Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

Bronny James, the older son of LeBron James, had a heart collapse in July, which put his basketball career on pause. While working out with his team, the USC Trojans, in preparation for their upcoming European tour, Bronny James experienced a heart attack.

Bronny was quickly transported to the hospital while still unconscious thanks to a 911 call placed by USC's Galen Centre. He was in the hospital for about 48 hours before being discharged.

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LeBron has been traveling across the United States to get his son the best medical attention possible. The father-son duo recently visited one of the best hospitals in the country, the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota in an effort to determine the root of Bronny's health concern. LeBron has expressed his desire to play with Bronny in the NBA, and he is making efforts to make sure that becomes a reality.

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"King" James and his family are adamant about never having to deal with a similar predicament again as a result of negligence. As a result, they are actively looking for solutions to explain why a young, athletic player like Bronny experienced a cardiac arrest at the age of just 18.

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It is still unknown what caused the sudden health concern and whether Bronny will be able to pursue his dream of becoming a professional basketballer. The hospital has not revealed anything about the youngster as of now.