The 41-year-old Fernando Alonso is far from slowing down, instead, he is motivating and inspiring others with the zeal to still do well. At the age when many decide to hang up their boots, the former Alpine driver is willing to take his new Aston Martin to a greater-heights.  In a fresh development, Aston Martin boss Mike Krack has admitted that the team’s motivation has increased after Fernando Alonso showed faith in them by moving from Alpine.

When recently asked to compare Sebastian Vettel with Fernando Alonso, Aston Martin's boss said that Alonso’s faith in the team has inspired the whole staff. “Vettel has helped the team grow, but Alonso wants to take things higher. Seb is a four-time world champion. But he is a different person, he made the decision to retire while Fernando made the decision to continue longer. It changes the motivation of the team,” Mr. Krack said.

“There is a dynamic in the team that revolves around that. We are grateful for what Sebastian has brought; he’s taken the team to another level, but the combination of the investments behind it, and Fernando’s hunger is what makes us make even more progress,” he added. When asked about how good Alonso is at his age, Krack said that if he drives an identical car, he would be in the front row. “The main task now is to provide Fernando with a car that is capable of doing this. If we produce it, he will put it where it belongs,” he said.

The Aston Martin boss further compared the veteran driver with MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi, who continued racing even in his 40s and stayed competitive. According to Krack, Alonso has the same fire in him and the same determination as Valentino Rossi.

“When someone who is that motivated, we saw it with Valentino Rossi. When the motivation is there, plus the dedication, the physical and mental preparation, his talent, and his experience, I don't think it's just him; there is still little time left,” Krack added.