Chamika Karunaratne suspended for 1 year, fined $5000 due to indiscipline during T20 World Cup 2022


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Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) on Thursday suspended Chamika Karunaratne from all forms of cricket for one year due to indiscipline during T20 World Cup 2022. Apart from the ban, a fine of USD 5,000 was also imposed. However, the board has also mentioned that the ban will not be implied if there is no further violation of rules from the cricketer in the next 12 months. 

"Sri Lanka Cricket wishes to inform that at the disciplinary inquiry carried out by the three-member inquiry panel into the alleged violations by the nationally contracted player, Chamika Karunaratne, for breaching several clauses in the Player Agreement during the recently concluded ICC T20 World Cup held in Australia, Mr. Karunaratne had pledged guilty for all charges levelled against him," SLC said in a statement.

"Considering the seriousness of the violations committed by Mr. Karunaratne, the Inquiry Panel by its report has recommended to the Executive Committee of the SLC to strongly warn the player to refrain from further violations and to impose a punishment that will not have an impact on his cricketing career," the statement read.

"Subsequent to the said findings and recommendations of the inquiry panel the Executive Committee of SLC has handed a one-year ban from taking part in all forms of Cricket, and the said ban will be suspended for a period of one year."

"And further to the said suspended sentence a fine of USD 5,000/- was also imposed against Mr. Karunaratne," the statement concluded.

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