CWG (2)


The 22nd edition of the Commonwealth Games concluded on 8 August with a closing ceremony with stars line Ozzy Osborne in Birmingham. India ended their CWG 2022 campaign as they ended with a historic 22 gold, 16 silver, and 23 bronze at the CWG 2022, bringing the total tally to 61.

In the last edition of the Games when it was held in Gold Coast, Australia, the Indian contingent finished third with 66 medals including 26 gold medals. Now, with the country getting better in other sports as well, the athletes have bagged medals in events where India took part for the first time tally. Here you can check India’s and other countries CWG 2022 medal count.

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This table shows the medal tally for CWG 2022 for every participating country. It is updated on a daily basis.