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Credit: X

Call of Duty: Mobile, one of the most celebrated games, known for its dynamic gameplay and constant content updates, continues to engage its players with exciting events and special draws. The game recently released its highly-anticipated event, the “Spiteful Faith” draw. The event, available for a limited time, offers exclusive items and cosmetics that players would be able to add to their collections. 

The Spiteful Draw was released on Friday, June 14, and will continue for a few weeks. The event raises the probability of getting the grand prize by removing the items which are claimed. It is undoubtedly one of the most exciting parts and makes it all worth it. After that, players would be required to follow the old format, according to which, with each spin the CP rate will increase and the claimed items would be removed from the draw. 

The list of rewards players would be able to claim are: 

Jetpack- Spiteful Faith.

Folding Knife- Spiteful Faith.

ATV- Spiteful Faith.

Molotov Cocktail- Spiteful Faith.

Charm- Spiteful Faith.

PP19 Bizon- Spiteful Faith.

Calling Card- Faith’s Warrior.

Emote- Scent from Above.

Tempest-Faith’s Warrior.

Krig 6- Wretched Faith.

The prices for increasing CPs after each spin are: 

1st Spin- 10 CP.

2nd Spin- 30 CP.

3rd Spin-  50 CP.

4th Spin-  120 CP.

5h Spin-  200 CP.

6th Spin- 320 CP.

7th Spin- 520 CP.

8th Spin- 800 CP.

9th Spin- 1100 CP.

10th Spin- 1800 CP.