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The BGIS 2024 Grand Finals are underway with an entertaining Day 1 which presents BGMI fans with countless incredible highlights. But the day got even better when one of Indian Esports stalwarts, Tanmay "Sc0utOP" Singh, made an appearance which shook the Hitex Exhibition Center in Hyderabad.

A certain fan favourite, Sc0ut greeted the fans and supported his own Team X Spark, who had a great performance on Day 1. Led by IGL Sarangajyoti "Sarang" Deka, X  Spark is third with 54 points and 37 eliminations, the second most on Day 1 behind  Team SouL.

MVP is something which is overhyped:  Sc0utOP

Talking about the performance of Team X Spark and BGIS 2024 Grand Finals, SportsTiger interacted with Sc0ut.  When asked about the possible MVP of the BGIS Grand Finals, Sc0ut spoke about how these individual awards don't hold importance in comparison to winning trophies for the team. 

He also called the MVP award 'overhyped'. Sc0ut said, " It's all about winning the trophy as a team. So, MVP is something which is overhyped. I personally feel the team that wins should get more clout and exposure than they move."

We were 6 points off our target:  Sc0ut on  Team X Spark's Day 1  performance

Speaking about  Team X Spark's Day 1 performance at the Grand Finals, Sc0ut expressed how the team performed well but fell short of their target. He said, " I think we were 6 points off our target but we did perform good, but not what we were expecting." Looking at improvement ahead in the tournament, Sc0ut opined, " The plan for Day 2 is not to repeat the mistake we committed on Day 1."

Sc0ut also spoke on the new points system which rewards teams attempting kills and being aggressive over those who look to hold. He stated, "This (points system) is more balanced and makes it a skill-based game. It's not just about holding a spot, still, you need to hold a spot and get points. So this is a better points system which the players also enjoy."