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Vinod Kumar loses men’s F52 discus throw bronze medal at Paralympics after being found “ineligible” in disability classification assessment

Vinod Kumar's results have been marked as void by the technical committee.

Abhinav Goel Author

Updated - 31 August 2021 12:51 am

In a major development, Vinod Kumar’s classification has been reviewed and his bronze medal will not stand as a result. Vinod kumar who won Bronze Medal in discuss throw at Paralympics has been designated as Classification not Completed. His results have been marked as void by the technical committee.

“The athlete is ineligible for the Men’s F52 Discus medal event and his results in that competition are void,” the official statement said. The Tokyo Paralympics Technical Delegates decided that Vinod Kumar is not eligible for Discus F52 class. Thus, his result in the competition was deemed to be void.

Earlier, Vinod Kumar’s first five attempts read- 17.46, 18.32, 17.80, 19.12, 19.91 in the men’s discuss throw event. In addition, his sixth attempt was 19.81 after which he slipped from the second position to the third only to settle for the bronze medal. However, the Indian camp had confirmed that an opponent challenged Kumar’s medical classification, as a result of which his medal had been withheld.

Check out the official statement:

India’s medal tally at Paralympics 2021 came down to six after Vinod Kumar’s bronze medal was withdrawn.


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