Infinity emerges on top after PUBG Mobile Regional Clash China vs SEA Day 1

At PMRC Day 1, Infinity registered 83 points at an average of 16.6.

Abhishek SandikarAuthor

Updated - 23 September 2022 03:22 PM


The first day of the PUBG Mobile Regional Clash (PMRC) China vs SEA was dominated by the Infinity who registered 83 points at an average of 16.6. The Thai holds a 27-point lead ahead of the second-placed squad. Led by Noozy's 16 and GodTunny's 15 eliminations, the side went on to win two out of five matches and bagged 54 kills.

On the back of TonyK, FaZe Clan went  on to score 56 points in five matches and secured second place in the overall rankings. The squad clinched a victory on the opening day of the event. Bacon Time, another Thai team, acquired the third position with 41 points, with 25 eliminations and 16 position points.

Indonesian team Alter Ego ended in fourth place with 34 points, and 22 kills followed by the Chinese Org LGD Gaming, who had 32 points, with 29 eliminations. But it wasn’t a good day for the other two Chinese teams, Nova Esports and SMG, as they ended with a ninth and 14th place finish, respectively. However, there are 15 matches remaining in the competition.

The first match in Sanhok saw Faze Clan emerge victorious as they defeated SEM9 with eight eliminations. While Nova and LGD Gaming collected only three and two points, PEL Summer champion SMG was eliminated earlier with a single point. Then in Miramar, the Infinity had a dominant showing as they won the map with a 19-kill margin. Similarly, Bacon and FaZe once again had a good performance with 13 and 12 points, respectively.

The third map was favourable for Alter-Ego as they registered a 13-kill chicken dinner after taking down Geek Fam in a nail-biting battle in the final zone. The Infinity won another chicken dinner with nine kills which propelled them over the second-placed team at the end of the fourth match.

The last game on Erangel was won by the Faze Clan as they registered their first win of the day with 14 kills. The second day of the PMRC will start on 23 September at 2:30 pm, with these teams locking horns in a total of five matches.


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