Simon Kjaer’s heroics save Christian Eriksen’s life after shocking collapse

Denmark captain Simon Kjaer proved to be a ‘true captain and gentleman’ on the field following Eriksen's unexpected collapse.

Ketaki PoleAuthor

Updated - 15 July 2021 04:42 PM


The much awaited Euro 2020 saw an unexpected early tragedy right in the 3rd match of the tournament between Denmark and Finland. Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen collapsed on the field, 5 minutes before the first half ended. This left the players of both the teams in clear distress and shook the football world at large; as there was an immediate concern about his health. The Denmark captain played a crucial role before the medical team arrived at the ground, to ensure that Eriksen is safe and sound and in turn saved his life. Undoubtedly, the Denmark captain is being hailed as a ‘hero’ for his deeds last night.

Kjaer plays pivotal role to save Eriksen’s life; gave CPR to his teammate

The Danish captain was the first person on the scene when Eriksen collapsed unexpectedly as he attempted to receive a throw-in.  Kjaer was the first person to get to Eriksen after he collapsed. He then checked his teammate’s pulse and stabilized him on his back. Kjaer then made sure that Eriksen’s tongue was not blocking his airway, placed him in an upright position and started giving him CPR before the medics arrived on the field.

Further, the Danish captain instructed other teammates to form a barrier around Eriksen so he could have as much privacy as possible. Kjaer also made sure that his teammates escorted Eriksen off the ground with the medical staff so that no photographers could manage to take pictures and videos of him, and give him the much-needed privacy.

Kjaer comforts Eriksen’s wife, following his unexpected collapse

Denmark captain Simon Kjaer proved to be a ‘true captain and gentleman’ on the field following Eriksen’s collapse. Besides playing a pivotal role before the medics arrived, he also made sure he comforted Eriksen’s wife in the desperate time. He embraced Eriksen’s wife Sabrina Kvist and comforted her as the player received medical treatment, to make sure that Sabrina stayed strong in the terrifying situation.

Referee Anthony Taylor also played a vital role

So many times referees wave the game on without noticing the true severity of the situation. But experienced Premier League referee Anthony Taylor immediately stopped the game after the incident and summoned the medical personnel on the field. Prince William also praised referee Anthony Taylor for his role in saving Eriksen’s life.

As of now, Christian Eriksen is stable after being transferred to the hospital and is expected to recover soon. The positive update prompted a sense of relief all over the world after the end of an emotional night in Copenhagen.


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