WATCH: NASCAR driver Andrew Grady throws punches at rival Davey Callihan in Martinsville 300

The incident took place in the first heat of qualifying.

Abhishek SandikarAuthor

Updated - 25 September 2022 12:51 PM


The Martinsville Speedway in Ridgeway, Virginia witnessed some outpouring tempers as Late Model stock car drivers Andrew Grady and Davey Callihan got into a physical altercation during the qualifying races for the Martinsville 300, one of the world's biggest late model races. 

A total of 93 teams participate in the ValleyStar Credit Union 300, a major Late Model, where four 25-lap qualifying heats took place to determine who would make the 40-car field for the race. The top 10 finishers in each heat would qualify for the race.

In the first heat, Grady and Brandon Pierce had a crash, where the former blamed Callihan for the wreck. As racing drivers often do, Grady decided to go to Callihan's car and air out his frustrations. But the situation went out of control as Grady started throwing punches at Callihan while he was in the car. Then, somehow, things took another turn as Grady attempted an extra kick at the car when he was carried away by someone else.

Andrew Grady believes to channel his inner ‘Mike Tyson’

Reacting to his actions, Gray talked about how people like Callihan should not take part in late model stoke car racing. He said, “He flipped me off, so I started Mike Tyson-ing his head. You get these dumbasses who get in here and run with us, and they have no business running a late model, much less a lawnmower” ‘’

“When you wreck a man, you can take a grown man ass-whoopin'.” Grady continued his barrage and accused Callihan of flipping him off when he went to talk to the driver. He then called Callihan a “dumba–.”

'I do apologize to the one' - Callihan

Similarly, Callihan defended himself in an interview, and talked about how as a driver you can’t give away a transfer spot. “Just hard racing. I do apologize to the one, but we’re fighting for our life out there. So just did what I had to do,” Callihan said.


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