Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

PUBG Mobile, the popular battle royale game, has introduced a new community event called the Crossbow Challenge. The event invites players to showcase their skills with the crossbow, a silent but deadly weapon that can take down enemies with one shot.

The Crossbow Challenge is now live and will run until September 25, 6:00 a.m. (Pacific Time). Players who participate in the event can win a free RP mission card as a reward. 

To join the Crossbow Challenge, players need to take images and gameplay videos of their favourite crossbow moments in games. Use the hashtags #PUBGMOBILE, #PUBGMOBILEC5S14, #PUBGMCrossbowChallenge and #SWEEPSTAKES to share their creation on social media.

For this event, there will be five chosen winners. Each winner will get one RP mission card. Members of the community are allowed to submit several entries; however, if one is chosen as the winner, all other submissions will be invalidated. 

Any member of the community who is discovered utilising numerous social media accounts in an effort to win multiple prizes will be disqualified from the event and prohibited from participating in any subsequent events.  Players will be disqualified from the event and prohibited from participating in any contests or sweepstakes if it is discovered that stolen content was used.

PUBG Mobile introduces World of Wonder Dodge Maps

In addition to the Crossbow Challenge, PUBG Mobile has also launched a new collaboration with Dodge, the American automobile brand. The collaboration brings new car skins and custom maps to the game.

The new car skins include the Dodge Challenger, Charger, and Hornet. These muscle cars are known for their power and acceleration and can give players an edge on the battlefield. The car skins are available in different colours, such as red, blue, black, and white.

The partnership also introduces the player-created World of Wonder Dodge maps, which are developed with the WOW editor. These maps offer a variety of gameplay difficulties and situations that players can engage in with others. Players must enter the map codes in PUBG Mobile's World of Wonder mode in order to play these maps. 

They can provide input to the map authors by rating and commenting on the maps they play. The partnership between PUBG Mobile and Dodge will remain active until October 10.