The boxing bout between social media influencers Alex Stein and Mo Deen saw a controversial turn leading to its cancellation from the latest Misfits Boxing card. During the H appy Punch Press conference,  Stein threw hot dogs at his Muslim opponent, causing a massive brawl that eventually destroyed the stage.

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The pair were set to go head-to-head at this weekend's influencer boxing event, Misfits 008. However, the fight was called off as Misfits Boxing released a statement addressing the incident. Coming back to the press conference, the Alex Stein - Mo Deen brawl continued outside the arena where Mo Deen was seen throwing his shoe at Alex Stein. 

Check out the videos here:

After the fight was called off, Stein claimed the hotdogs were made from turkey as he reacted to see his fight being cancelled. The organisers read: "Following today's actions at the Happy Punch press conference, Alex Stein has been removed from the card." Reacting to this statement, Stein posted, “I just had my fight canceled for throwing turkey dogs on Mo Deen!” and shared a picture of a letter which confirmed the termination of his contract.

Whereas, Mo Deen was angry as the fight was called off because of someone else’s actions. He also stated that he was over the incident after finding out the sausages thrown were not pork. In a video shared by a fellow social media influencer, KEEMSTAR, Mo Deen said, "What's happened today, the altercation at the press conference has led DAZN and Misfits to cancel my boxing fight.”

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“Now, I am feeling heartbroken because my fight is being canceled because of someone else's actions and I'm not getting the chance to smash this guy's face in, yeah? So I just wanted to say that look, they found out it was not pork, whatever, it was some mixed chicken whatever yeah? So that's calm, as long as it wasn't that."