Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

A modification to the 2023 World Cup calendar may very well be in the works, but Jay Shah, Secretary of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), emphasised that any changes would not specifically impact the match between Pakistan and India.

The 2023 ODI World Cup match between India and Pakistan has been discussed as being rescheduled after Ahmedabad's municipal police had worries about providing appropriate security on October 15, which also happens to be the first day of the Hindu festival Navaratri. The size of the game and the celebratory mood of the religious celebration may make it difficult for the authorities to manage the situation appropriately.

Fans and sponsors who had already planned their journey, including reserving flights and accommodations in Ahmedabad in order to attend the eagerly anticipated India vs. Pakistan match, were alarmed by the revelation of a potential schedule change. This game has always been one of the most watched sporting events in the globe, and cricket fans from both nations anxiously anticipate this fierce matchup.

"We have received requests from 2-3 member boards to change match dates. It's not specific to the India-Pakistan match," BCCI Secretary Jay Shah stated. “A few members have requested that they have short gaps between two matches while they have a long gap of six days before other games. We are just trying to change the date and time of matches while retaining the venues. Things will be sorted out in two or three days,” he further stated.

Although the Pakistan Cricket Board may be one of the boards, he did not specifically mention them. Shah further dismissed security issues and stated that the adjustments would only be implemented in response to member countries' requests.

The BCCI secretary spoke to the media while also announcing that right-arm bowler Jasprit Bumrah has recovered fully and would play in the Ireland series. Following the tour in the West Indies, India will go to Ireland, and Bumrah will join the team in Europe.