Formula One is eyeing to make some key changes to the cost cap which was introduced at the start of the 2021 season. But the current regulations tend to disadvantage smaller teams.  The budget cap was set at $145 million, which was the maximum that teams could spend. 

But this cap did not factor in all the costs of F1 teams however, there are some exceptions. The costs of drivers' salaries and the building of a new factory are not included in the budget cap. However, it does include the money needed to improve existing facilities at a factory, causing a stir.

Hence teams with good original factories have a massive edge, whereas smaller teams, who often do not have enough money to build a new factory are struggling. The cost of improving a factory falls coming under the budget cap, which also adds to the struggles of smaller teams. 

As per, Formula 1 has already begun talks to change these regulations. In particular, the Team Principal of Williams Racing, James Vowles has been a strong supporter of a rule change. Addressing the changes required for the rule, He said, “I personally think if we want a meritocracy, we need the ability for my team to be given the chance to catch up with some of the big teams and have the same resources.” 

He further spoke about Williams’ case when came into the team only to find that the team didn’t have a number of systems in comparison to bigger squads. These cannot be upgraded as it comes under the yearly cost cap allowance. 

Vowels said, “There are some what I would consider basics, which are in place in other teams and have been since almost 15 years. For example, there are software systems that allow you to properly understand where all your parts are, and they simply don't exist [at Williams].”

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