Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

The highly anticipated release of the Free Fire India battle royale game, developed by Garena, the Singapore-based gaming company, was postponed on September 5, for a few weeks. Since then, the delay has left the fans anxious about what’s next for the game, the rumours about several release dates for the Free Fire India have circulated online, including the recent one from Rasmic Raaz, the Free Fire content creator and YouTuber.

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Garena revealed the reason for postponing the release of Free Fire India to give themselves more time to provide the best possible gaming experience to their Indians fans. They also stated their desire to refine the gameplay of the Free Fire India, along with focusing on localising the content of the game for the players.

As per the report from Inside Sport, Rasmic Raza, who has amassed an impressive 1.12 million subscribers on YouTube with his Free Fire content, made the claim that Free Fire India will release in the country on November 1 of this year. He also talked about the release of the game happening once the Free Fire OB42 Advance server goes live.

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Furthermore, the viral screenshot of Free Fire India had claimed the unban date of the game to be November 1 too. The instructions about the Free Fire India on the screenshot read, “The new version is available. head to the application store to update the game and experience brand-new content! (There may be synchronization differences in the store application. if you see the app icon has changed after refreshing, you can update the game) and locate the “UPDATE” button.”