinder. It’s that he really thought he could have a better match with AJ [Styles]. So I just wanted that to be clear. Like because look, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Brock [Lesnar] saying I don’t want [to], I’m not working with that guy. Well, I did, I did hear that with Kevin Owens, but only him.”

“Look, Brock is that kind of talent, like I just talked about, has a special relationship with Vince [McMahon]. And so apparently they had a conversation and, and a decision, a creative decision was made. We’re gonna go with AJ Styles as a champion into this tournament at Night of Champions.”

Lesnar and Owens are yet to square off inside the squared circle, However, a match between the two talented wrestlers would gather a lot of attention!


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