Picture Credit: YouTube

Picture Credit: YouTube

Steven Selwood, the former English cricketer for Derbyshire, has been sentenced to two years and three months of jail after being convicted at Guildford Crown Court on April 28 earlier this year. It was on May 12 last year, when he caused serious injuries to a woman while driving four times over the prescribed alcohol limit. As a result, he was disqualified for three years from driving too.

According to Surrey Police, the incident happened when Selwood, the 43-year-old was driving from a car park exit road onto West Street, Haslemere. Suddenly, a woman in her 70s, who was cycling along the street, came in his way, but he didn’t give her the space and instead knocked her off her bike. He then kept on driving his vehicle and crushed her under the wheels of 4x4 as she laid on the ground.

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Someone from the public initially stopped the vehicle of Steven Selwood, but he drove away and fled the crime scene. Shortly afterwards, he walked back to the crime scene. His arrest was done by Surrey Police after identification from witnesses.

In her impact statement, the victim of the crime, who is currently suffering from multiple life-changing injuries both physical and mental said, “Not a night goes by without nightmares. My life has changed considerably since I was knocked down off my cycle. I used to be outgoing, talking a lot to others, going to church, back-packing. I did my own DIY and gardening.”

“I was never frightened of traffic like I am today, absolutely terrified with a strong feeling it's going to happen again. My worst fear now is that my left leg will not hold me up through weakness which is happening more so these days plus my mental state is not too good. I don’t laugh anymore. I get overwhelmed with the everyday occurrences, not being able to deal with multiple issues,” the elderly woman also remarked.