Barcelona Football Club’s captain Alexia Putellas delivered an incredible and powerful speech while receiving the team's Medal of Honour. Notably, the women’s Barcelona FC team was awarded with the prestigious honour awarded by the Catalan Parliament on Wednesday, September 13. In return, Putellas delivered a powerful speech that not only delivered a memorable speech that took everyone present in the audience to the present, past and future of the club. 

It is to be noted that Barcelona Femení is only the second winner of the Medal of Honour in the field of sports. The FC has been recognised for their success on the field as well as the positive impact related to sports on girls in Catalonia.  Before them, Pep Guardiola was the first one to receive the honour in 2011. 

The 29-year-old said, "The changes that we all ask for are so that no woman, inside or outside of football, will ever have to live in a situation of contempt, disrespect or abuse.” She started with, “This distinction is a paradigm shift. Society is changing and is demanding it. The role of women must be fundamental in the development and growth of Catalan society.”

Putellas added, "Our commitment to women's sport and society is unquestionable. But we need more help to keep growing so that this is not just a fad. And here, if I may, I would like to demand more support for women's football, more and better facilities, more pitches and more investment at grassroots level.”