Australia defeated India convincingly by 9 wickets in the 3rd Test match at Indore with the help of brilliant bowling from their top spinner Nathan Lyon and by doing so they have become the first team to qualify for WTC 2021-23 Final officially. 

Now with Australia qualifying for finals, the other two teams fighting for that final spot are India and Sri Lanka. However, India has a very bright chance to make it to the finals as compared to Sri Lanka and here we will find out how they can qualify.

- If India win the 4th Test match then they qualify for WTC 2021-23 final as they would end up at 62.5% and Australia with 64.91% will play the final game. Sri Lanka even with a 2-0 win against New Zealand can maximum reach 61.11% only and South Africa even with a 2-0 win against West Indies can maximum reach only 55.55% thus they both stand eliminated.

- If India fails to win the 4th Test match (Loss/Draw/Tie) then they can reach a max 56.94% to 59.72% respectively, while Australia with 66.66% to 70.17% will make the final but it opens a chance for Sri Lanka to enter finals as they can maximum reach 61.11% with a 2-0 win against New Zealand.

Thus, if India lose the 4th Test match then Sri Lanka should maximum win only 1 Test match against New Zealand in the upcoming 2-match series for India to qualify ahead of Sri Lanka in the WTC 2023 finals.