Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

The European Cricket Series match between Asian Latina and Royal Roma took a bizarre turn towards the end when the batter got dismissed on the last ball. Over the time, European Cricket has given its fans numerous moments that have rarely occurred in any other league across the world. The aforementioned incident is a solid testament of the same, where, during an ECS Italy T10 match between Asian Latina and Royal Roma, a run out changed the course of the match and granted victory to the other side. 

During the encounter, Roma’s Umar Shahzad bowled the last over of the match, where after bowling a wide, the opponents needed two runs in one ball. Khan Saleem, who was on the strike, tried to attempt a full swing on the last ball, but unfortunately, failed to touch the ball. 

Watch the video here: 

Meanwhile, the batters tried to run in between the wickets, but with the wicketkeeper’s accurate throw helped the ball hitting the stumps on the other end. With it, Saleem ended up getting dismissed and the bizarre turn of events granted victory to Roma by one run. 

The video was shared by European Cricket, and was accompanied with the caption, “NO WAY THIS HAPPENED! With only 1% chance of winning at six over mark to losing by just 1 run, Asian Latina had their heart broken in the most bizarre way ever.”

Notably, this was the second time both the teams met in the ongoing tournament.