India wicketkeeper batter, Rishabh Pant who is down and out with an injury which is sustained during a horrific car accident back in December 2022, shared a picture on social media on Monday. The 25-year-old shared a picture of a chess board with pieces arranged in a way suggesting a game was on. However, there was an empty seat in front of the cricketer. 

Pant then asked his fans to guess his opponent. But as the seat was empty it seemed the young cricketer was showing how he is managing to keep himself engaged during this tough phase of rehabilitation. 

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I find happiness in even being able to brush my teeth: Pant

As Pant spoke to the media for the first time after his accident, he opened up on how this incident has changed his perspective towards things in life. The wicketkeeper batter said that he feels happiness in even being able to brush his teeth. 

“It is hard for me to say if everything around me has become more positive or even negative. However, I've gained a fresh perspective on how I view my life now. Something I value today is enjoying my life to the fullest and this includes the smallest of things that we ignore in our daily routine,” Pant said. 

“Everyone today is hustling and working extremely hard to achieve something special, but we've forgotten to enjoy the little things which give us joy every single day. Especially after my accident, I've found happiness in even being able to brush my teeth every day as well as something like sitting under the sun.”