Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

Indian team haven't played a full 50-over match in this Asia Cup 2023 so far, as India vs Pakistan game ended without a result while India managed to beat Nepal by DLS method where a target was set for them to chase inside 23 overs itself. And now, their first Super Fours game against Pakistan got washed out on the scheduled day and even on the reserve day (next day) has been marred with overcast conditions so far.

Here, in this article we will see if India can qualify even if all their matches in Super 4s stage gets washed out (or) not.

Super 4s schedule of India in Asia Cup 2023:
vs Pakistan, Colombo (RPS) on 10th-11th Sept
vs Sri Lanka, Colombo (RPS) on 12th Sept
vs Bangladesh, Colombo (RPS) on 15th Sept

If all games of Team India end without a result, then they will end Asia Cup 2023 with just 3 points.

Already Pakistan and Sri Lanka have 2 points with a win against Bangladesh earlier. If Pakistan vs India and India vs Sri Lanka ends without a result, then they will also go to 3 points. Bangladesh will end at just 1 point with a no result against India, hence they stand eliminated from final.

Now, the winner of Pakistan vs Sri Lanka will reach 5 points and the loser will remain at 3 points only. The loser of Pakistan vs Sri Lanka match will be tied with Team India on 3 points. 

If two teams are tied on same number of points, then the team with better number of wins would be considered for a qualification ahead. Seeing this scenario, India with 0 wins gets eliminated as Pakistan and Sri Lanka have a win already.

If Pakistan vs Sri Lanka also ends without a result, then both Pakistan and Sri Lanka will reach 4 points thus India can't qualify for final with just 3 points.

Hence, India can't qualify for final of Asia Cup 2023 if all their Super Fours games get washed out.