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Credit: X

The Minnesota Timberwolves lost back-to-back 2024 NBA Western Conference Final games against the Dallas Mavericks to go 2-0 down after the 109-108 loss at the Target Center on Friday night in Game 2. While many former NBA players and analysts claimed Anthony Edwards is tired over his poor performance in the series against the Mavericks, users on X gave a mixed reaction to the 22-year-old guard's tired narrative.

I n the two games against Dallas, Edwards averaged 20 points with a combined shooting of 11-off-33 from the field and 7 three-pointers from 19 attempts while playing over 40 minutes in both games. The Wolves are coming off a seven-game series against the defending champions Denver Nuggets, which forced many to call Ant-Man tired.

After Reggie Miller claimed that Anthony Edwards' poor performance is due to fatigue in the NBA on TNT post-game show after Game 1 between the Wolves and Mavericks, sports columnist Skip Bayless called out Miller and wrote, "Reggie Miller was pushing the narrative that Anthony Edwards was tired in the 4th quarter??? HE'S 22-YEARS-OLD."

After Game 2, Skip took to X and took shots at Edwards, "Now all those who proclaimed Anthony Edwards "Young Jordan" are feeling foolish and scrambling to give him the "hit the wall" and "ran out of gas" excuse. Just shameful. You're either That Guy. Or you're not."

Minnesota lost Game 2 against Dallas and the narrative on Edwards being tired intensified, which sparked a mixed reaction from the Netizens. Check the viral reactions on X:

With the Mavericks going 2-0 up, the Timberwolves are scheduled to travel to the American Airlines Center for Game 3 against Dallas on Sunday night. On the other hand, the Boston Celtics have taken a 2-0 lead against the Indiana Pacers and the two sides will face each other for Game 3 on Saturday night at the Gainbridge Fieldhouse.