The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) will wait for reports from match officials before deciding the action against Roma manager Jose Mourinho for his rant at referee Anthony Taylor at the Europa League final. Jose was later captured ranting and making pointed comments at Taylor at the car park of the stadium as the latter and other officials were boarding their bus. Not only this, but Mourinho also criticised Taylor in the news conference after Roma’s penalty shootout defeat to Sevilla in Budapest. 

Mourinho swore and shouted about a ‘disgrace’ at the referee before he switched to Italian.  However, Uefa’s chief referring officer Roberto Rosetti attempted to calm the situation down. Not only this, Mourinho was booked during the game and Taylor was repeatedly called to the benches to take action, while Michael Oliver tried to keep control as fourth officer. 

Speaking about the game, 13 players were issued yellow cards by Taylor, which is the highest number of bookings in the Europa League. Out of those 13 players, seven cards were issued to Roma players, which is a record for a final. 

Notably, the final game saw a delay of more than 25 minutes of injury time played across the four halves, which also went to extra time as the team levelled 1-1 after normal time. Earlier in a press conference on May 31, he showed his determination to celebrate another success and said, “To be in this final is something that nobody would have expected at the beginning of the season when you see the incredible, incredible quality of the teams in the Europa League." 

"Barcelona and Arsenal were in this competition, and they were kicked out very, very early. For Roma to be in this final, it means a lot. So, let's try to give [the fans] the ultimate happiness,” he further added.