Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, the track for the Spanish Grand Prix will feature an updated configuration for this year's race. Spanish GP will be the eighth round of the championship. Furthermore, the track will also have new safety features and newly renovated paddock facilities.

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There have been many criticisms of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya which saw a major increase in recent years because of the alleged inability to overtake. This problem has been addressed in the circuit's new layout. 

One of the major changes in the new layout will see the removal of the slow chicane. This update will allow drivers to reach higher speeds earlier and follow each other more easily. This should also make it easier to overtake at the end of the straight. The layout with the chicane has been in practice since 2007.

Similarly, new TECPRO barriers will be added in the last two high-speed corners. Hence now the official length of the track for the Spanish Grand Prix will be 4.657 kilometres, which is 18 metres shorter than the previous layout. 

The Spanish track will see the widening of the run-off area in Turn 1, including 70 more metres of gravel plus a slope of 5%. A new fence will be also at Turns 1 and 2 to improve the safety of drivers.

The scoreboard at the pit lane exit will undergo remodelling for 2023. A "more modern" signalling tower will be added including re-painting and replacing kerbs and tyre barriers. The hospitality and corporate areas of the long pit building will be fully remodelled ahead of the 2023 Spanish Grand Prix on June 2-4 2023.

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