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PKL Season 8 Live Blog: Bengal Warriors shocked Pawan Sehrawat & Co., Gujarat Giants beat Tamil Thalaivas

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Aakash Srivastava Author

Updated - 20 January 2022 10:22 pm

One of the most famous sporting leagues in the country, Pro Kabaddi League, is back! The COVID-19 pandemic had put a halt to the exciting league but the 8th edition of the tournament is now finally taking place, much to the delight of all sports fans in the country. The entire season is taking place at the Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel & Convention Centre behind closed doors.

Welcome to SportsTiger’s Live Blog of PKL 2021-22!


9:52 PM: Nabibaksh failed to hold Pawan Sehrawat, successful raid. Bengal Warriors 40- 38 Bengaluru Bulls

9:48 PM: Pawan Sehrawat could only score bonus point, less than 1 minute left. Bengal Warriors 40- 37 Bengaluru Bulls

9:46 PM: Maninder Singh’s successful raid in do-or-die. Bengal Warriors 40- 36 Bengaluru Bulls

9:44 PM: Ranjit dashed by Abozar. Bengal Warriors 39- 33 Bengaluru Bulls

9:41 PM:  Ran Singh’s back hold shocked Pawan Sehrawat. Bengal Warriors 38- 32 Bengaluru Bulls

9:39 PM: Chandran Ranjit strikes again, scored from touch-point. Bengal Warriors 35- 32 Bengaluru Bulls

9:38 PM: Nabibaksh’s ankle hold sent Pawan out of mat. Bengal Warriors 34- 30 Bengaluru Bulls

9:34 PM: Maninder’s successful raid. Bengal Warriors 33- 30 Bengaluru Bulls

9:33 PM: And Bulls all out, could not escaped it completely though. Bengal Warriors 32- 30 Bengaluru Bulls

9:23 PM: That’s some successful review from Nabibaksh. Bulls escape all out technically. Bengal Warriors 29- 28 Bengaluru Bulls

9:22 PM: Warriors on the verge of all out, Pawan completes his 9th super 10. Bengal Warriors 19- 24 Bengaluru Bulls

9:20 PM: Pawan strikes again, dominating the 2nd half. Bengal Warriors 19- 25 Bengaluru Bulls

9:19 PM: Ran Singh is turning out to be Pawan’s easy target, raider strikes again. Bengal Warriors 18- 23 Bengaluru Bulls

9:18 PM: And Warriors have been swept over their feet. All Out. Bengal Warriors 18- 21 Bengaluru Bulls

9:17 PM: Pawan Sehrawat strikes in super tackle. Ran Singh failed. Bengal Warriors 16- 17 Bengaluru Bulls

9:11 PM: The high-flyer on display. Pawan scored two successful points. Bengal Warriors 15- 14 Bengaluru Bulls

9:07 PM: Nabibaksh has been mobbed by Bulls’ defence. Bengal Warriors 13- 14 Bengaluru Bulls

9:04 PM: Sukesh Hegde stole bonus points for Warriors. Bengal Warriors 14- 11 Bengaluru Bulls

9:03 PM: Maninder Singh failed, Saurabh’s successful tackle. Bengal Warriors 12- 11 Bengaluru Bulls

9:00 PM: Nabibaksh has been dashed by Bulls’ defence. Bengal Warriors 11- 10 Bengaluru Bulls

8:59 PM: Nabibaksh raids successfully. Bengal Warriors 10- 7 Bengaluru Bulls

8:57 PM: Pawan Sherawat has failed thrice in the game. Is it going to cost Bulls? Bengal Warriors 6- 4 Bengaluru Bulls

8:55 PM: Pawan Sehrawat is back, Bulls have held Maninder Singh. Bengal Warriors 7- 7 Bengaluru Bulls

8:54 PM: Both the teams have started off well, with Warriors leading the game by mere 2-points. Bengal Warriors 6- 4 Bengaluru Bulls



8:40 PM: That’s victory for Giants. Mahendra Rajput annd Rakesh Narwal led the team to victory. Gujarat Giants 37- 35 Tamil Thalaivas

8:34 PM: Manjeet Singh is the last man standing man, bad time for Thalaivas to all out. Gujarat Giants 36- 35 Tamil Thalaivas

8:28 PM: Pradeep Kumar, comes in for substitute and successfully completed super raid for the team. Gujarat Giants 35- 34 Tamil Thalaivas

8:19 PM: The Giants have been wiped out at a crucial time, Manjeet completes his SUPER 10 as well. Gujarat Giants 32- 26 Tamil Thalaivas

8:10 PM: Bhavani Rajput failed to strike, Giants sent him back to bench. Gujarat Giants 26- 22 Tamil Thalaivas

8:08 PM: Bhavani Rajput strikes, scored bonus point as well. Gujarat Giants 22- 19 Tamil Thalaivas

1ST HALF: Gujarat have managed to narrow down their failed tackle, leading the game in style.

7:51 PM: Thalaivas have been all out by Giants. Sunil Kumar-led side is leading first half of the match. Gujarat Giants 15- 13 Tamil Thalaivas

Match Time: Gujarat Giants vs. Tamil Thalaivas

Day 30: Warm welcome to yet another thrilling doubleheader of Pro Kabaddi League. Tamil Thalaivas will lock horns with Gujarat Giants, while Bengaluru Bulls will challenge Bengwal Warriors in the next game.


9:42 PM: Vijay’s successful raid tied the match. Yet another draw in season. U Mumba 24- 24 Gujarat Giants

9:38 PM: Match is for sure going down to the wire. U Mumba 23- 23 Gujarat Giants

9:35 PM: Fazel’s successive dive scored tackle point for U Mumba. U Mumba 22- 23 Gujarat Giants

9:30 PM: Rinku strikes, U Mumba leading the game. U Mumba 22- 21 Gujarat Giants

9:29 PM: Ajhit’s successful raid, claimed two points. U Mumba 21- 21 Gujarat Giants

9:28 PM: VAjhit’s dive saved him and the team too. U Mumba 19- 20 Gujarat Giants

9:26 PM: U Mumba achieves two super tackle points, Rinku scored. U Mumba 18- 20 Gujarat Giants

9:23 PM: Mohsin scored bonus points for U Mumba. U Mumba 15- 20 Gujarat Giants

9:19 PM: Sunil’s strong tackle to sent Ajinkya back. U Mumba 14- 18 Gujarat Giants

9:18 PM: Abhishek has been tackled, Girish’s ankle hold. U Mumba 13- 17 Gujarat Giants

9:13 PM: V Ajhit’s successful raid, dismiss skipper. U Mumba 12- 15 Gujarat Giants

9:11 PM: Rakesh started the second half with empty raid. U Mumba 11- 13 Gujarat Giants

9:03 PM: Fazal’s empty raid. U Mumba 9- 13 Gujarat Giants

9:00 PM: V Ajhit has been dashed by Giants’ defence. U Mumba 8- 12 Gujarat Giants

8:59 PM: Abhishek’s jumped to escape tackle, successful raid. U Mumba 8- 10 Gujarat Giants

8:54 PM: U Mumba is trying best to close the gap but Gujarat Giants have maintained their lead. U Mumba 6- 10 Gujarat Giants

8:51 PM: Abhishek’s unsuccessful raid, Parvesh’s strong ankle hold. U Mumba 3- 8 Gujarat Giants

8:49 PM: Giants have held Rakesh Narwal to their side, raider walking towards bench. U Mumba 3- 5 Gujarat Giants

8:47 PM: The match has started off well, Gujarat Giants leading in first few minutes. U Mumba 1- 4 Gujarat Giants

Match 63: Gujarat Giants vs U Mumba


8:35 PM: Vijay’s unsuccessful raid. Dabang Delhi has shocked Patna Pirates. Patna Pirates 29- 32 Dabang Delhi

8:32 PM: Selvamani’s  toe touch, closed the gap by 1-point. Patna Pirates 27- 30 Dabang Delhi

8:29 PM: Prashant Kumar wreck havoc with his lightening raid, still settled with one point. Patna Pirates 26- 29 Dabang Delhi

8:26 PM: Vijay strikes, scored super raid. Patna Pirates 25- 29 Dabang Delhi

8:24 PM: Prashant’s hand touch to sent Manjeet at the bench. Patna Pirates 25- 26 Dabang Delhi

8:20 PM: Selvamani’s failed raid, strong tackle from Delhi. Patna Pirates 23- 26 Dabang Delhi

8:19 PM: Sandeep Narwal strikes, sent two defenders back to bench. Patna Pirates 22- 25 Dabang Delhi

8:16 PM: Shubham Shinde opening his account, strong ankle hold. Patna Pirates 22- 23 Dabang Delhi

8:13 PM: Pirates have shocked Dabang Delhi. Manjeet & Co. all out. Patna Pirates 21- 22 Dabang Delhi

8:12 PM: Delhi on the verge of all out, Sachin Tanwar’s successful raid. Patna Pirates 18- 21 Dabang Delhi

8:09 PM: Vjay scored bonus point. Patna Pirates 15- 21 Dabang Delhi

8:08 PM: Ashu’s running touch, sent Prashant back to bench. Patna Pirates 15- 20 Dabang Delhi

8:04 PM: Guman Singh strikes again, surprised Delhi with successful raid. Patna Pirates 14- 19 Dabang Delhi

8:06 Guman Singh scored some bonus points. Patna Pirates 13- 19 Dabang Delhi

1st HALF: Dabang Delhi without Naveen has shocked Patna Pirates with agressive raid and firm tackles

7:59 PM: Manjeet tried for advance tackle, but Guman Singh escapes. Patna Pirates 10- 19 Dabang Delhi

7:55 PM: Sandeep is unstoppable. Fifth raid points for star raider. Patna Pirates 9- 19 Dabang Delhi

7:52 PM: Sabdeep’s yet another successful raid in do-or-die. Patna Pirates 9- 18 Dabang Delhi

7:51 PM: Prashant Rai will walk back after Narwal’s firm hold. Patna Pirates 9- 15 Dabang Delhi

7:49 PM: Ashu Malik mobbed by Patna Pirates. Walking back to bench after failed raid. Patna Pirates 7- 14 Dabang Delhi

7:47 PM: Sandeep Narwal’s perfect tackle. Patna Pirates 7- 14 Dabang Delhi

7:44 PM: Ashu Malik strikes, Pirates all out. Patna Pirates 6- 12 Dabang Delhi

7:43 PM: Sandeep Narwal scored two raiding points for team. Patna Pirates 5- 7 Dabang Delhi

7:42 PM: Manjeet Chillar’s successful tackle, dismissed Prashant. Patna Pirates 5- 5 Dabang Delhi

7:41 PM: Vijay leading for Dabang Delhi, scored successive points for team. Patna Pirates 5- 4 Dabang Delhi

7:37 PM: Vijay’s running hand touch, points for Dabang Delhi. Patna Pirates 4- 2 Dabang Delhi

7:35 PM: Patna have started off well, leading with three points in 1st few minutes. Patna Pirates 3- 0 Dabang Delhi

Match Time: Giants won the toss, Patna Pirates will start the game.

Day 28: Welcome everyone to yet another exciting day of Pro Kabaddi League, 2022. Mighty Patna Pirates will face off Dabang Dehi, while Gujarat Giants will be up against U Mumba in the next game.


9:44 PM: That’s victory for Warriors by mere 1-point. Bengal Warriors 28 – 27 Telugu Titans

9:40 PM: Maninder Singh took the lead ahead. Bengal Warriors 25 – 27 Telugu Titans

9:35 PM: Titans all out. Letting the game slip away. Bengal Warriors 25 – 27 Telugu Titans

9:34 PM: Maninder Singh yet again shocks Surender. Bengal Warriors 23 – 23 Telugu Titans

9:30 PM: Maninder Singh is tough to stop, closed the gap by 1-point. Bengal Warriors 22 – 23 Telugu Titans

9:20 PM: Maninder Singh strikes again. Bengal Warriors 20 – 22 Telugu Titans

9:17 PM: Super tackle by Titans. Bengal Warriors 17 – 21 Telugu Titans

9:13 PM: Rajnish’s super raid. Bengal Warriors 15 – 20 Telugu Titans

9:12 PM: Akash strikes again, Maninder failed. Bengal Warriors 14 – 16 Telugu Titans

9:09 PM: Sandeep Kandola’s successful tackle. Bengal Warriors 14 – 14 Telugu Titans

9:03 PM: Maninder strikes Surender for the third time in a row. Bengal Warriors 14 – 13 Telugu Titans

9:00 PM: Superb display of defence by Titans.  Bengal Warriors 13 – 13 Telugu Titans

8:58 PM: Is Ankit Beniwal an all-rounder? He is tackling too. Bengal Warriors 10 – 12 Telugu Titans

8:57 PM: Ankit Beniwal strikes, Titans leading the game. Bengal Warriors 9 – 11 Telugu Titans

8:54 PM: Maninder failed again, held by Akash Chaudhary. Bengal Warriors 9 – 10 Telugu Titans

8:53 PM: Ran Singh’s super ankle hold. Bengal Warriors 8 – 8 Telugu Titans

8:52 PM: Titans’ defence makinng the move, held Maninder once again. Bengal Warriors 7 – 7 Telugu Titans

8:52 PM: Sukesh Hegde’s successful raid. Bengal Warriors 7 – 6 Telugu Titans

8:50 Sukesh Hegdescores bonus points. Bengal Warriors 5 – 6 Telugu Titans

8:48 PM: Surender seems Maninder Singh’s easy target. Bengal Warriors 4 – 3 Telugu Titans

8:47 PM: Prince D makes successful raid. Bengal Warriors 3 – 2 Telugu Titans

8:46 PM: Akash Chaudhary’s surprise tackle to shock Maninder. Bengal Warriors 2 – 1 Telugu Titans

8:45 PM: Ran Singh’s strong back hold. Bengal Warriors 2 – 0 Telugu Titans

8:43 PM: Maninder Singh opens Titans’ account. Bengal Warriors 2 – 0 Telugu Titans

Match Time: Warriors have won the toss and Titans taking first raid.

MATCH 61: Telugu Titans vs. Bengal Warriors


8:33 PM: Pradeep finished the game with unsuccessful raid. UP Yodha 50- 40 Puneri Paltan

8:31 PM: Aslam Imandar is unstoppable. UP Yodha 48- 36 Puneri Paltan

8:30 PM: Surender’s yet another successful raid. UP Yodha 48- 35 Puneri Paltan

8:29 PM: Aslam’s smart game, lightening escape. UP Yodha 47- 35 Puneri Paltan

8:27 PM: Mohit Goyat’s unsuccessful raid. UP Yodha 47- 34 Puneri Paltan

8:20 PM: Surender Gill is the man for multi-points. Yet another super raid. UP Yodha 45- 31 Puneri Paltan

8:18 PM: Aslam Imandar’s super raid, completes his super 10. UP Yodha 43- 30 Puneri Paltan

8:14 PM: Puneri Paltan’s third successive all out. UP Yodha 40- 25 Puneri Paltan

8: 13 PM: Surender’s yet another super raid. 15 points in 11 raid attempts. UP Yodha 37- 25 Puneri Paltan

8:12 PM: Pradeep’s super ten complete, fourth of season. UP Yodha 35- 24 Puneri Paltan

8:11 PM: Surender Gill is unstoppable. UP Yodha 32- 24 Puneri Paltan

8:10 PM: Mohit Goyat’s yet another raid, one short of super 10. UP Yodha 30- 23 Puneri Paltan

8:09 PM: Puneri Paltan’s successive all out. UP Yodha 29- 22 Puneri Paltan

8:07 PM: Surender Gill strikes, scored four points. Super Raid. UP Yodha 26- 21 Puneri Paltan

8:05 PM: Surender Gill’s leading the charge in Bulls’ defence. UP Yodha 21- 21 Puneri Paltan


7:54 PM: Mohit’s super raid in do-or-die. UP Yodha 19- 19 Puneri Paltan

7:54 PM: Vishal’s advance tackle failed, Pradeep raids. UP Yodha 19- 17 Puneri Paltan

7:53 PM: Nitesh’s successful ankle hold. UP Yodha 18- 17 Puneri Paltan

7:52 PM: Alsam Imandar is instrumental, successful raid. UP Yodha 17- 17 Puneri Paltan

7:51 PM: That’s perfect avenge. Paltan all out, Pankaj Mohite unsuccessful raid. UP Yodha 17- 15 Puneri Paltan

7:49 PM: Surender Gill’s super raid, closed the gap by 1-point. UP Yodha 14- 15 Puneri Paltan

7:47 PM: Shrikant Jadhav was brutal, scored two raiding points. UP Yodha 11 – 15 Puneri Paltan

7:45 PM: Mohit Goyat strikes, raid successsfully. UP Yodha 8 – 15 Puneri Paltan

7:44 PM: Pardeep strikes Paltan’s defender Sanket third time in the game. UP Yodha 8 – 12 Puneri Paltan

7:41 PM: Pradeep’s brave attempt to rescue team went in vain. Bulls all out. UP Yodha 7 – 11 Puneri Paltan

7:40 PM: Mohit Goyat is unstoppable. Bulls on verge of all out. UP Yodha 6 – 8 Puneri Paltan

7:39 PM: Thats some early turnaround in the game. Paltan leading the game. UP Yodha 5 – 7 Puneri Paltan

7:37 PM: Pradeep’s second successful raid. UP Yodha 4 – 2 Puneri Paltan

7:36 PM: Nitesh’s mistake and Mohit Goyat’s gain. UP Yodha 3 – 2 Puneri Paltan

7:34 PM: What a way to start the game. Pradeep’s super raid. UP Yodha 3 – 0 Puneri Paltan

Match Time: Pradeep Narwal starting the game, Paltan won the toss.

Match 60: UP Yodha vs. Puneri Paltan

Match 61: Telugu Titans vs. Bengal Warriors

Day 27: Hello all, welcome to an exciting doubleheader which will bring Pradeep Narwal in action against Nitin Tomar-led side Puneri Paltan. Follow up match will be between Telugu Titans and defending champions.

Doubleheader brought two exciting thrillers, a tie was followed by new table toppers. Jaipur Pink Panthers pulls off close tie with Tamil Thalaivas, while Sandeep Dhull-led side proved once again that Kabaddi is team’s game instead one man’s show. Bulls need to nurture more players, other than Pawan Sehrawat. Join us tomorrow to witness yet another doubleheader, meanwhile check the predcitions for tomorrow.


9:37 PM: Patna Pirates comfortably replaced Bulls from 1st position in points table. Pirates team effort defeated Pawan Sehrawat & Co.

9:35 PM: Bulls’ riding on super tackles. Bengaluru Bulls 31- 38 Patna Pirates

9:32 PM: That’s third super tackle by Mahender. Bengaluru Bulls 28- 37 Patna Pirates

9:29 PM: Super tackle by Bulls’ Mahender. Bengaluru Bulls 26- 36 Patna Pirates

9:25 PM: Pawan Sehrawat failed once again. Bulls in trouble. Bengaluru Bulls 24- 35 Patna Pirates

9:24 PM: Super tackle from Bulls. Pawan revived. Bengaluru Bulls 24- 34 Patna Pirates

9:21 PM: Chandran Ranjit failed again. Super tackle from Patna. Bengaluru Bulls 22- 34 Patna Pirates

9:18 PM: Deepak Narwal’s unsuccessful raid. Pirates’ defence is making lot of noise. Bengaluru Bulls 22- 33 Patna Pirates

9:16 PM: Guman Singh scored. Touch as well as bonus point. Bengaluru Bulls 21- 30 Patna Pirates

9:14 PM: Dong Geon failed as raider, Sunil’s fourth tackle point. Bulls All Out. Bengaluru Bulls 21- 28 Patna Pirates

9:13 PM: Guman’s successful raid. Bengaluru Bulls 20- 24 Patna Pirates

9:08 PM: Saurabh Nandal’s successful tackle. Guman’s raid failed. Bengaluru Bulls 19- 22 Patna Pirates

1st Half: Bulls’s dependency on Pawan Serawat is getting costly for them, while Patna Pirates’ team work working well for them.

9:02 PM: Pawan Sehrawat revived with Bulls’ successful tackle. Bengaluru Bulls 16- 19 Patna Pirates

9:00 PM: Atlast successful tackle from Bulls, held Sachin. Bengaluru Bulls 15- 18 Patna Pirates

8:57 PM: Super tackle from Patna Pirates. Chandran Ranjit unsuccessful raid. Bengaluru Bulls 14- 18 Patna Pirates

8:56 PM: Pawan’s dominance proved yet again, completed his super ten. Bengaluru Bulls 14- 16 Patna Pirates

8:55 PM: Maiden tackle point for Bulls. Bengaluru Bulls 13- 15 Patna Pirates

8:53 PM: Pawan Sehrawat is back in style, successful raid. Bengaluru Bulls 11- 13 Patna Pirates

8:50 PM: Pawan shocked. Bulls shocked. Bengaluru All out. Bengaluru Bulls 9- 11 Patna Pirates

8:49 PM: Patna Pirates fierce defence closed the gap. Bengaluru Bulls 8 – 8 Patna Pirates

8:47 PM: Ranjeet’s failed raid attempt. Bengaluru Bulls 8 – 5 Patna Pirates

8:46 PM: Pawan Sehrawat guiding Bulls to early lead. Bengaluru Bulls 6 – 3 Patna Pirates

8:44 PM: Sachin raids successfully for Pirates. Bengaluru Bulls 1 – 1 Patna Pirates

8:42 PM: Pawan Sehrawat started the game in style. Bengaluru Bulls 1 – 0 Patna Pirates

Match Time: Pawan Sehrawat to open the account for Bulls, Pirates won the toss.

Match 59: Bengaluru Bulls vs. Patna Pirates


8:33 PM: That’s a successful call for super tackle. Yet another match thrilling match with no winner. Jaipur Pink Panthers 31-31 Tamil Thalaivas

8:31 PM: Arjun Deshwal succumb to running time, failed raid. Jaipur Pink Panthers 29-31 Tamil Thalaivas

8:30 PM: Strong super tackle from Pink Panthers. Jaipur Pink Panthers 29-30 Tamil Thalaivas

8:25 PM: Ajinkya shocked Jaipur Pink Panthers, with an escape. Jaipur Pink Panthers 27-30 Tamil Thalaivas

8:21 PM: Some more time for Manjeet’s super ten, raid failed. Jaipur Pink Panthers 26-28 Tamil Thalaivas

8:17 PM: Manjeet Singh strikes, two points for Thalaivas. Jaipur Pink Panthers 24-26 Tamil Thalaivas

8:14 PM: Deepak Hooda’s unsuccessful raid. Jaipur Pink Panthers 24-24 Tamil Thalaivas

8:13 PM: Ajinkya Pawar’s failed raid, great tackle from Panthers. Jaipur Pink Panthers 24-23 Tamil Thalaivas

8:11 PM: Sandeep Dhull’s successful tackle, completed his high-five. Jaipur Pink Panthers 22-21 Tamil Thalaivas

8:10 PM: Bonus points for Pink Panthers. Jaipur Pink Panthers 20-21 Tamil Thalaivas

8:08 PM: Massive set back for Panthers, all out. Manjeet’s super super raid. Jaipur Pink Panthers 19-21 Tamil Thalaivas

8:05 PM: Bhavani Rajput’s brilliant super raid, had to dive to escape tackle. Jaipur Pink Panthers 18-16 Tamil Thalaivas

8:04 PM: Successful tackle to dismiss Deepak Hooda. Jaipur Pink Panthers 17-14 Tamil Thalaivas

1st Half: Both teams have shown potential to upset any. Jaipur leading with mere 4-points in the game.

7:56 PM: Thalaivas all out. Pink Panthers ahead with few points, could be decisive. Jaipur Pink Panthers 17-13 Tamil Thalaivas

7:52 PM: Mohit’s failed tackle attempt. Deepak’s successful raid. Jaipur Pink Panthers 12-11 Tamil Thalaivas

7:50 PM: Sandeep Dhull leading from front, another great tackle. Jaipur Pink Panthers 9-10 Tamil Thalaivas

7:49 PM: Naveen’s dominance as raider, successful raid. Jaipur Pink Panthers 9-8 Tamil Thalaivas

7:48 PM: Jaipur too responding well, Manjeet’s unsuccessful raid attempt. Jaipur Pink Panthers 8-8 Tamil Thalaivas

7:47 PM: Thalaivas’ yet another successful tackle. Jaipur Pink Panthers 7-8 Tamil Thalaivas

7: 45 PM: Skipper Sandeep had successful head on to dismiss Bhavani. Jaipur Pink Panthers 6-7 Tamil Thalaivas

7:44 PM: As per the sight, Prapanjan have received some serious injury in right shoulder, hope he gets well soon.

7:43 PM: Naveen’s unsuccessful raid. Points for Thalaivas. Jaipur Pink Panthers 4-6 Tamil Thalaivas

7:41 PM: K. Prapanjan unsuccessful raid, received minor injury due to firm hold. Jaipur Pink Panthers 3-5 Tamil Thalaivas

7:40 PM: Arjun Deshwal’s failed raid attempt. Jaipur Pink Panthers 3-4 Tamil Thalaivas

7:39 PM: Manjeet, the raider stepped out of lobby. Points for both team. Jaipur Pink Panthers 2-4 Tamil Thalaivas

7:37 PM: Arjun Deshwal opens account for Pink Panthers. Jaipur Pink Panthers 1-3 Tamil Thalaivas

7:36 PM: Manjeet’s successful raid, more points for Thalaivas.  Jaipur Pink Panthers 0-3 Tamil Thalaivas

7:35 PM: Thalaivas have opened their account with successful raid. Jaipur Pink Panthers 0-1 Tamil Thalaivas

7:34 PM: Tamil Thalaivas won the toss, and Pink Panthers will start the game.

Match Time: Tamil Thalaivas vs. Jaipur Pink Panthers

Match 58th: Tamil Thalaivas vs. Jaipur Pink Panthers

Match 59th: Patna Pirates vs. Bengaluru Bulls

DAY 26: Warm welcome to super Sunday, be ready to witness yet another thrilling doubleheader. Tamil Thalaivas will look to better their stadings, while Jaipur Pink Panther cruising over three straight victories will eye to top 4 in points table.

Thats a wrap from exciting triple panga. We witnessed all of it, yet another tie, Pawan Sehrawat’s dominance and Dabang Delhi shocked Steelers to take second spot. Join us tomorrow to witness yet another exciting in the eighth season of Pro Kabaddi League. In the meantime, check the predictions for tomorrow. 


10:53 PM: That’s fourth draw for U Mumba, and one of many in the season. Warriors lost the good chance to clinch victory. Bengal Warriors 32- 32 U Mumba

10:51 PM: Abhishek just scored a raiding point. Bengal Warriors 32- 32 U Mumba

10:50 PM: Rinku’s successsful block, Maninder failed. Bengal Warriors 32- 31 U Mumba

10:48 PM: Warriors’s tenth successful tackle. Ajit Kumar failed raid attempt. Bengal Warriors 32- 28 U Mumba

10:44 PM: Warriors cruising ahead with some lead. Bengal Warriors 31- 27 U Mumba

10:36 PM: Ransingh roaring loud with his tackles. Bengal Warriors 29- 25 U Mumba

10:34 PM: Harender’s failed raid attempt. Bengal Warriors 29 – 24 U Mumba

10:29 PM: Abhishek strikes with running hand touch. Bengal Warriors 26- 23 U Mumba

10:25 PM: Maninder strikes again, U Mumba’s defence conceding costly points. Bengal Warriors 25- 22 U Mumba

10:24 PM: Abhishek’s successful raid, closed the gap with 1-point. Bengal Warriors 22- 21 U Mumba

10:22 PM: Abozar’s successful tackle. Bengal Warriors 21- 19 U Mumba

10:20 PM: Amit Narwal’s mistake costing a point to U Mumba. Bengal Warriors 19- 18 U Mumba

10:13 PM: Maninder’s failed raid attempt, whole defence from Warriors got to work. Bengal Warriors 18- 17 U Mumba

10:11 PM: Ransingh’s yet another back hold. Super tackle. Bengal Warriors 18 – 15 U Mumba

10:09 PM: Maninder Singh’s eight successive super 10. Bengal Warriors 14 – 12 U Mumba

10:07 PM: Abhishek’s failed raid attempt. Bengal Warriors 13 – 10 U Mumba

10:05 PM: U Mumba’s successful tackle, held Naibaksh. Bengal Warriors 11 – 10 U Mumba

10:04 PM: Abhishek’s successful raid. Darshan’s failed tackle. Bengal Warriors 11 – 8 U Mumba

10:03 Maninder Singh’s super raid. Bengal Warriors 10 – 6 U Mumba

10:01 PM: Fazel Atrachali failed while attempting to tackle. Bengal Warriors 5 – 6 U Mumba

9:58 PM: Nabibaksh’s failed tackle for Warriors. Bengal Warriors 4 – 4 U Mumba

9:56 PM: Maninder Singh’s failed raid, scored bonus points. Bengal Warriors 1 – 2 U Mumba

9:55 PM: U Mumba opens the game with successful raid. Bengal Warriors 0 – 1 U Mumba



9:46 PM: Narwal’s 62th super ten of career, UP Yodha beat Telugu Titans by 6-points. Telugu Titans 33- 39 UP Yodha

9:45 PM: Rohit’s failed attempt to hold ankle, Narwal rescued team’s all out for third time in a row. Telugu Titans 33- 38 UP Yodha

9:42 PM: Pradeepm Narwal rescued all out. Telugu Titans 31- 35 UP Yodha

9:41 PM: Yodhas’ third super tackle of the night. Telugu Titans 28- 34 UP Yodha

9:35 PM: Shrikant Jadhav’s super tackle, raiders doing the job. Telugu Titans 27- 32 UP Yodha

9:34 PM: Sumit strikes well, scored two points for Titans. Telugu Titans 27- 30 UP Yodha

9:33 PM: Bonus point for Yodha. Telugu Titans 26- 28 UP Yodha

9:30 PM: Pradeep Narwal’s failed raid, went too deep in left corner. Telugu Titans 26- 27 UP Yodha

9:26 PM; Sumit Sangwan’s successful raid, Yodha’s 11-point via defence. Telugu Titans 22- 27 UP Yodha

9:25 PM: Bonus point for Titans. Telugu Titans 20- 25 UP Yodha

9:24 PM: Rakesh Gowda failed raid attempt. Nitesh completed his high five Telugu Titans 19- 24 UP Yodha

9:22 PM: Prince successful tackle. Pradeep failed this time. Telugu Titans 19- 23 UP Yodha

9:21 PM: Pradeep Narwal’s easy successful raid. Telugu Titans 18- 21 UP Yodha

9:18 PM: Titans closing the gap with successful tackles. Telugu Titans 16- 19 UP Yodha

9:08 PM: Sumit’s yet another successful ankle hold. Titans banking on bonus points. Telugu Titans 14- 19 UP Yodha

9:07 PM: Sumit’s second successful tackle of game, and 100th tackle point of the season. Telugu Titans 14- 16 UP Yodha

9:05 PM: Pradeep Narwal’s failed raid attempt. Telugu Titans 13- 15 UP Yodha

9:12 PM: Titans’ seventh bonus points of the game. Telugu Titans 12- 14 UP Yodha

9:00 PM: Rakesh Gowda failed to survive Titans, All Out Telugu. Telugu Titans 10- 13 UP Yodha

8:58 PM: Surender Gill’s failed raid. Telugu Titans 9- 8 UP Yodha

8:57 PM: Titans stealing away bonus points. Telugu Titans 9- 6 UP Yodha

8:56 PM: Pradeep’s running hand touch, sent Ankit Beniwal out of the turf. Telugu Titans 8- 6 UP Yodha

8:54 PM: Surendra Gill’s failed raid, successful tackle by Titans. Telugu Titans 6- 5 UP Yodha

8:53 PM: Nitesh’s strong tackle. Telugu Titans 4- 4 UP Yodha

8:52 PM: Sandeep Khandola’s successful tackle. Telugu Titans 4- 2 UP Yodha

8:50 PM: Sumit’s successful ankle hold. Telugu Titans 2-2 UP Yodha

8:48 PM: Pradeep Narwal opens account for Yodha, successful raid. Telugu Titans 0 1 UP Yodha

Match 56: UP Yodha vs. Telugu Titans

8:39 PM: Finally! Dabang Delhi registered victory after two successive loss, and replaced Patna Pirates from second spot. Haryan Steelers shocked with results. Dabang Delhi 28-25 Haryana Steelers

8:37 PM: Vijay raids successfully. Dabang Delhi 27-24 Haryana Steelers

8:34 PM: Vikas Khandola held by Sandeep Narwal. Dabang Delhi 23-23 Haryana Steelers

8:32 PM: Vikas raid successfully, lead of two points for Steelers. Dabang Delhi 21-23 Haryana Steelers

8:31 PM: Ravi Kumar’s super tackle for Steelers. Dabang Delhi 21-22 Haryana Steelers

8:28 PM: This match is certainly going down to the wire. Dabang Delhi 21-21 Haryana Steelers

8:26 PM: Meetu’s successful raid, earned bonus point too. Dabang Delhi 20-20 Haryana Steelers

8:24 PM: Vikas Khandola missed that tackle, Ashu Malik scored two raiding points. Dabang Delhi 20-18 Haryana Steelers

8:21 PM: Jewa’s maiden tackle of the day. Dabang Delhi 18-18 Haryana Steelers

8:20 PM: Last ten minutes of the game and its surely going to be thriller, till last sec. Dabang Delhi 17-18 Haryana Steelers

8:15 PM: Krishan’s firm tackle, Vinay failed riad. Dabang Delhi 17-18Haryana Steelers

8:14 PM: Both the teams will surely take the match to last second. Dabang Delhi 16-17 Haryana Steelers

8:11 PM: That’s a bad slip from Sushant, costed him dismissal. Dabang Delhi 15-14 Haryana Steelers

8:03 PM: Manjeet Chillar pulled off strong tackle, well asisted Jewa. Dabang Delhi 15-12 Haryana Steelers

7:54 PM: Neck to neck battle going on. Till 1st half, Naveen could only score three raiding points in eight attemps but Vijay has stepped up for Delhi . Dabang Delhi 11-11 Haryana Steelers

8:08 PM: Naveen Kumar stole one bonus points. Dabang Delhi 13-12 Haryana Steelers

8:03 PM: Meetu dashed by the defence of Delhi. Dabang Delhi 12-12 Haryana Steelers

7:52 PM: Surendra Nara’s successful tackle for Steelers. Dabang Delhi 11-10 Haryana Steelers

7:48 PM: Both the team have started off well, and with two points difference Delhi is marginally ahead of Steelers. Dabang Delhi 10-8 Haryana Steelers

Match 55: Dabang Delhi vs. Haryana Steelers

Day 25: Warm welcome to all to yet another exciting day of Pro Kabaddi League. Haryana Steelers will face off Dabang Delhi in the day opener, while UP Yodha will challenge minnows Telugu Titans, next.


9:42 PM: Bharat’s failed raid attempt but Bulls have emerged victorious with Pawan’s 19 riad points. Bengaluru Bulls 46-37 Gujarat Giants

9:41 PM: Pradeep’s failed raid. 10-point difference. Gujarat Giants 36 – 46 Bengaluru Bulls

9:40 PM: Pawan Sehrawat’s easy 19th raid point of the game. Gujarat Giants 36 – 45 Bengaluru Bulls

9:38 PM: Giants all out for third time in a match. Successful raid by Pawan. Gujarat Giants 35 – 44 Bengaluru Bulls

9:37 PM: Hadi’s lightening raid, and quick escape. Closing the gap. Gujarat Giants 35 – 40 Bengaluru Bulls

9:35 PM: Bharat’s first tackle dismissed Mahender. Gujarat Giants 33 – 40 Bengaluru Bulls

9:21 PM: With only a few minutes left, things are getting extremely interesting. Gujarat Giants 28 – 32 Bengaluru Bulls

9:11 PM: An exciting start to second half. Gujarat Giants 19 – 23 Bengaluru Bulls

9:03 PM: Bulls end the first half with a lead of 5 points. Gujarat Giants 17 – 22 Bengaluru Bulls

8:58 PM: After a fantastic few minutes for Giants, the score is: Gujarat Giants 15 – 18 Bengaluru Bulls

8:54 PM: Bulls have inflicted an all-out after last-man standing Parvesh surrenders against Pawan Sehrawat. Gujarat Giants 11 – 15 Bengaluru Bulls

8:47 PM: Giants have taken lead in the first few minutes of the game. Bulls have enough time to bounce back. Gujarat Giants 2 – 1 Bengaluru Bulls

Match 54: Gujarat Giants vs. Bengaluru Bulls


8:37 PM: Monu Goyat’s running hand touch brought last points for Patna Pirates. Jaipur Pink Panthers 38-28 Patna Pirates

8:36 PM: Deepak failed raid attempt, but scored bonus points. Jaipur Pink Panthers 38-27 Patna Pirates

8:35 PM: Deepak Hooda touches Monu Goyat, successful raid. Jaipur Pink Panthers 37-26 Patna Pirates

8:33 PM: Mohammadreza’s sixth failed tackle. Jaipur Pink Panthers 36-24 Patna Pirates

8:31 PM: Arjun Deshwal’s yet another successful raid. Jaipur Pink Panthers 35-24 Patna Pirates

8:30 PM: Monu Goyat failed as raider, great tackle by Panthers led by Sahul Kumar. Jaipur Pink Panthers 30-23 Patna Pirates

8:29 PM: Monu Goyat’s succcesfull raid. Jaipur Pink Panthers 29-23 Patna Pirates

8:25 PM: Arjun Deshwal’s empty raid but defenders stepped out conceeding two points Jaipur Pink Panthers 29-22 Patna Pirates

8:24 PM: Guman Singh’s empty raid. Jaipur Pink Panthers 27-20 Patna Pirates

8:24 PM: Prashanth Rai’s unsuccessful raid. Jaipur Pink Panthers 27-20 Patna Pirates

8:23 PM: Mohammadreza’s failed tackle attempt. Jaipur Pink Panthers 26-20 Patna Pirates

8:20 PM: Super tackle for Priates’ Sachin, empty raid. Jaipur Pink Panthers 25-20 Patna Pirates

8:14 PM: Monu Goyat dashed, while two defenders too stepped out hurting Panthers. Jaipur Pink Panthers 25-20 Patna Pirates

8:13 PM: Arjun Deshwal in do-or-die, failed attempt, dashed by Neeraj. Jaipur Pink Panthers 23-18 Patna Pirates

8:12 PM: Arjun Deshwal’s empty raid. Jaipur Pink Panthers 22-17 Patna Pirates

8:11 PM: Sahul’s successful super raid. Jaipur Pink Panthers 21-17 Patna Pirates

8:10 PM: Arjun Deshwal’s successful toe touch in do-or-die. Jaipur Pink Panthers 21-15 Patna Pirates

8:09 PM: Deepak’s empty raid. Jaipur Pink Panthers 20-15 Patna Pirates

8:08 PM: Sachin’s lightening raid attempt, successful. Jaipur Pink Panthers 20-15 Patna Pirates

8:07 PM: Deepak Hooda’s successful raid. Jaipur Pink Panthers 20-13 Patna Pirates

8:05 PM: Monu Goyat’s close failed attempt for super raid, missed by nail. Jaipur Pink Panthers 19-13 Patna Pirates

8:00 PM: Arjun Deshwal strikes twice to keep Panthers in lead. Jaipur Pink Panthers 18-12 Patna Pirates

7:56  PM: Patna Pirates all out, Pink Panthers cruising ahead. Jaipur Pink Panthers 16-12 Patna Pirates

7:54 PM: Arjun Deshwal strikes again, Mohammadreza failed attempt. Jaipur Pink Panthers 13-10 Patna Pirates

7:52 PM: Deeepak Hooda’s touch point for Panthers. Jaipur Pink Panthers 12-10 Patna Pirates

7:51 PM: Mohammadreza’s empty raid. Jaipur Pink Panthers 11-10 Patna Pirates

7:49 PM: Deepak Hooda strikes again, successful hand touch. Jaipur Pink Panthers 11-10 Patna Pirates

7:49 PM: Naveen’s successfull raid. Jaipur Pink Panthers 10-9 Patna Pirates

7:47 PM: Mohammadreza’s firm tackle. Deepak hooda failed raid. Jaipur Pink Panthers 8-9 Patna Pirates

7:45 PM: Naveen’s raid failed. Super tackle from Patna Pirates. Jaipur Pink Panthers 7-8 Patna Pirates

7:44 PM: Sachin failed raid attempt in maiden do-or-die. Jaipur Pink Panthers 7-7 Patna Pirates

7:42 PM: Deepak Niwas scored with a touch on Prashant. Jaipur Pink Panthers 7-6 Patna Pirates

7:41 PM: Prashant scores raiding point for Patna Pirates. Jaipur Pink Panthers 6-5 Patna Pirates

7:40 PM: Arjun Deshwal could only manage to get bonus points. Jaipur Pink Panthers 5-4 Patna Pirates

7:38 PM: Deepak Hooda strikes again, points for Pink Panthers. Jaipur Pink Panthers 4-3 Patna Pirates

7:37 PM: Patna Pirates have started off well, with three straight points. But, Pirates not too far.  Jaipur Pink Panthers 4-2 Patna Pirates

7:30 PM: Patna Pirates have won the toss, and Jaipur Pink Panthers will take the first raid.

Match 53: Jaipur Pink Panthers vs. Patna Pirates

After a thrilling four day of Test match at Cape Town, lets witness yet another thriller in Pro Kabaddi League. The season one champions, Jaipur Pink Panthers will face off three time champion, mighty Patna Pirates in the first match, while Gujarat Giant vs. Bengaluru Bulls will be follow up match.

That was a thrilling day, Kabaddi’s day 23 concluded with two exciting battles. Puneri Paltan shocked U Mumba, whereas Warriors defeated Tamil Thalaivas. Time to sign off, but do join us tomorrow for yet another doubleheader. In the meantime, wish for some turnaround from India’s bowlers at Cape Town, and don’t leave without checking the predictions for tomorrow on SportsTiger. 


9:36 PM: That’s victory for Puneri Paltan, crushed U Mumba by 19-points. Puneri Paltan 41 – 23 U Mumba

9:33 PM: Team work from Puneri Paltan, top 3 raider of the match are from same team i.e. Paltan. Puneri Paltan 39 – 23 U Mumba

9:30 PM: Goyat’s failed raid, super tackle from U Mumba. Puneri Paltan 38 – 19 U Mumba

9:24 PM: Puneri Paltan cruising ahead with massive lead, yet another super tackle by Vishal Bharadwaj. Puneri Paltan 36 – 17 U Mumba

9:19 PM: Paltan have more defence points than U Mumba have in raid, yet another super tackle. Puneri Paltan 31 – 14 U Mumba

9:17 PM: Paltan keeping U Mumba at bay. Less than ten minutes left in the game. Puneri Paltan 28 – 13 U Mumba

9:15 PM: Shivam strikes for U Mumba, scored two points. Puneri Paltan 25 – 13 U Mumba

9:14 PM: U Mumba all out once again, twice in match. But scored bonus point. Puneri Paltan 25 – 11 U Mumba

9:13 PM: Aslam strikes, three points for Paltan. Puneri Paltan 21 – 10 U Mumba

9:00 PM: Super tackle from U Mumba, but great attempt from Abhishek Singh. Puneri Paltan 18 – 10 U Mumba

8:59 PM: Paltan showing off their defence, super tackle. Puneri Paltan 17 – 9 U Mumba

8:58 PM: Abhisehk’s running touch brought some point to U Mumba. Puneri Paltan 15 – 9 U Mumba

8:56 PM: U Mumba all out. Paltan’s defence is fierce today.  Puneri Paltan 14 – 8 U Mumba

8:53 PM: Super raid for Nitin Tomar. U Mumba surprised with failed tackle. Puneri Paltan 9  – 7 U Mumba

8:51 PM: Aslam Imandar first unsuccessful raid, points for U Mumba. Puneri Paltan 6 – 6 U Mumba

8:47 PM: Aslam Inamdar’s succesfull raid. Puneri Paltan 5 – 3 U Mumba

8:46 PM: Super tackle from Paltans. Puneri Paltan 4 – 3 U Mumba

8:44 PM: Sachin’s failed raid. Super tackle from Paltan. Puneri Paltan 3  3 U Mumba

8:42 PM: Aslam Inamdar raids successfully, Paltan open their account. Puneri Paltan 1  1 U Mumba

8:35 PM: Abhishek Singh starts the game, points for U Mumba. Puneri Paltan 0  1 U Mumba 

MATCH 52: U Mumba vs. Puneri Paltan

From match updates to live scores, points table and everything else, here is the one-stop destination for all the information around the league.


8:30 PM: Ran Singh’s incredible hold, Bengal Waarrior’s fourth successive win. Thalaivas winning streak ends. Bengal Warriors 37 – 28 Tamil Thalaivas.

8:26 PM: Maninder’s successful raid. Thalaiavas failed attempt from Sagar Mishra. Tamil Thalaivas 25-36 Bengal Warriors.

8:24 PM: High five for Amit Nirwal, failed raid attempt from Thalaivas. Tamil Thalaivas 24-34 Bengal Warriors.

8:22 PM: Firm tackle from Sagar, points for Thalaivas. Tamil Thalaivas 24-33 Bengal Warriors.

8:19 PM: Two successive points for Thalaivas. Tamil Thalaivas 23-32 Bengal Warriors

8:17 PM: That’s All Out for Warriors. Thalaivas have kept the Warriors at bay. Tamil Thalaivas 21-32 Bengal Warriors

8:05 PM: Maninder Singh gets a touch point on Surjeet Singh. Tamil Thalaivas 19-25 Bengal Warriors

8:00 PM: Bengal start the second half on a positive note. Tamil Thalaivas 16-22 Bengal Warriors

7:52 PM: Maninder Singh has been tackled in the final moments of first half but Ran Singh’s presence in defense ensured that Bengal go into break with a slender lead. After first 20 minutes, score is: Tamil Thalaivas 16-20 Bengal Warriors

7:36 PM: Bengal paving their way back in match with a few impressive raids. Tamil Thalaivas 4-5 Bengal Warriors

7:31 PM: Manjeet gets a point in first raid of the match before Maninder is tackled out. Tamil Thalaivas 2-0 Bengal Warriors

January 13, 2022: Welcome everyone

While an epic cricket game is being played in Cape Town, it’s time to enjoy some incredible Kabaddi action hundreds of kilometers away set to kick off in Bengaluru now. It’s time for Day 23 of PKL Season 8 and here are the two matches lined up for the day:

7:30 PM – Bengal Warriors vs Tamil Thalaivas

8:30 PM – U Mumba vs Puneri Paltan

9:44 PM: Good Night!

It was a brilliant day of Kabaddi as UP Yoddha and Haryana Steelers played out a thrilling tie. However, the story of the day was how emphatically Bengaluru Bulls outplayed Dabang Delhi who looked clueless in absence of star raider Naveen Kumar. That’s it from today! Do join us for another exciting day of PKL tomorrow. Have a good sleep, see you tomorrow.


Dabang Delhi 22-61 Bengaluru Bulls

9:37 PM: The match has ended as Delhi have been crushed by Bulls in some style. Dabang Delhi 22-61 Bengaluru Bulls

9:34 PM: Bharat gets a bonus point but has been tackled out. Dabang Delhi 21-61 Bengaluru Bulls

9:30 PM: Delhi have been all-out for 5th time. Dabang Delhi 19-60 Bengaluru Bulls

9:25 PM: Aman gets a tackle on Ajay Thakur. Pawan has now got a touch point on Manjeet. Delhi’s misery continues! Dabang Delhi 17-55 Bengaluru Bulls

9:20 PM: Manjeet Chhillar surrenders himself as Pawan completes another all out on Delhi. Dabang Delhi 17-50 Bengaluru Bulls

9:17 PM: Delhi have got themselves a 30-points margin with 10 minutes left. Dabang Delhi 17-47 Bengaluru Bulls

9:16 PM: Bulls continue to extend their lead as they get flurry of points. Dabang Delhi 16-45 Bengaluru Bulls

9:12 PM: Delhi have been all-out once again. This is pure domination from Bulls. Dabang Delhi 14-39 Bengaluru Bulls

9:11 PM: Bulls continue to dominate in all departments and Pawan now gets a touch point on Manjeet Chhillar. Dabang Delhi 12-35 Bengaluru Bulls

9:07 PM: Pawan Sehrawat kicks off 2nd half with 2 points in first raid. Dabang Delhi 11-29 Bengaluru Bulls

9:02 PM: Bulls have inflicted another all-out on Delhi as they end the first half with a huge lead. After 20 minutes, score is: Dabang Delhi 11-27 Bengaluru Bulls

9:00 PM: Another tackle by Delhi on Vijay Malik before Bulls come up with a super raid to extend their lead. Ajay now gets a bonus point. Dabang Delhi 10-23 Bengaluru Bulls

8:57 PM: A Naveen Kumar-less Dabang Delhi gets all out. Dabang Delhi 8-17 Bengaluru Bulls

8:53 PM: Vijay Malik has been taken out by Bulls defense on do-or-die raid. Bharat now gets a touch point on Ajay Thakur. Dabang Delhi 6-11 Bengaluru Bulls

8:50 PM: A super tackle by Bulls on Neeraj Narwal. Dabang Delhi 5-8 Bengaluru Bulls

8:48 PM: Chandran Ranjith gets a bonus point for his side. Dabang Delhi 5-6 Bengaluru Bulls

8:45 PM: First tackle of the match by Mahender on Ashu. Bulls now get a bonus. Dabang Delhi 3-5 Bengaluru Bulls

8:43 PM: Vijay Malik kicks off the proceedings with two successful raids. Meanwhile, Bulls also get a couple of points. Dabang Delhi 3-2 Bengaluru Bulls

8:40 PM: Starting 7s of Delhi vs Bengaluru

Dabang Delhi: Ashu Malik, Neeraj Narwal, Manjeet Chhillar, Vijay Malik, Joginder Narwal (c), Jeeva Kumar

Bengaluru Bulls: Pawan Sehrawat (c), Chandran Ranjith, Mayur Kadam, Mahender Singh, Saurabh Nandal, Bharat, Aman


UP Yoddha 36-36 Haryana Steelers

8:32 PM: IT’S A TIE! After Surender Gill gets 2 more points, Vikash Khandola gets a bonus and touch point to make things all even in the end. WHAT A MATCH! UP Yoddha 36-36 Haryana Steelers

8:30 PM: A crazy turnaround as Vikash Khandola gets 2 more points to get his side back into the match. BUT DRAMA DRAMA! Now, Surender Gill has also got 2 more points in next raid to get UP back into lead before Vikash gets bonus point to make it all equal. UP Yoddha 34-34 Haryana Steelers

8:27 PM: A fantastic SUPER RAID by Vikash Khandola results in UP getting all-out. WOW! UP Yoddha 32-31 Haryana Steelers

8:25 PM: Surender Gill is tackled out by Surender Nada. Vikash gets a raid point. And now, Shrikant gets a touch point with a kick. UP Yoddha 32-26 Haryana Steelers

8:22 PM: Meetu and Vikash get 2 quick points for Haryana. Comeback on the cards? UP Yoddha 30-24 Haryana Steelers

8:18 PM: After a tackle on Rohit Gulia, Shrikant Jadhav gets 2 points in next raid. Vikash, Gill and Meetu get a point each after that. UP Yoddha 30-22 Haryana Steelers

8:15 PM: Surender Gill now shows his magic in defense as his tackle has now inflicted an all out on Haryana. UP Yoddha 26-20 Haryana Steelers

8:11 PM: SUPER RAID! Brilliant effort by Surender Gill as gets 3 points for his side at such a crucial moment. After 30 minutes, score is: UP Yoddha 22-19 Haryana Steelers

8:08 PM: Pardeep Narwal returns but he has been super tackled by Surender Nada. Meanwhile, Vikash gets another point for his side. UP Yoddha 19-19 Haryana Steelers

8:06 PM: Surender Gill gets a touch point in do-or-die raid. Meanwhile, Ajay cannot do the same for Haryana as he is tackled by Nitesh. UP Yoddha 19-16 Haryana Steelers

8:05 PM: Mohammad Taghi, who has substituted Pardeep Narwal, gets out in his first raid. Meetu has also been tackled in the next raid. UP Yoddha 17-15 Haryana Steelers

8:01 PM: Meetu kicks off 2nd half with a touch point. Surender Gill gets one point back in next raid before Vikash is also tackled out. UP Yoddha 16-14 Haryana Steelers

7:54 PM: Ankit gets a terrific tackle on Shrikant in dying moments of first half. After 20 minutes, score is: UP Yoddha 14-13 Haryana Steelers

7:51 PM: After a tackle on Pardeep, Haryana gets 1 more point through a toe-touch from Vikash. UP Yoddha 14-12 Haryana Steelers

7:48 PM: Surender Gill gets Surender Nada this time around. UP Yoddha 13-10 Haryana Steelers

7:45 PM: A few quick points from Pardeep followed by a fantastic tackle by UP on Meetu results in all-out for Haryana. UP Yoddha 11-7 Haryana Steelers

7:42 PM: Vikash Khandola gets touch point on Nitesh, Pardeep does the same on Jaideep. Exciting stuff! UP Yoddha 5-5 Haryana Steelers

7:37 PM: Surender Nada and Nitesh produce brilliant thigh-holds for their sides. Pardeep Narwal is revived and he gets 2 points as soon as he is back. UP Yoddha 4-4 Haryana Steelers

7:34 PM: Shrikant Jadhav gets the first point for UP. Meanwhile, Vikash Khandola gets the first raid point for his side. UP Yoddha 1-3 Haryana Steelers

7:32 PM: Surender Nada tackles Surender Gill in first raid of the match. Pardeep Narwal also gets out in the next raid. UP Yoddha 0-2 Haryana Steelers

7:29 PM: Starting 7s of Haryana vs UP

Haryana Steelers: Vikash Khandola (c), Meetu Sharma, Ankit, Surender Nada, Jaideep Dahiya, Mohit Nandal, Ravi Kumar

UP Yoddha: Nitesh Kumar (c), Pardeep Narwal, Surender Gill, Ashu, Sumit, Shrikant Jadhav, Shubham

January 12, 2022: WELCOME!

We are all set for another thrilling day of PKL action with two exciting matches lined up for the day:

Haryana Steelers vs UP Yoddha – 7:30 PM

Dabang Delhi vs Bengaluru Bulls – 8:30 PM

Good Night!

What a day! Two convincing victories ensuring some changes in the points table. Giants upset Telugu Titans by defeating them with 19-points and registered their second victory of the season after a long wait, while Patna Pirates shocked U Mumba and won the game with 10-points. Both the teams had their second win of the tournament, and if they buckle up from here they may cause some shocking turnaround in the tournament. Do join us tomorrow to witness yet another doubleheader. In the meantime, check out the predicition for tomorrow.

Full Time: Gujarat Giants clinched their second win of season, crushed Titans.

9:41 PM: Ratan’s failed raid point but Giants finished the game with successful lead of 18-points.

9:40 PM: Titans all out. Less than two minutes left, and Gujarat leading with 19-points. Gujarat Giants 39-21 Telugu Titans

9:38 PM: Super ankle hold by Sumit, points for Giants. Gujarat Giants 34-20 Telugu Titans

9:36 PM: Giants cruising with successful tackle. Gujarat Giants 33-20 Telugu Titans

9:30 PM: Rajnish’s failed raid. Gujarat Giants 31-20 Telugu Titans

9:26 PM: Titan’s defence closing the gap for team. Gujarat Giants 29-20 Telugu Titans

9:23 PM: Giants’ super tackle, scored two points. Gujarat Giants 26-18 Telugu Titans

9:21 PM: Rajnish’s successful tackle, Titans closed the gap by just 7-points. Gujarat Giants 24-17 Telugu Titans

9:18 PM: Adarsh’s successful raid point. Gujarat Giants 24-16 Telugu Titans

9:17 PM: Rakesh Gowda narrowly failed, missed it by an inch. Gujarat Giants 23-15 Telugu Titans

9:14 PM: Second half of the game and Giants asking some tough questions to Titans. Gujarat Giants 23-14 Telugu Titans

9:04 PM: Rajnish scoring some successful raid points for Titans. Gujarat Giants 20-13 Telugu Titans

9:02 PM: Rakesh’s second super ten of season and first of the match. Gujarat Giants 20-11 Telugu Titans

9:00 PM: Titans trying best to close the gap, scored two points in last few sec. Gujarat Giants 17-10 Telugu Titans

8:58 PM: Ankit strikes, successful tackle for Giants. Gujarat Giants 16-8 Telugu Titans

8:57 PM: Titans all out. Three points for Giants. Gujarat Giants 15-8 Telugu Titans

8:54 PM: Yet another successful raid from Giants. Gujarat Giants 10-7 Telugu Titans

8:52 PM: Rakesh’s super raid for Giants, scored four points including bonus points. Gujarat Giants 8-7 Telugu Titans

8:51 PM: Parvesh’s failed tackle point, Rajnish successful raid. Gujarat Giants 4-4 Telugu Titans

8:49 PM: Yet another bonus points for Titans. Gujarat Giants 3-4 Telugu Titans

8:47 PM: Rajnish scored some bonus points for Titans. Gujarat Giants 3-2 Telugu Titans

8:45 PM: Rakesh Gowda started the game for Gujarat Giants with empty raid. Gujarat Giants 0-0 Telugu Titans

Match 48: Telugu Titans vs. Gujarat Giants

Full Time: Patna Pirates thumping victory against U Mumba.

8:36 PM: That’s victory for Patna Pirates, crushed U Mumba by huge margin. Patna Pirates 43 – 23 U Mumba

8:34 PM: Super tackle from Patna, Abhishek failed raid attempt. Patna Pirates 41 – 23 U Mumba

8:31 PM: Yet another all out for U Mumba, Abhishek’s struggle came to end. Patna Pirates 37 – 23 U Mumba

8:29 PM: Monu Goyat’s failed tackle attempt, Abhishek scores for U Mumba. Patna Pirates 35 – 20 U Mumba

8:22 PM: Mohsen’s successful raid. Some breathing point for U Mumba. Patna Pirates 33 – 20 U Mumba

8:21 PM: Abhishek strikes again, Monu Goyat’s failed attempt. Patna Pirates 33 – 18 U Mumba

8:19 PM: Abhishek’s yet another successful raid. Patna Pirates 31 – 16 U Mumba

8:16 PM: Pirates taking strong lead, U Mumba lagging behind by 16-points. Patna Pirates 31 – 15 U Mumba

8:12 PM: Abhishek’s successful raid. Patna Pirates 29 – 14 U Mumba

8:10 PM: Mohammadreza’s firm hold for successful tackle. Patna Pirates 28 – 12 U Mumba

8:04 PM: Neeraj’s yet another super tackle. Abhishek’s failed raid. Patna Pirates 27 – 11 U Mumba

8:03 PM: U Mumba suffered yet another all out, Patna Pirates’ lead by 14-points. Patna Pirates 24 – 10 U Mumba

8:00 PM: Neeraj’s successfull tackle. Patna leading with 11 points. Patna Pirates 20 – 9 U Mumba

7:55 PM: Rinku single handedly held the ankle of Sachin. Super show from U Mumba. U Mumba 9 – 19 Patna Pirates

7:53 PM: Substitution for U Mumba, Shivam’s failed raid. Seventh successful tackle from Patna. U Mumba 7 – 18 Patna Pirates

7:51 PM: Super raid from Patna Pirates, U Mumba need to buckle up. U Mumba 7 – 17 Patna Pirates

7:50 PM: Neeraj Kumar’s fourth strike, failed Abhishek’s raid attempt. U Mumba 7 – 16 Patna Pirates

7:37 PM: Pirates defence on fire, vice captain Neeraj leading from front. U Mumba 3 – 14 Patna Pirates

7:30 PM: Patna Pirates off  to a good great start as they are maintaining lead of 8-points in first few minutes. U Mumba 3 – 11 Patna Pirates

Match 47: Patna Pirates vs. U Mumba

Day 21: Hello everyone, warm welcome to yet another double header. Mighty Patna Pirates will start the day against U Mumba, while follow up match will witness Gujarat Giants to face off Telugu Titans.


It was another brilliant day of Kabaddi as we witnessed two incredible matches, Thalaivas completely crushed Haryana Steelers to ensure thumping victory  in the day opener, while Jaipur Pink Panthers pulled off victory from narrow margin against Dabang Delhi. Join us tomorrow on terrfic Tuesday, to watch another brilliant players fighting it out for their franchise. In the meantime, stay tuned to read the predictions for tomorrow.

9:40 PM: Jaipur Pink Panthers have pulled themselves up the ladder, must be happy at 6th position in the points table.  Dabang Delhi 30-28 Jaipur Pink Panthers

9:28 PM: Ashu Malik raids successfully, providing lead to Panthers. Dabang Delhi 23-21 Jaipur Pink Panthers

9:15 PM: Panther making strong comeback in the game. Dabang Delhi 20-20 Jaipur Pink Panthers

8:59 PM: Both the team have denied each other to concede any lead. Dabang Delhi 12-12 Jaipur Pink Panthers

8:54 PM: Both the teams are going neck to neck, two points from super raid for Dabang Delhi. Dabang Delhi 11-9 Jaipur Pink Panthers

8:49 PM: Pink Panthers have closed the gap, with successive points. Dabang Delhi 5-2 Jaipur Pink Panthers

8:45 PM: Five minutes have passed, Dabang Delhi maintaining lead of two points. Pink Panthers need to buckle up if they want to register a win. Dabang Delhi 5-2 Jaipur Pink Panthers

Match 46: Dabang Delhi vs. Jaipur Pink Panthers


That’s victory for Thaliavas. They have crushed Steelers really bad, and dominated the game throughout.

8:27 PM: Tamil Thalaivas have already taken amissible lead in the game, and left Steelers with no hope to turn things in their favor. Haryana Steelers 24- 44  Tamil Thalaivas

8:00 PM: Few minutes in the game and Steelers missed close opportunitu to tke over the lead. Haryana Steelers. Haryana Steelers 17- 22  Tamil Thalaivas

7:53 PM: Super raid for Thalaivas, points after long. Steelers socked. Haryana Steelers 17- 22  Tamil Thalaivas

7:51 PM: That’s the kind of turnaround makes PKL most exciting tournament. Tamil Thalaivas All Out!  Haryana Steelers 15- 20 Tamil Thalaivas

7:49 PM: Steelers skipper Vikas leading from the front, successful tackle. Four consecutive points conceeded by Thalaivas. Tamil Thalaivas 20- 10  Haryana Steelers

7:47 PM: Steelers All Out once again. Thalaivas way ahead with 14-points. Tamil Thalaivas 20- 6 Haryana Steelers

7:44 PM: Thalaivas scoring successive points with great defence. Steelers to two person. Tamil Thalaivas 16- 5  Haryana Steelers

7:43 PM: Thalaivas have scored 8 points in five minutes. Have taken amissible lead. Tamil Thalaivas 14- 5  Haryana Steelers

7:42 PM: Manjeet escapes the grasp of the right corner and reduces the Steelers to one person. Tamil Thalaivas 10 – 4  Haryana Steelers

7:35 PM: Thalaivas off to an impressive start as Surejeet Singh-led side is maintaing a close lead in the first few minutes of the game. Tamil Thalaivas 6- 2  Haryana Steelers

Tamil Thalaivas will lock horns with Haryana Steelers as 45th match of the season. Surjeet Singh-led side is ready to take on Haryana Steelers, both teams will look to win and climb the ladder before it gets late.

January 10, 2022: We are all set for Day 20 of the season where there are two big games lined up.


9:40 PM: Good Night!

It was another brilliant day of Kabaddi as we witnessed two incredible and unexpected results. Puneri Paltan and UP Yoddha, who were the under-dogs on the day, produced brilliant performances to hand Bengal Warriors and Bengaluru Bulls heavy defeats, respectively. Things are certainly getting quite interesting so don’t forget to join us tomorrow for more PKL action on Majestic Monday!

In the mean time, you can check the fantasy tips and probable starting 7s for tomorrow’s matches.

9:34 PM: Summary of today’s results

Puneri Paltan 39-27 Bengal Warriors

UP Yoddha 42-27 Bengaluru Bulls


9:32 PM: A few quick raids and a flurry of points for both sides in final moments of match. What a victory! What a performance! UP Yoddha 42-27 Bengaluru Bulls

9:29 PM: Mohammad Taghi initiates a tackle on Pawan and his teammates complete the job. Meanwhile, Lee has now got one point in his first raid of the match. UP Yoddha 39-26 Bengaluru Bulls

9:28 PM: OMG! Another super tackle by UP defense as Shrikant gets a point now in do-or-die raid. UP Yoddha 38-25 Bengaluru Bulls

9:26 PM: Bharat registers his first-ever Super 10 in PKL with another fantastic raid. UP Yoddha 35-25 Bengaluru Bulls

9:22 PM: After Shrikant gets a bonus point, the UP defense shines again as they get another super tackle on Pawan. This is absolutely incredible! Score after 35 miniutes: UP Yoddha 35-24 Bengaluru Bulls

9:19 PM: Just like first half, UP gets one more super tackle! WOW! UP Yoddha 32-23 Bengaluru Bulls

9:17 PM: SUPER RAID! Bharat has turned the match on its head as he earns 3 points with a spectacular raid. UP Yoddha 29-23 Bengaluru Bulls

9:14 PM: Mohammad Taghi, who has come in place of Pardeep Narwal, gets another point. Bharat has now secured an impressive touch point. After 30 minutes, score is: UP Yoddha 29-20 Bengaluru Bulls

9:12 PM: Pawan Sehrawat gets a bonus point before GB More gets Shrikant. And now, Pawan has also been tackled out, this time by Nitesh. UP Yoddha 28-19 Bengaluru Bulls

9:10 PM: Bharat gets his 5th point of the match as he gets another point for his side. However, he is now tackled out by a fanatastic defense. Meanwhile, Shrikant gets another point. UP Yoddha 27-17 Bengaluru Bulls

9:07 PM: A few quick raids which has seen Pawan and Taghi get tackled out while Shrikant and Bharat have got points. UP Yoddha 25-16 Bengaluru Bulls

9:04 PM: 2nd half begins with Bulls surrendering as an all-out has been inflicted. UP Yoddha 22-14 Bengaluru Bulls

8:58 PM: Mohammad Taghi has been introduced and he gets into action right away. He earns 2 points in a do-or-die raid. After another tackle by UP, the score after first half is: UP Yoddha 19-14 Bengaluru Bulls

8:55 PM: Super-sub Gurdeep initiates another super tackle, this time on Chandran Ranjit. Bharat is also out on next raid. UP Yoddha 16-13 Bengaluru Bulls

8:53 PM: In a dramatic turn of events, Pawan has now been super tackled twice in a space of two minutes. UP Yoddha 12-13 Bengaluru Bulls

8:50 PM: Pawan Sehrawat is back in rhythm as he gets two successive succesful raids. UP Yoddha 7-12 Bengaluru Bulls

8:48 PM: Pardeep Narwal has been tackled out once again. Meanwhile, Chandran Ranjit gets 2 points with a brilliant raid. UP Yoddha 6-10 Bengaluru Bulls

8:46 PM: Shrikant Jadhav gets a touch point and Bharat does the same for Bulls. UP Yoddha 6-6 Bengaluru Bulls

8:43 PM: Sensational ankle holds by Aman and Sumit on successive raids for their respective sides. UP Yoddha 5-5 Bengaluru Bulls

8:41 PM: Shrikant Jadhav gets an impressive touch point after Sumit had got a tackle on Chandran Ranjit. UP Yoddha 4-3 Bengaluru Bulls

8:39 PM: After taking a bonus point, Surender Gill gets tackled out in next raid. Meanwhile, Pawan has also been tackled for first time tonight. UP Yoddha 2-3 Bengaluru Bulls

8:36 PM: Pawan Sehrawat kicks off with a touch point before Pardeep Narwal has been tackled out in his very first raid. UP Yoddha 0-2 Bengaluru Bulls

8:34 PM: Starting 7s of UP vs Bengaluru

UP Yoddha: Nitesh Kumar (c), Pardeep Narwal, Surender Gill, Shrikant Jadhav, Sumit, Ashu, Shubham

Bengaluru Bulls: Pawan Sehrawat (c), Mayur Kadam, Mohit Sehrawat, GB More, Chandran Ranjit, Saurabh Nandal, Aman


Puneri Paltan 39-27 Bengal Warriors

8:27 PM: Despite Akash getting one more point in the final raid, Pune register a big win. Match ends! Puneri Paltan 39-27 Bengal Warriors

8:26 PM: Akash continues to impress for Bengal as he gets a bonus point and a touch point. Puneri Paltan 39-26 Bengal Warriors

8:24 PM: Vishal Bharadwaj produces a sensational dash to send Maninder out of mat. Meanwhile, Aslam gets out Rinku before Akash P gets one point for his side. Puneri Paltan 39-24 Bengal Warriors

8:20 PM: Aslam Inamdar shines again with 2-point raid. Meanwhile, Maninder also gets a point in next raid. Puneri Paltan 37-23 Bengal Warriors

8:17 PM: Abinesh, Aslam and Nitin Tomar inflict a brilliant super tackle on Nabibakhsh. With 5 minutes left, score is: Puneri Paltan 35-22 Bengal Warriors

8:16 PM: A mistake from Sanket Sawant gives Maninder an easy point. Puneri Paltan 33-22 Bengal Warriors

8:15 PM: Aslam gets a touch point on Abozar before Nabibakhsh sends Vishal to bench. Puneri Paltan 33-21 Bengal Warriors

8:14 PM: A technical point for Pune as both Maninder and Nabibakhsh enter the opponents area to raid. However, Maninder gets a point back on subsequent raid. Puneri Paltan 31-20 Bengal Warriors

8:09 PM: Another fantastic display of defense from Pune as Akash P is tackled out. After 30 minutes, score is: Puneri Paltan 30-19 Bengal Warriors

8:07 PM: Akash P comes up with a heroic effort in do-or-die raid to get 2 crucial points for his side. Meanwhile, Aslam gets a touch point on next raid. Puneri Paltan 29-19 Bengal Warriors

8:05 PM: Maninder Singh comes up with a fantastic raid, gets two points. He completes his Super 10 and Aslam has also achieved the feat in next raid. Puneri Paltan 28-17 Bengal Warriors

8:03 PM: Bonus points from both sides before Aslam gets another impressive touch point. Puneri Paltan 27-15 Bengal Warriors

8:02 PM: An exciting start to 2nd half as Aslam and Mohit get touch points on successive raids. Although Maninder gets couple of bonus points, he fails to save his side from an all-out. Pune on fire! Puneri Paltan 25-13 Bengal Warriors

7:57 PM: Top performers of first half

Aslam Inamdar – 4 touch points, 1 tackle point, 1 bonus point

Abinesh Nadarajan – 2 tackle points, 1 bonus point

Maninder Singh – 4 touch points, 1 bonus point

7:53 PM: Maninder Singh gets a bonus point before both sides end the first half with couple of empty raids. Puneri Paltan 20-11 Bengal Warriors

7:51 PM: Pune’s defense sends Nabibakhsh to bench before Aslam gets another touch point. However, Akash P gets a bonus and touch point back for his side. Puneri Paltan 20-10 Bengal Warriors

7:49 PM: After Maninder Singh is tackled, Aslam Inamdar comes up with a 2-point raid. Puneri Paltan 18-8 Bengal Warriors

7:48 PM: Bengal Warriors surrender with one-man left as they accept an all-out. Puneri Paltan 15-8 Bengal Warriors

7:47 PM: Akash Pikalmunde fails to get a point in do-or-die raid and Nabibakhsh is also tackled out now. Pune extend their lead. Puneri Paltan 12-8 Bengal Warriors

7:40 PM: Puneri Paltan get a strong start

Puneri Paltan are off to a strong start against Bengal Warriors in opening encounter of the day. They lead by a margin of 4 points after first 10 minutes. Puneri Paltan 9-5 Bengal Warriors

January 9, 2022: We are all set for Day 19 of the season where there are two big games lined up.

10:55 PM: Good Night! It was another thrilling day of Triple Panga where we saw Delhi continue their undefeated run in the tournament. See you tomorrow where there are two exciting games lined up for Super Sunday! Just in case you wish to read more about what’s in store and are keen to know about probable starting 7s and fantasy tips, you can check them out here.

10:50 PM: Top 4 after Day 18 

After all the teams have played 7 games each, here is how the Top 4 looks like:

1. Dabang Delhi – 31 points

2. Patna Pirates – 29 points

3. Bengaluru Bulls – 28 points

4. U Mumba – 25 points

10:48 PM: Results of Day 18

UP Yoddha 33-37 Dabang Delhi

Telugu Titans 38-48 U Mumba

Patna Pirates 27-26 Gujarat Giants


Patna Pirates 27-26 Gujarat Giants

10:45 PM: In the final raid, Prashanth gets no point in do-or-die raid but it was a tactical move as Patna seal the win. Patna Pirates 27-26 Gujarat Giants

10:40 PM: Rakesh gets a crucial point for his side with around 2 minutes remaining. Patna Pirates 27-24 Gujarat Giants

10:36 PM: Prashanth Rai gets 2 points in a decisive raid as he extends Patna’s lead. DRAMA! Patna Pirates 27-23 Gujarat Giants

10:33 PM: After the break, Rajesh gets a quick point to cut down the lead. Patna Pirates 25-23 Gujarat Giants

10:30 PM: A bonus point for Patna as they extend the lead to 3 points with 5 minutes remaining. Patna Pirates 25-22 Gujarat Giants

10:28 PM: After an error by Girish, Mahendra Rajput gets a point to send Neeraj on bench. Patna Pirates 24-22 Gujarat Giants

10:26 PM: Prashanth jumps high as he gets a touch point on Parvesh. Meanwhile, Rakesh gets 2 points on do-or-die raid. Patna Pirates 23-21 Gujarat Giants

10:23 PM: An error from Chiyaneh hands a point to Giants. After 30 minutes, score is: Patna Pirates 22-19 Gujarat Giants

10:21 PM: After a super tackle, Giants get another tackle point before Prashanth gets another touch point. Patna Pirates 22-18 Gujarat Giants

10:19 PM: Sachin is tackled out on do-or-die raid. It’s all equal now! Patna Pirates 18-18 Gujarat Giants

10:18 PM: Sajin initiates a super tackle as match keeps on turning on it head. Patna Pirates 18-17 Gujarat Giants

10:17 PM: Mahendra Rajput gets a touch point before Monu Goyat is tackled out. Gujarat in the lead now. Patna Pirates 16-17 Gujarat Giants

10:16 PM: Chiyaneh gets another tackle point with a brilliant leg hold. Meanwhile, Girish has now come up with a sensational block. Patna Pirates 16-15 Gujarat Giants

10:13 PM: Giants get the first point of 2nd half with a good defensive tackle. Patna Pirates 15-14 Gujarat Giants

10:07 PM: Mahendra Rajput gets a touch point in final raid of first half. Patna Pirates 15-13 Gujarat Giants

10:05 PM: The resilience of Giants finally end as they are all out for the first time. Patna Pirates 15-12 Gujarat Giants

10:03 PM: Ajay fails to get a point in do-or-die raid as he is tackled out. However, Sachin gets a point for Patna to get his side into lead. Patna Pirates 12-11 Gujarat Giants

10:01 PM: Back-to-back raid points for each side. Patna Pirates 10-11 Gujarat Giants

9:59 PM: After getting raid points, Hadi Oshtorak now initiates a super tackle and gets it done successfully. BRILLIANT! Patna Pirates 9-10 Gujarat Giants

9:57 PM: Giants bounce back before Prashanth Rai gets another point. Patna Pirates 9-6 Gujarat Giants

9:55 PM: Sachin Tanwar comes up with a sensational 2 points raid. Patna Pirates 8-4 Gujarat Giants

9:53 PM: A terrific super tackle by Gujarat as they get two crucial points. Patna Pirates 5-4 Gujarat Giants

9:51 PM: Patna have paved their way back into the match with a few quick points. Patna Pirates 3-2 Gujarat Giants

9:46 PM: Game 3 of the day begins

Gujarat are off to a brilliant start as Girish Ernak gets a tackle point before Rakesh gets a touch point. Patna Pirates 0-2 Gujarat Giants


Telugu Titans 38-48 U Mumba

9:38 PM: A brilliant raid by Raju followed by a tackle from Ruturaj. After a few quick raids, the match ends as Mumbai register a big win. Telugu Titans 38-48 U Mumba

9:33 PM: Two quick points for Titans as they cut down the lead. Telugu Titans 35-44 U Mumba

9:32 PM: Rinku continues his dream game as he gets another tackle point on Raju. Meanwhile, Abhishek gets another touch point and completes his Super 10. Telugu Titans 33-43 U Mumba

9:30 PM: Brilliant tackle by Raju on Mohsen before Ankit comes up with a perfect raid to all-out U Mumba. WOW! Telugu Titans 33-41 U Mumba

9:26 PM: Rinku almost pulls off a super dash but Ankit comes away with a touch point. Telugu Titans 28-41 U Mumba

9:24 PM: Ajith Kumar gets tackled out but more importantly, he also seems to have suffered an injury. Telugu Titans 27-41 U Mumba

9:21 PM: Good sequence of events for Titans as Raju gets 2 points in raid before a smart tackle by Shiyaz. Telugu Titans 26-40 U Mumba

9:19 PM: Rinku gets a tackle on Ankit Beniwal before Ruturaj comes up with a back hold on Ajith. Telugu Titans 22-38 U Mumba

9:15 PM: Titans have been all-out finally as Prince cannot repeat his heroics again. Telugu Titans 20-37 U Mumba

9:13 PM: Prince gets a touch point on Fazel, saves his side from an all-out for now. Telugu Titans 19-33 U Mumba

9:11 PM: Another super tackle by Titans, this time on Ajith. Telugu Titans 18-31 U Mumba

9:10 PM: SULTAN shows his class! Fazel’s ankle hold on Ankit leaves Titans with only two players. Telugu Titans 16-31 U Mumba

9:08 PM: Titans come up with a super tackle on Abhishek Singh. Telugu Titans 15-30 U Mumba

9:06 PM: Abhishek kicks off 2nd half with a touch point on Raju. Meanwhile, another tackle point for Mumbai. Telugu Titans 13-30 U Mumba

9:00 PM: Abhishek Singh gets 2 points in final raid of first half as Mumbai go to break on a high. Telugu Titans 13-28 U Mumba

8:57 PM: Rakesh gets a couple of points in two successive raids while Ajith does the same for his side. Telugu Titans 12-26 U Mumba

8:55 PM: Rakesh Gowda finally shows his brilliance, gets two touch points before U Mumba gets a bonus point. Ankit has been tackled out on the subsequent raid. Telugu Titans 10-24 U Mumba

8:54 PM: Telugu Titans have been all out once again as U Mumba are just running away in the match. Telugu Titans 8-22 U Mumba

8:52 PM: Mumabi defense continues to impress as they extend their lead. Telugu Titans 7-16 U Mumba

8:49 PM: Fazel Atrachali is in some form tonight as he gets an ankle hold on Rakesh. Telugu Titans 6-13 U Mumba

8:46 PM: U Mumba have inflicted an all-out as Telugu Titans have been completely outplayed in the contest so far. Telugu Titans 5-12 U Mumba

8:45 PM: When it looked Ajith will come for raid, U Mumba’s captain Fazel took a last-second decision to send Abhishek Singh to raid who gets 2 points. WOW! Telugu Titans 3-8 U Mumba

8:43 PM: Mumbai get into lead as they get a bonus point through Mohsen before Rinku produces a fantastic tackle. Telugu Titans 2-5 U Mumba

8:40 PM: Rajnish stops Abhishek Singh with a brilliant presence of mind tackle. Meanwhile, both sides get bonus points in subsequent raids before Fazal gets a tackle on Rajnish. WHAT A START! Telugu Titans 2-2 U Mumba

8:38 PM: Here are the Starting 7s

U Mumba: Fazel Atrachali (c), Abhishek Singh, Ajith V. Kumar, Harendra Kumar, Mohsen, Ashish Sangwan, Rinku

Telugu Titans: Surinder Singh (c), Ruturaj Koravi, Rajnish, Prince, Ankit, Rakesh Gowda, Adarsh

8:34 PM: All set for next game

U Mumba are set to lock horns with Telugu Titans in second game of Day 18.


UP Yoddha 33-37 Dabang Delhi

8:30 PM: After Surender fails to get a point, Naveen finishes things off in style with a point as Delhi continues their undefeated run in the tournament. UP Yoddha 33-37 Dabang Delhi

8:27 PM: Surender Gill gets a touch point on Joginder Narwal. UP Yoddha 33-35 Dabang Delhi

8:26 PM: HUGE! Delhi gets the big fish as Pardeep is tackled out with 90 seconds left in the match. UP Yoddha 32-35 Dabang Delhi

8:25 PM: UP bounces back with a bonus point from Pardeep and a tackle on Ashu. UP Yoddha 32-34 Dabang Delhi

8:24 PM: An error from Sandeep Narwal as Surender Gill runs away with a touch point. Naveen gets a point back with a bonus as well. UP Yoddha 30-34 Dabang Delhi

8:23 PM: Surender and Naveen gets a point each with fast & impressive raid. UP Yoddha 29-32 Dabang Delhi

8:18 PM: Ashu gets a green card after neck hold on Naveen as the raider survives. Pardeep then gets tackled out as Delhi get ahead in the match. UP Yoddha 28-31 Dabang Delhi

8:16 PM: After Pardeep’s point, Vijay Malik gets a bonus for UP but gets tackled out. Meanwhile, Naveen and Gill gets 1 point each for their sides! UP Yoddha 28-29 Dabang Delhi

8:14 PM: An error from Sumit as Naveen, who has already completed Super 10, gets another touch point. UP Yoddha 25-27 Dabang Delhi

8:11 PM: UP gets all-out finally after a fantastic tackle by Manjeet. However, Gill gets a bonus point to keep things tight. UP Yoddha 25-26 Dabang Delhi

8:09 PM: After Ankit saved UP from an all-out, it’s Surender Gill who comes up with a magical raid. UP Yoddha 24-22 Dabang Delhi

8:07 PM: Delhi gets into lead after a 2-points raid by Naveen. UP Yoddha 20-21 Dabang Delhi

8:05 PM: A scintillating raid by Naveen Express as two UP defenders are out. Jeeva is out on subsequent raid. UP Yoddha 20-18 Dabang Delhi

8:01 PM: Surender Gill gets a tackle on Naveen Kumar before succumbing in the subsequent do-or-die raid. UP Yoddha 19-16 Dabang Delhi

7:59 PM: Naveen Kumar kicks off 2nd half with a bonus point before producing a thigh hold on Pardeep Narwal. WOW! UP Yoddha 18-15 Dabang Delhi

7:51 PM: Vijay Malik gets a point in the final raid of first half. UP Yoddha 18-13 Dabang Delhi

7:49 PM: A brilliant chain tackle, led by Manjeet Chhillar! However, Naveen gets out in the next raid as Pardeep Narwal is back on mat. UP Yoddha 17-11 Dabang Delhi

7:47 PM: Naveen Express derailed once again as UP defense produces another fantastic tackle. UP Yoddha 16-10 Dabang Delhi

7:45 PM: Pardeep Narwal gets another touch point before UP inflicts an all-out on Delhi. UP Yoddha 15-9 Dabang Delhi

7:42 PM: A sensational tackle by Nitesh on Ashu Malik before Pardeep Narwal gets a running hand touch on do-or-die raid. UP Yoddha 9-6 Dabang Delhi

7:40 PM: What a start!

It’s been an intriguing start to the match with not much to separate the two sides after first few minutes. UP Yoddha 6-6 Dabang Delhi

January 8, 2022: WELCOME!

Welcome to another exciting day of Pro Kabaddi League. It’s Super Saturday and a Triple Panga day! So stay tuned for some Kabaddi drama.

Jaipur Pink Panthers gradually climbing the ladder, dominated the game throughout and emerged victorious. Stay tuned to check tomorrow’s prediction of tripleheader.


9:38 PM: Arjun Deshwal’s failed raid. Puneri Paltan 26 – 31 Jaipur Pink Panthers

9:33 PM: Puneri Paltan All out. Puneri Paltan 24 – 30 Jaipur Pink Panthers

9:25 PM: Fierce tackle from Pink Panthers. Puneri Paltan 23 – 26 Jaipur Pink Panthers

9:24 PM: Nitin Tomar’s unsuccessful raid. Puneri Paltan 23 – 25 Jaipur Pink Panthers

9:23 PM: Paltan’s super tackle. Arjun Deshwal failed raid. Puneri Paltan 22 – 24 Jaipur Pink Panthers

9:18 PM: Arjun Deshwal’s completed super ten. Puneri Paltan 20 – 23 Jaipur Pink Panthers

9:16 PM: Arjun Deshwal empty raid. Puneri Paltan 20 – 21 Jaipur Pink Panthers

9:12 PM: Mohit Goyat’s failed raid. Puneri Paltan 19 – 19 Jaipur Pink Panthers

9:11 PM: Arjun Deshwal unsuccessful raid. Puneri Paltan 18 – 19 Jaipur Pink Panthers
9:10 PM: Panthers yet again failed tackle. Puneri Paltan 18 – 18 Jaipur Pink Panthers

9:02 PM: Panthers joining the party. Puneri Paltan 17 – 18 Jaipur Pink Panthers 

9:00 PM: Panthers All out. Puneri Paltan 16 – 17 Jaipur Pink Panthers 

8:56 PM: Pankaj’s super raid. Puneri Paltan 12 – 16 Jaipur Pink Panthers 

8:51 PM: Panthers leaving Paltans way behind. Puneri Paltan 6 – 15 Jaipur Pink Panthers 

8:45 PM: Pink Panther consistently striking Paltan. Puneri Paltan 5 – 8 Jaipur Pink Panthers 


Haryana Steelers have stunned Bengal Warriors, stay tuned to watch the next thriller of doubleheader.


8:31 PM: Haryana Steelers nailed the match, defeated in a thriller. Haryana Steelers 41 – 37 Bengal Warriors

8:25 PM: Vikas Khandola’s super raid. Haryana Steelers 39 – 35  Bengal Warriors

8:23 PM: Nabibaksh’s strong tackle. Haryana Steelers 36 – 33 Bengal Warriors

8:22 PM: Warriors conceeding easy points. Haryana Steelers 36- 30 Bengal Warriors

8:18 PM: Maninder’s failed raid attempt. Haryana Steelers 34- 29 Bengal Warriors

8:17 PM: Warriors All Out again. Haryana Steelers 32- 27 Bengal Warriors

8:16 PM: Meetu Mahender raids successfully. Haryana Steelers 28- 25 Bengal Warriors

8:14 PM: Haryana Steelers cruising with lead. Haryana Steelers 27- 25 Bengal Warriors

8:09 PM: Warriors’ super tackle. Haryana Steelers 26- 24 Bengal Warriors

8:08 PM: Steelers’ bonus points. Haryana Steelers 25- 21 Bengal Warriors

8:04 PM: Warriors’ successful tackle. Haryana Steelers 23- 20 Bengal Warriors

8:01 PM: Maninder Singh’s unsuccessful raid. Haryana Steelers 21- 18 Bengal Warriors

7:54 PM: That’s Steelers’ come back. Warriors All out! Haryana Steelers 18- 15 Bengal Warriors

7:51 PM: Steelers conceding  points. Haryana Steelers 13- 18 Bengal Warriors

7:50 PM: Warriors maintain constant lead. Haryana Steelers 12- 16 Bengal Warriors

7:45 PM: Steelers All out! Haryana Steelers 7- 13 Bengal Warriors

7:40 PM: Steelers’ super tackle. Haryana Steelers 6- 7 Bengal Warriors

7:36 PM: Raining points for both the teams. Haryana Steelers 3- 5 Bengal Warriors


Warm welcome to all Kabaddi lovers. The doubleheader on day 17 is set to produce two exciting battles, Bengal Warriors vs. Haryana Steelers will be the day opener followed by Jaipur Pink Panthers locking horn with Puneri Paltans.

Updated top four in points table-:

Bengaluru Bulls 28 pts

Dabang Delhi  26 pts

Patna Pirates 24 pts

Tamil Thalaivas 22 pts

What a day for Kabaddi lovers? A thrilling tie, followed by convincing victory by Bulls crushing Panthers. You can feel sad for Arjun Deshwal, but have several reasons to feel proud for Pawan Sehrawat. He is dominating the game and looks promising, stay tuned to check the prediction for tomorrow.


9:38 PM: That’s win for Bulls. Pawan Sehrawat proved his dominance. Bengaluru Bulls 38 –  31 Jaipur Pink Panther

9:36 PM: Less than 40 seconds left, and Bulls all out. Bengaluru Bulls 38 –  29 Jaipur Pink Panther

9:35 PM: Deshwal’s 6th consecutive super ten. Bengaluru Bulls 37 –  26 Jaipur Pink Panther

9:34 PM: Arjun Dehwal close to his super 10. Bengaluru Bulls 37 –  23 Jaipur Pink Panther

9:29 PM: Bulls’ coach Randhir Singh elated with 16-points lead. Bengaluru Bulls 36 –  20 Jaipur Pink Panther

9:26 PM: Bulls’ Sachin Narwal raids successfully. Bengaluru Bulls 35 –  19 Jaipur Pink Panther

9:23 PM: Deepak Hooda failed raid. Bengaluru Bulls 33 –  17 Jaipur Pink Panther

9:19 PM: Bulls riding high on skipper’s shoulder. Lead of 15-points. Bengaluru Bulls 32 –  17 Jaipur Pink Panther

9:18 PM: Pawan flying high. Bengaluru Bulls 28 –  17 Jaipur Pink Panther

9:17 PM: Skipper Pawan strikes again. Bengaluru Bulls 26 –  16 Jaipur Pink Panther

9:14 PM: Experienced Chearlathan’s tackle. Bengaluru Bulls 24 –  15 Jaipur Pink Panther

9:13 PM: GB More’s strong tackle. Bengaluru Bulls 24 –  14 Jaipur Pink Panther

9:09 PM: Bonus points for Bulls. Bengaluru Bulls 23 –  14 Jaipur Pink Panther

9:00 PM: Panthers trying best to close the gap. Jaipur Pink Panther 14 – 20 Bengaluru Bulls

8:59 PM: Meanwhile, Arjun Deshwal scoring some for Panthers. Jaipur Pink Panther 11 – 20 Bengaluru Bulls

8:58 PM: Pawan proving his  dominance. Jaipur Pink Panther 10 – 20 Bengaluru Bulls

8:56 PM: Pawan yet another successful super 10. Jaipur Pink Panther 7 – 17 Bengaluru Bulls

8:55 PM: Pink Panthers All out! Jaipur Pink Panther 6 – 15 Bengaluru Bulls

8:53 PM: Panthers failed tackle attempt. Points for Pawan. Jaipur Pink Panther 6 – 10 Bengaluru Bulls

8:52 PM: Pawan scoring in defence as well. Jaipur Pink Panther 6 – 9 Bengaluru Bulls

8:51 PM: Bonus plus one raiding point for Pawan. Jaipur Pink Panther 6 – 7 Bengaluru Bulls

8:50 PM: Pawan Kumar raids successfully. Jaipur Pink Panther 5 – 5 Bengaluru Bulls

8:48 PM: Pawan scored maiden raiding point of the game empty. Jaipur Pink Panther 3 – 3 Bengaluru Bulls

8:46 PM: Jaipur’s defence scoring for team. Jaipur Pink Panther 2 – 1 Bengaluru Bulls

8:43 PM: Skipper Pawan started the game with failed raid. Jaipur Pink Panther 1 – 0 Bengaluru Bulls

MATCH 37th: Bengaluru Bulls vs. Jaipur Pink Panthers

That’s a wrap from 1st match of the day, let’s watch out battle between Pawan Sehrawat-led side and Jaipur Pink Panthers.


8:34 PM: Patna’s maiden tie and 9th of the season. Patna Pirates 30 – 30 Tamil Thalaivas

8:32 PM: Pirates’ review unsuccessful. Patna Pirates 30 – 30 Tamil Thalaivas

8:28 PM: Its nail biting thriller. Patna Pirates 29 – 29 Tamil Thalaivas

8:26 PM: Pirates may cause a turnaround. Patna Pirates 28 – 28 Tamil Thalaivas

8:23 PM: Less than five minutes of game left, and differencce of one point. Patna Pirates 27 – 28 Tamil Thalaivas

8:17 PM: Pirates closing the gap. Patna Pirates 25 – 27 Tamil Thalaivas

8:11 PM: Tamil maintaining lead, time for strategic time-out. Patna Pirates 23 – 25 Tamil Thalaivas

8:08 PM: Pirate All Out! Patna Pirates 21 – 23 Tamil Thalaivas

8:07 PM: Its Ajinkya’s day. Patna Pirates 21 – 20 Tamil Thalaivas

8:04 PM: Ajinkya’s yet another successful raid. Patna Pirates 20 – 17 Tamil Thalaivas

8:00 PM: Ajinkya’s successful raid. Patna Pirates 20 – 13 Tamil Thalaivas

7:55 PM: Pirates fierce defence costing Thaliavas. Tamil Thalaivas 12 – 18 Patna Pirates

7:54 PM: Monu Goyat surprised with its tackle. Tamil Thalaivas 11- 15 Patna Pirates

7:51 PM: Prashant’s successful raid. Tamil Thalaivas 8 – 12 Patna Pirates

7:49 PM: Surjeet’ leading from front for Thalaivas. Tamil Thalaivas 8 – 11 Patna Pirates

7:47 PM: Pirates maintaining the lead. Tamil Thalaivas 7 – 11 Patna Pirates

7:45 PM: Monu Goyat leading for Pirates . Tamil Thalaivas 7 – 9 Patna Pirates

7:43 PM: Monu Goyat’s super raid. Tamil Thalaivas 5 – 7 Patna Pirates

7:39 PM: Do-or-Die raid. Patna’s super tackle. Tamil Thalaivas 5 – 4 Patna Pirates

7:28 PM: Bhavani Rajput earns the maiden point of the game. Tamil Thalaivas 0 – 1 Patna Pirates

Match 36th: Patna Pirates vs. Tamil Thalaivas

Day 16: Hello everyone, warm welcome to yet another exciting day of Pro Kabaddi League. Keeping all the Covid protocols intact, let’s enjoy the thriller between Prashant Kumar-led side against Surjeet’s Thalaivas. Three time champions Patna Pirates, are favorites with four win and single loss while, Thalaivas are looking to climb the points table with a win.

9:38 PM: Dabangs back in the game, snatched victory from Titans. Telugu Titans 35 – 36 Dabang Delhi

9:34 PM: Massive turnaround. Titans leading. Telugu Titans 34 – 33 Dabang Delhi

9:23 PM: Rajnish’s successful supe raid. Telugu Titans 30 – 27 Dabang Delhi

9:17 PM: Rajnish’s super ten. Telugu Titans 24 – 22 Dabang Delhi

9:16 PM: Titans closing the gap. Telugu Titans 24 – 21 Dabang Delhi

8:07 PM: Telugu Titans All out! Telugu Titans 24 – 19 Dabang Delhi

8:55 PM: Super tackle from Delhi. Telugu Titans 18 – 18 Dabang Delhi

8:53 PM: Dabang Delhi All Out! Telugu Titans 15 – 12 Dabang Delhi

8:50 PM: Raining points for both teams. Telugu Titans 10 – 11 Dabang Delhi

Match 35th: Telugu Titans vs. Dabang Delhi


Paltan stunned Giants by their performance, and must have gained some confidence from here.

8:31 PM: Mohit Goyat’s maiden super ten. Victory for Paltan by 7-points. Gujarat Giants 26 – 33 Puneri Paltan

8:24 PM: Super tackle from Paltan. Gujarat Giants 26 – 32 Puneri Paltan

8:23 PM: Less than five minutes left, and this could be a game changer for Paltan. Gujarat Giants 24 – 30 Puneri Paltan

8:20 PM: Aslam Imandar leading for Paltan. Gujarat Giants 22 – 30 Puneri Paltan

8:14 PM: Ten minutes of the game left, and just five point difference. Gujarat Giants 21 – 27 Puneri Paltan

8:05 PM: Gujarat Giants All Out! Gujarat Giants 19 – 24 Puneri Paltan

8:04 PM: Mohit Goyal heading towards maiden super ten for Paltan. Gujarat Giants 20 – 15 Puneri Paltan

7:50 PM: Giants have closed the gap, but Paltan need to fill holes. Gujarat Giants 11 – 15 Puneri Paltan

7:43 PM: Giants All Out! Gujarat Giants 4 – 12 Puneri Paltan

7:40 PM: Looks like, Paltans will surprise Giants, and their critics as well. Gujarat Giants 4 – 7 Puneri Paltan


DAY 15: Hello everyone, hope you all safe and exercising all the the Covid protocols. Warm welcome to yet another exciting day of Pro Kabaddi League. Gujarat Giants, will look to crush Paltans, who are already consistent with their losses.

Thalaivas defeated Pradeep Narwal led side in 2nd match of the day, but raider created history by scoring 1200 raid points of the Pro kabaddi League. However, Pradeep will have to do something different to stop loosing the game. Time to wrap the day, stay tuned to check the predictions for tomorrow’s double header.

Match results: Tamil Thalaivas 39 – 21 U.P. Yodha

9:38 PM: That’s a win for Thalaivas. Pradeep’s failure cost the  game for UP Yodha.

9:36 PM: Pradeep’s super raid for Yodha. Tamil Thalaivas 36 – 30 U.P. Yodha

9:34 PM: Super tackle for Thalaivas. Tamil Thalaivas 36 – 27 U.P. Yodha

9:32 PM: Yodha All Out! Thalaivas leading with 8-points. Tamil Thalaivas 34 – 26 U.P. Yodha

9:30 PM: Less than five minutes left and Thalaivas leading with five points. Tamil Thalaivas 31 – 26 U.P. Yodha

9:24 PM: Yodha hurting themselves by stepping out of mat. Tamil Thalaivas 31 – 26 U.P. Yodha

9:18 PM: Super tackle from Thalaivas. Tamil Thalaivas 27 – 24 U.P. Yodha

9:15 PM: Thalaivas All Out! U.P Yodha’s comeback. Tamil Thalaivas 24 – 22 U.P. Yodha

9:13 PM: Yet another super tackle from UP Yodha. Tamil Thalaivas 17 – 22 U.P. Yodha

9:11 PM: Yodhas closingt the gap. Tamil Thalaivas 16 – 22 U.P. Yodha

9:07 PM: Pradeep Narwal’s fourth failed raid. Tamil Thalaivas 14 – 22 U.P. Yodha

9:00 PM: Thalaivas leading with 11 points, Pradeep’s failure costing the Yodhas. Tamil Thalaivas 21 – 10 U.P. Yodha

8:59 PM: Bhavani’s successful raid. Tamil Thalaivas 19 – 10 U.P. Yodha

8:57 PM: Thalaivas’ super tackle against Pradeep. Tamil Thalaivas 17 – 10 U.P. Yodha

8:55 PM: Super tackle from Yodhas. Tamil Thalaivas 15 – 9 U.P. Yodha

8:52 PM: Thalaivas cruising with lead, but Pradeep Narwal strike. PKL’s 1200 raid points for him.  Tamil Thalaivas 13 – 7 U.P. Yodha

8:51 PM: Gurdeep self out. Tamil Thalaivas 9 – 6 U.P. Yodha

8:49 PM: Super raid from Bhavani. Tamil Thalaivas 7 – 4 U.P. Yodha

8:47 PM: Super tackle from Thalaivas. Tamil Thalaivas 5 – 4 U.P. Yodha

8:43 PM: Raining points for both teams. Tamil Thalaivas 3 – 3 U.P. Yodha

After yet another draw from the season, lets watch Pradeep Narwal-led side to take on Tamil Thalaivas.

Match results: U Mumba 25 – 25 Haryana Steelers

8:33 PM: That’s yet another tie in the season. U Mumba’s 2nd successive tie, while Steelers escape a loss.

8:30 PM: Vikas Khandola’s lightening raid. U Mumba 24 – 23 Haryana Steelers

8:28 PM: Steelers closed the gap by 1 points. U Mumba 23 – 22 Haryana Steelers

8:26 PM: Bonus points for U Mumba but failed raid. U Mumba 22 – 20 Haryana Steelers

8:20 PM: Failed advance tackle from U Mumba. U Mumba 21 – 19 Haryana Steelers

8:18 PM: Rohit Gulia’s successful raid. U Mumba 19 – 18 Haryana Steelers

8:17 PM: U Mumba turned the game in their favor. Steelers All out! U Mumba 19 – 16 Haryana Steelers

8:09 PM: U Mumba closing the gap. U Mumba 14 – 15 Haryana Steelers

8:07 PM: Steelers’ formidable defence.  U Mumba 12 – 15 Haryana Steelers

8:04 PM: Surender Nada’s back hold tackle. U Mumba 12 – 13 Haryana Steelers

8:02 PM: Post 1st half, U Mumba closing the gap. U Mumba 11 – 12 Haryana Steelers

7:54 PM: Vikash Khandola unsuccessful raid. U Mumba 10 – 12 Haryana Steelers

7:52 PM: Yet another successful tackle from Ravi. U Mumba 9 – 11 Haryana Steelers

7:49 PM: Super tackle from Surendra Nada. U Mumba 8 – 10 Haryana Steelers

7: 46 PM: U Mumba scored two points with successful raid. U Mumba 7 – 6 Haryana Steelers

7:45 PM: Raining points for both the team. U Mumba 5 – 6 Haryana Steelers

7:35 PM: Meetu Mahender raids successfully. U Mumba 0 – 1 Haryana Steelers

Let’s join in the first match. U Mumba won the toss, and Steelers will start the riad.

Match 32nd: Haryana Steelers vs. U Mumba

Match 33rd: U.P. Yodha vs. Tamil Thalaivas

Hello everyone, welcome to yet another exciting day of Pro Kabaddi League. Day 14, will witness two matches as follows-:

Well, it’s time to bid adieu for today, what a couple of close matches we witnessed today. Pirates defeated Titans by one point, whereas, Warriors beat Panthers by just two points. Check out, what’s in store for tomorrow. It’s time to take rest now. See you again tomorrow. Good Night!

Patna Pirates beat Telugu Titans by 1 points.

Ankita Beniwal did everything he could, but Sandeep’s bad touch turned the night in Pirates’ favor.

9:43 PM: Pirates won ! Sandeep Khandola’s miserable attempt. Telugu Titans 30 – 31 Patna Piratese

9:42 PM: Ankit Beniwal closing the gap for Titans. Telugu Titans 28 – 30 Patna Pirates

9:41 PM: Ankit Beniwal scored a point for Titans. Telugu Titans 27 – 30 Patna Pirates

9:38 PM: Rakesh Gowda raids successfully. Telugu Titans 26 – 29 Patna Pirates

9:35 PM: Ankit Beniwal out. Super tackle from Pirates. Telugu Titans 25 – 28 Patna Pirates 

9:32 PM: Ankit Beniwal leading for Titans. Telugu Titans 25 – 26 Patna Pirates 

9:28 PM: Failed tackle from Surinder. Telugu Titans 24 – 26 Patna Pirates 

9:27 PM: Ankit Beniwal’s super raid. Telugu Titans 24 – 24 Patna Pirates 

9:23 PM: Rakesh Gowda failed raid attempt. Self Out! Telugu Titans 20 – 23 Patna Pirates 

9:21 PM: All Out Pirates! Telugu Titans 20 – 21 Patna Pirates 

9:20 PM: Raining points for both teams. Telugu Titans 16 – 21 Patna Pirates 

9:14 PM: Do-or-Die raid failed for Patna. Telugu Titans 14 – 20 Patna Pirates 

9:13 PM: Titans successful tackle. Telugu Titans 13 – 18 Patna Pirates 

9:06 PM: 1st Half! Stay tuned to watch if Titans will make a comeback or left behind.

9:05 PM: Titans yet another super tackle. Patna Pirates 18 – 13 Telugu Titans

9:02 PM: Sandeep Kandola’s tough ankle hold. Patna Pirates 17 – 10 Telugu Titans

9:01 PM: Titans’ successful raid. Patna Pirates 16 – 9 Telugu Titans

9:00 PM: Pirates’s successful raid. Patna Pirates 16 – 8 Telugu Titans

8:58 PM: Mohammadreza’s successful tackle. Patna Pirates 14 – 7 Telugu Titans

8:55 PM: Titans All Out! Patna Pirates 12 – 7 Telugu Titans

8:53 PM: Successful raid by Rakesh Gowda. Patna Pirates 8 – 6 Telugu Titans

8:52 PM: Monu Goyat’s successful raid. Patna Pirates 7 – 4 Telugu Titans

8:50 PM: Do-or-Die. Successful super raid by Pirates. Patna Pirates 5 – 4 Telugu Titans

8:48 PM: Raining toe touch points for both teams. Patna Pirates 2 – 3 Telugu Titans

8:45 PM: Rohit Kumar raids successfully. Patna Pirates 0 – 1 Telugu Titans

That’s a wrap from first match, Bengal maintained their consistency throughout but Panthers made it thriller. Now, time for second thriller of the Day 13. Telugu Titans desperate for maiden win while, Panta won the toss and Titans to start the raid.

8:37 PM: Navi Baksh did it for Warriors. Victory ! Bengal Warriors 31 – 28 Jaipur Pink Panthers

8:35 PM: Dramatic scenes. Warriors failed tackle. Bengal Warriors 29 – 28 Jaipur Pink Panthers

8:34 PM: Panthers’ failed ankle touch. Bengal Warriors 29 – 26 Jaipur Pink Panthers

8:32 PM: Arjun Deshwal’s successful raid. Bengal Warriors 27 – 25 Jaipur Pink Panthers

8:31 PM: Navi Baksh’s multi raid points. Bengal Warriors 27 – 24 Jaipur Pink Panthers

8:29 PM: Panthers close super tackle. Bengal Warriors 25 – 23 Jaipur Pink Panthers

8:26 PM: Super tackle from Warriors. Bengal Warriors 25 – 22 Jaipur Pink Panthers

8:22PM: Foul play from Warriors. Bengal Warriors 24 – 22 Jaipur Pink Panthers

8:16 PM: Naveen raids successfully. Bengal Warriors 23 – 20 Jaipur Pink Panthers

8:15 PM: Setback for Warriors. Abozar shown red card.

8:12 PM: Panthers making comeback with super tackle. Bengal Warriors 23 – 17 Jaipur Pink Panthers

8:11 PM: Super collective tackle for Warrriors. Bengal Warriors 23 – 17 Jaipur Pink Panthers

8:09 PM: Maninder’s dominance. Bengal Warriors 22 – 17 Jaipur Pink Panthers

8:08 PM: Super tackle for Warriors. Bengal Warriors 21 – 16 Jaipur Pink Panthers

8:06 PM: Arjun Deshwal’s successful raid. Fifth super ten of season. Bengal Warriors 20 – 16 Jaipur Pink Panthers

8:00 PM: Maninder Singh leading the game for Warriors. Bengal Warriors 18 – 14 Jaipur Pink Panthers 

7:57 PM: Pre 1st half, Warriors have done justice to their name, but Deepak Hooda-led side will leave no stone unturned.

Match 30th: Jaipur Pink Panthers vs. Bengal Warriors

7:30 PM: Welcome Kabaddi lovers to Day 13 of PKL. Jaipur Pink Panthers will be up against Bengal Warriors as opener, while Telugu Titans versus Patna Pirates, will follow.

Pawan’s raid speaks volume of his talent and strength. Post Day 12, Paltan at the bottom of the points table despite having Anup Kumar as coach. While Bulls, firm at second spot in the points table. That’s a wrap from Day 12, we witnessed two of the most nail-biting thrillers, stay tuned with SportsTiger for regular updates and check the prediction for Day 13.

9:37 PM: Victory for Bulls. Pawan’s dominance proved once again. Bengaluru Bulls 40 – 29 Puneri Paltan

9:35 PM: Fierce defence from Bulls. Bengaluru Bulls 39 – 27 Puneri Paltan

9:34 PM: A raiding point for Paltan. Bengaluru Bulls 38 – 27 Puneri Paltan

9:31 PM: Solid defence from Bulls. Bengaluru Bulls 38 – 25 Puneri Paltan

9:30 PM: Post strategic time-out, super tackle from Bulls. Bengaluru Bulls 36 – 25 Puneri Paltan

9:26 PM: Paltan’s desperate successful raid. Bengaluru Bulls 35 – 25 Puneri Paltan

9:24 PM: Paltan All Out! Pawan’s 4th super Ten of season. Bengaluru Bulls 23 – 35 Puneri Paltan

9:23 PM: Pawan’s dominance. Super raid. Bengaluru Bulls 31 – 22 Puneri Paltan

9:21 PM: Raid to watch out. Pawan’s successful raid. Bengaluru Bulls 29 – 21 Puneri Paltan

9:18 PM: Super tackle from Bulls. Bengaluru Bulls 28 – 21 Puneri Paltan

9:17 PM: Pawan’s yet another successful raid. Bengaluru Bulls 27 – 21 Puneri Paltan

9:15 PM: Super tackle from Bulls. Bengaluru Bulls 24 – 21 Puneri Paltan

9:14 PM: Pawan’s successful raid. Bengaluru Bulls 20 – 20 Puneri Paltan

9:11 PM: Super tackle for Bulls. Bengaluru Bulls 19 – 19 Puneri Paltan

9:09 PM: Super tackle for Bulls. Bengaluru Bulls 14 – 19 Puneri Paltan

9:08 PM: Paltan’s successful tackle. Bengaluru Bulls 14 – 19 Puneri Paltan

9:06 PM: Post 1st Half, Bulls scored bonus points. Bengaluru Bulls 14 – 18 Puneri Paltan

9:02 That’s 1st half – Both the teams in the game but Paltan dominating. Bengaluru Bulls 13 – 18 Puneri Paltan

9:00 PM: Pawan fourth failed raid. Bengaluru Bulls 13 – 18 Puneri Paltan

8:59 PM: Failed raid from Bharat, super tackle for Paltan. Bengaluru Bulls 12 – 16 Puneri Paltan

8:57 PM: Failed Do-or-Die raid for Paltan. Bengaluru Bulls 12 – 15 Puneri Paltan

8:55 PM: All out Bulls. Paltan dominating the game. Bengaluru Bulls 9 – 15 Puneri Paltan

8:54 PM: That’s fourth raid point for Aslam. Bengaluru Bulls 7- 11 Puneri Paltan

8:51 PM: What a raid from Mohit Goyat. Bengaluru Bulls 7 – 10 Puneri Paltan

8:50 PM: Ranjit’s successful raid. Bengaluru Bulls 6 – 8 Puneri Paltan

8:48 PM: Raining points for Puneri Patan. Bengaluru Bulls 5 – 8 Puneri Paltan

8:47 PM: Super tackle from Bulls. Bengaluru Bulls 5 – 6 Puneri Paltan

8:45 PM: Pawn Kadian’s successful raid. Bengaluru Bulls 4 – 6 Puneri Paltan

8:43 PM: Ranjit’s super raid for Bulls. Bengaluru Bulls 3 – 4 Puneri Paltan

8: 42 PM: Mohit Goyat’s successful raid. Bengaluru Bulls 0 – 2 Puneri Paltan

8:41 PM: Pawan’s failed raid. Bengaluru Bulls 0 – 1 Puneri Paltan

8:40 PM: Paltan have won the toss, and Bulls will start the riad.

Match 29: Puneri Paltan vs. Benguluru Bulls

Post nail-biting thriller, time for second battle. Stay Tuned!

Match 28 results: Haryana Steelers beat Gujarat Giants by 38-36

8:31 PM: Steelers pulled off victory, nail biting battle. Haryana Steelers 38 – 36 Gujarat Giants

8:30 PM: Steelers back with the lead. Haryana Steelers 36 – 35 Gujarat Giants

8:26 PM: Meetu’s super raid. Haryana Steelers 35 – 35 Gujarat Giants

8:25 PM: Fierce Rakesh another successful raid. Haryana Steelers 32 – 35 Gujarat Giants

8:23 PM: Steelers All Out. Giants leading. Haryana Steelers 30 – 32 Gujarat Giants

8:18 PM: Meetu’s failed raid. Haryana Steelers 30 – 28 Gujarat Giants

8:16 PM: Rakesh is unstoppable. Haryana Steelers 30 – 27 Gujarat Giants

8:15 PM: Failed advance tackle from Giants. Haryana Steelers 30 – 25 Gujarat Giants

8:13 PM: Rakesh Narwal turning the game for Giants. Haryana Steelers 28 – 23 Gujarat Giants

8:07 PM: Mohammad Mahalli failed tackle, followed by Steelers getting all out Haryana Steelers 28 – 23 Gujarat Giants

8:05 PM: Super tackle from Giants. Haryana Steelers 24 – 15 Gujarat Giants

8:04 PM: Super tackle for Steelers. Haryana Steelers 24 – 14 Gujarat Giants

8:02 PM: Rakesh bringing some hope for Giants. Hana Steelers 22 – 13 Gujarat Giants

8:01 PM: Post 1st half, Giants steal the raid point. Haryana Steelers 22 – 12 Gujarat Giants

7:53 PM: Finally, breather for Giants. Haryana Steelers 22 – 10 Gujarat Giants

7:52 PM: Bonus points for Giants. Haryana Steelers 21 – 8 Gujarat Giants

7:51 PM: Vikas Khandola unstoppable. Haryana Steelers 21 – 7 Gujarat Giants

7:49 PM: Steelers’ defence as well a raid making most of the noise. Haryana Steelers 19 – 6 Gujarat Giants

7:47 PM: Yet another, All Out for Giants. Haryana Steelers 18 – 6 Gujarat Giants

7:46 PM: Meetu taking lead way ahead. Haryana Steelers 14 – 5 Gujarat Giants

7:43 PM: Gujarat Giants All Out! Haryana Steelers 9 – 5 Gujarat Giants

7:42 PM: Vikas’ super raid. Scored two points. Haryana Steelers 5 – 4 Gujarat Giants

7:41 PM: Ravi’s successful tackle. Haryana Steelers 3 – 3 Gujarat Giants

7:40PM: Vikas’ empty raid. Haryana Steelers 2 – 3 Gujarat Giants

7:37 PM: Do-or-Die raid for Steelers. Vikas scored. Haryana Steelers 1 – 3 Gujarat Giants

7:35 PM: Gujarat Giants scored from the maiden raid of the game. Haryana Steelers 0 – 1 Gujarat Giants

Match 28th: Gujarat Giants vs. Haryana Steelers

7:11 PM: Hello all and welcome to the Day 12 of the tournament. After an unprecedented scene in Bengaluru on Day 11, we hope you guys are ready to witness yet another exciting day where Gujarat Giants will be up against Haryana Steelers in the first match of the day, followed by Puneri Paltan versus Bengaluru Bulls.

11:00 PM: It’s a wrap!

Well, it’s time to bid adieu for today after a phenomenal start to 2022 with the Triple Panga producing three ties! Absolutely insane scenes in Bengaluru which once again showed why this tournament is one of the most exciting ones in the country. It’s time to take rest now. See you again tomorrow. Good Night!

10:55 PM: Top four after Day 11

1. Dabang Delhi – 21 points

2. Bengaluru Bulls – 18 points

3. U Mumba – 17 points

4. Patna Pirates – 16 points

While the top 3 teams have played five games each, Patna have a game in hand.

10:50 PM: Here is the summary of today’s results

Match 25: U Mumba 28-28 UP Yoddha

Match 26: Bengaluru Bulls 34-34 Telugu Titans

Match 27: Dabang Delhi 30-30 Tamil Thalaivas

10:45 PM: Manjeet gets an empty raid! ITS A HATTRICK OF TIES! Unreal stuff in PKL. OH MY GOD! WHAT A DAY OF KABADDI! (Tamil Thalaivas 30-30 Dabang Delhi)

10:42 PM: Sandeep Narwal gets a touch point with 30 seconds left. However, he seems to have suffered an injury (Tamil Thalaivas 30-30 Dabang Delhi)

10:40 PM: A brilliant review by Thaliavas as Ajay Thakur’s bonus point gets cancelled out (Tamil Thalaivas 30-29 Dabang Delhi)

10:36 PM: It’s all equal with 3 minutes remaining! Are we heading towards another tie? (Tamil Thalaivas 29-29 Dabang Delhi)

10:35 PM: Manjeet gets a touch point on Joginder Narwal, cuts down the lead to just one point now (Tamil Thalaivas 28-29 Dabang Delhi)

10:32 PM: Sagar completes a thigh-five with a brilliant tackle on Naveen! There is not much to celebrate the two sides with 5 minutes left (Tamil Thalaivas 27-29 Dabang Delhi)

10:29 PM: Two back-to-back super tackles by Thalaivas as they get back into the match (Tamil Thalaivas 25-28 Dabang Delhi)

10:25 PM: The undefeated Delhi side have absolutely dominated their opponents in second half so far. With 10 minutes left, they go into strategic time-out with a big lead (Tamil Thalaivas 20-28 Dabang Delhi)

10:22 PM: Sandeep Narwal gets another tackle point to his name before Naveen extends Delhi’s lead (Tamil Thalaivas 19-25 Dabang Delhi)

10:19 PM: Vijay Malik gets tackled out by solid Thalaivas defense before they get one raid point (Tamil Thalaivas 19-22 Dabang Delhi)

10:16 PM: Thalaivas have been all-out as Delhi extend their lead (Tamil Thalaivas 17-20 Dabang Delhi)

10:08 PM: As Naveen completes another Super 10, Delhi end the first half very strongly (Tamil Thalaivas 14-16 Dabang Delhi)

10:06 PM: After a super tackle by Sandeep and Jeeva, Naveen gets revived and gets a touch point to reduce the deficit. The momentum is shifting! (Tamil Thalaivas 14-13 Dabang Delhi)

10:04 PM: Ashu Malik has been tackled out as Men in Yellow extend their lead (Tamil Thalaivas 14-9 Dabang Delhi)

9:57 PM: Naveen has finally been tackled by Tamil defense before Vijay Malik is also sent on banch (Tamil Thalaivas 12-9 Dabang Delhi)

9:56 PM: A strong block by Sandeep Narwal on Manjeet (Tamil Thalaivas 9-9 Dabang Delhi)

9:53 PM: NAVEEN EXPRESS show going on once again as he produces another 2-points raid (Tamil Thalaivas 7-7 Dabang Delhi)

9:50 PM: It’s an even contest after first 5 minutes (Tamil Thalaivas 5-5 Dabang Delhi)

9:48 PM: Naveen Kumar and Manjeet got off to bright start (Tamil Thalaivas 2-2 Dabang Delhi)

9:44 PM: Starting 7s for next match

Dabang Delhi: Ashu Malik, Naveen Kumar, Manjeet Chhillar, Sandeep Narwal, Vijay Malik, Joginder Narwal (c), Jeeva Kumar

Tamil Thalaivas: Manjeet, Surjeet Singh (c), Mohit, Athul MS, Bhavani Rajput, Sahil Gulia, Sagar Rathee

9:36 PM: IT’S A TIE! A brilliant come back by Bulls in final few seconds as it’s all equal after 40 minutes (Bengaluru Bulls 34-34 Telugu Titans)

9:33 PM: Pawan Sehrawat has been tackled once again, this time by Surinder Singh (Bengaluru Bulls 31-33 Telugu Titans)

9:31 PM: Last-man standing Chandran Ranjit has been tackled, Bulls all-out (Bengaluru Bulls 31-32 Telugu Titans)

9:28 PM: A super tackle on Ankit. Another decisive moment! (Bengaluru Bulls 28-27 Telugu Titans)

9:24 PM: An outstanding super raid by Adarsh to extend Titan’s lead. What a moment in the match! (Bengaluru Bulls 25-27 Telugu Titans)

9:22 PM: Ruturaj gets a tackle on Dong Geon (Bengaluru Bulls 23-24 Telugu Titans)

9:18 PM: It’s all equal now around the 30-minute mark (Bengaluru Bulls 22-22 Telugu Titans)

9:15 PM: Pawan Sehrawat is back in form as he gets two points for his side (Bengaluru Bulls 22-21 Telugu Titans)

9:12 PM: Rohit Kumar comes up with a sensational ankle hold on Chandran Ranjit (Bengaluru Bulls 18-21 Telugu Titans)

9:11 PM: Ankit Beniwal gets 2 points with another impressive raid (Bengaluru Bulls 18-20 Telugu Titans)

9:06 PM: Bulls have been all-out! What a twist in the match (Bengaluru Bulls 16-18 Telugu Titans)

9:04 PM: Ankit gets Titans off to a good start in second half, with a touch point on Mayur (Bengaluru Bulls 14-13 Telugu Titans)

8:58 PM: First-half ends as Bulls go into break with a slender lead, thanks to a fantastic super tackle by their defense on Rohit (Bengaluru Bulls 14-12 Telugu Titans)

8:55 PM: A fantastic thigh-hold by Sandeep on Chandran Ranjit before Ankit gets a touch point (Bengaluru Bulls 11-12 Telugu Titans)

8:54 PM: Rakesh gets a touch point to cut down the lead (Bengaluru Bulls 11-10 Telugu Titans)

8:50 PM: A super tackle on Ankit Beniwal before Chandran Ranjit puts Bulls in lead (Bengaluru Bulls 10-9 Telugu Titans)

8:48 PM: Rakesh Gowda gets 2 points with an impressive raid as Pawan also opens his acoount with a bonus point (Bengaluru Bulls 6-8 Telugu Titans)

8:46 PM: Chandran Rajit gets sent back to bench now (Bengaluru Bulls 4-5 Telugu Titans)

8:42 PM: Telugu Titans get the early lead as Pawan Sehrawat gets out (Bengaluru Bulls 2-4 Telugu Titans)

8:39 PM: Starting 7s of next match

Bengaluru Bulls: Pawan Kumar Sehrawat, Chandran Ranjit, Mahender Singh, Mayur Kadam, Aman Antil, Sourabh Nandal, Bharat

Telugu Titans: Rohit Kumar, Ankit Beniwal, Manish, Surinder Singh, Sandeep Kandola, Ruturaj Koravi, Rakesh Gowda

8:29 PM: It’s A TIE after empty raids by botht raiders! 5th tie of the season (U Mumba 28-28 UP Yoddha)

8:27 PM: A decisive moment as Ankit tackles out Fazel with 1 minute left. WOW! (U Mumba 28-28 UP Yoddha)

8:25 PM: Surender Gill is out on do-or-die raid, thanks to Fazel’s brilliance. And now, Abhishek Singh gets a point for his side (U Mumba 28-27 UP Yoddha)

8:23 PM: Good defense by Sumit and Co. as Ajith Kumar gets tackled out (U Mumba 26-27 UP Yoddha)

8:18 PM: In a close call, Surender Gill gets the decision in his favour. He gets another touch point for his side (U Mumba 26-25 UP Yoddha)

8:16 PM: Impressive touch point by Ajith Kumar before Ankit gets tackled out (U Mumba 24-24 UP Yoddha)

8:11 PM: A super raid by Surender Gill to get his side into lead (U Mumba 21-24 UP Yoddha)

8:09 PM: It’s all equal once again (U Mumba 21-21 UP Yoddha)

8:05 PM: U Mumba have been all-out, finally! The game is on (U Mumba 19-19 UP Yoddha)

8:02 PM: Another super tackle for Men in Orange (U Mumba 18-14 UP Yoddha)

7:53 PM: First-half ends as Fazel Atrachali’s side goes into break with a narrow 3-points lead (U Mumba 16-13 UP Yoddha)

7:51 PM: Pardeep Narwal has been super tackled once again (U Mumba 16-12 UP Yoddha)

7:45 PM: Here is what’s happening today

U Mumba leading by 11-10 over UP Yoddha after after 15 minutes of action

January 1, 2022: HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!

A warm welcome to Day 11. As the whole world was busy celebrating the new year yesterday, here is what happened in PKL:

Match 23: Tamil Thaliavas 36-26 Puneri Paltans

Match 24: Patna Pirates 44-30 Bengal Warriors

9:45 PM: It’s a wrap! That’s it from another exciting day of action. After U Mumba’s dominance against Pink Panthers, it was Pawan Sehrawat’s all-round performance which made the most noise. See you tomorrow, till then you can check out SportsTiger’s apt prediction for Day 10.

Tomorrow’s fixtures, Day 10

Match 23- Tamil Thaliavas vs. Puneri Paltans

Match 24- Patna Pirates vs. Bengal Warriors

9:41 PM: Top four after Day 9

Dabang Delhi – 18 pts.

U Mumba – 14 pts.

Gujrat Giants – 12 pts.

Patna Pirates – 11  pts.



Pawan’s total raids: 29 || Successful raids: 18 || Unsuccessful raids: 04 || Empty raids: 07

Pawan Sehrawat along with defenders clinched victory for Bulls.

9:37 PM: That’s victory for Bengaluru Bulls. Pawan’s dominance proved. (Bengaluru Bulls 42 –  28 Haryana Steelers)

9:35 PM: Yet another second tackle from Bulls. Its Pawan’s day. (Bengaluru Bulls 41 –  28 Haryana Steelers)

9:32 PM: Bulls maintaining the difference of 10 points. (Bengaluru Bulls 38 –  28 Haryana Steelers)

9:29 PM: More is standout defender, first High-five  (Bengaluru Bulls 37 –  25 Haryana Steelers)

9:25 PM: Bulls way ahead, 5 minutes left in the game. (Bengaluru Bulls 35 –  23 Haryana Steelers)

9:24 PM: Meetu’s failed raid, Bulls tackle. (Bengaluru Bulls 33 –  20 Haryana Steelers)

9:21 PM: Pawan’s failed raid. (Bengaluru Bulls 32 –  20 Haryana Steelers)

9:17 PM: Steelers’ All Out! (Bengaluru Bulls 31 –  18 Haryana Steelers)

9:16 PM: Steelers’ two raid points. (Bengaluru Bulls 27 –  17 Haryana Steelers)

9:13 PM: Pawan’s yet another raid point. (Bengaluru Bulls 26 –  15 Haryana Steelers)

9:12 PM: More’s fierce defence. (Bengaluru Bulls 25 –  14 Haryana Steelers)

9:10 PM: Pawan went deep and brought point. (Bengaluru Bulls 24 –  14 Haryana Steelers)

9:09 PM: Meetu’s failed attempt. (Bengaluru Bulls 23 –  14 Haryana Steelers)

9:08 PM: Pawan’s super ten. Third in season. (Bengaluru Bulls 21 –  14 Haryana Steelers)

9:07 PM: Super tackle from Bulls. (Bengaluru Bulls 20 –  14 Haryana Steelers)

8:59 PM: 1st Half – Points raining for both the teams – Bulls defence versus Haryana’s raid

8:57 PM: Points for Vikas. (Bengaluru Bulls 19 –  13 Haryana Steelers)

8:56 PM: Pawan’s yet another failed raid. (Bengaluru Bulls 18 –  12 Haryana Steelers)

8:55 PM: Mahender’s dominance in defence. (Bengaluru Bulls 17 –  11 Haryana Steelers)

8:54 PM: Pawan’s failed raid. (Bengaluru Bulls 16 –  9 Haryana Steelers)

8:53 PM: Vikas Khandola’s failed raid. (Bengaluru Bulls 16 –  8 Haryana Steelers)

8:52 PM: Pawan proved his dominance with that raid. (Bengaluru Bulls 15 –  8 Haryana Steelers)

8:51 PM: Advance tackle from Bulls. (Bengaluru Bulls 14 –  7 Haryana Steelers)

8:50 PM: Unsuccesssful review. Only one point for Pawan. (Bengaluru Bulls 12 –  7 Haryana Steelers)

8:48 PM: Pawan’s challenge for bonus points. (Bengaluru Bulls 11 –  6 Haryana Steelers)

8:47 PM: Khandola’s successful raid. (Bengaluru Bulls 11-  6 Haryana Steelers)

8:46 PM: Fierce Bulls, Haryana All Out! (Bengaluru Bulls 10-  5 Haryana Steelers)

8:45 PM: Super tackle from Bulls. (Bengaluru Bulls 4-  4 Haryana Steelers)

8:43 PM: Bull’s punch on chin. (Bengaluru Bulls 3-  4 Haryana Steelers)

8:42 PM: Haryana’s successful tackle. (Bengaluru Bulls 1-  4 Haryana Steelers)

8: 40 PM: Sehrawat’s failed raid attempt. (Bengaluru Bulls 1-  1 Haryana Steelers)

8: 39 PM: Bulls starting the raid game Pawan Sehrawat’s successful raid. (Bengaluru Bulls 1-  Haryana Steelers)

Match 22nd: Bengaluru Bulls versus Haryana Steelers

That’s a wrap from 1st match, after U Mumba’s dominance let’s watch the 2nd battle between Bengaluru Bulls versus Haryana Steelers

8: 29 PM: That’s victory for U Mumba. (U Mumba 37 – 28 Jaipur Pink Panthers

8:28 PM: Less than one minute and U Mumba way ahead. (U Mumba 35 – 24 Jaipur Pink Panthers

8: 26 PM: Harendra’s successful tackle. (U Mumba 35 – 24 Jaipur Pink Panthers

8:25 PM: That’s much needed super tackle for Panthers. (U Mumba 34 – 23 Jaipur Pink Panthers

8:23 PM: Great tackle from Mumbai. (U Mumba 34 – 21 Jaipur Pink Panthers

8:20 PM: Failed raid from Abhishek. (U Mumba 32 – 21 Jaipur Pink Panthers

8: 16 PM: Panthers successful tackle to stop Ajhit. (U Mumba 31 – 21 Jaipur Pink Panthers)

8:14 PM: Time for Strategic time-out. (U Mumba 30 – 20 Jaipur Pink Panthers)

8: 12: PM: Arjun Deshwal scored much-needed points for Panthers. (U Mumba 29 – 20 Jaipur Pink Panthers)

8: 10 PM: That’s super tackle from Mumbai’s skipper Faizal. (U Mumba 29 – 17 Jaipur Pink Panthers)

8: 08 PM: Fierce raid from Pathers’ Deepak Hooda. (U Mumba 26 – 16 Jaipur Pink Panthers)

8: 06 PM: Arjun Deshwal’s 4th super-10, what a player! (U Mumba 25 – 15 Jaipur Pink Panthers)

8:00 PM: Oldest rivalry of PKL at its best. U Mumba leading with 12 points. (U Mumba 25 – 13 Jaipur Pink Panthers)

7: 56 PM: That’s Abhishek Singh for U Mumbas, just before 1st half. (U Mumba 21 – 12 Jaipur Pink Panthers)

7:55 PM: That’s perfect dive from Vishal. (U Mumba 18 – 12 Jaipur Pink Panthers)

7:54 PM: Arjun Deshwal’s first failed D-or-Die attempt. (U Mumba 18 – 10 Jaipur Pink Panthers)

7:51 PM: Advance tackle from U Mumba. (U Mumba 16 – 9 Jaipur Pink Panthers)

7:48 PM: Massive set back for Pink Panthers, All out! (U Mumba 12 – 7 Jaipur Pink Panthers)

7: 46 PM: U Mumba with yet another successful super tackle. (U Mumba 8 – 7 Jaipur Pink Panthers)

7:44 PM: Super Raid for U Mumba, three points scored by Ajhit. (U Mumba 7 – 5 Jaipur Pink Panthers)

7:42 PM: Bonus Points for Panthers. (U Mumba 2 –  4 Jaipur Pink Panthers)

7:38 PM: Do-or-Die, Deshwal debuts for Panthers. (U Mumba 1 – 1 Jaipur Pink Panthers)

7:35 PM: Former U Mumba’s member Arjun Deshwal started raid from Panthers. (U Mumba 1 – Jaipur Pink Panthers)

Toss: U Mumba won the toss, Pink Panthers to raid first .

Today’s fixtures:

Match 21st: Jaipur Pink Panthers vs. U Mumba, at 7.30 PM

Match 22nd: Haryana Steelers vs. Bengaluru Bulls, at 8.30 PM

7:20PM: Welcome to SportsTiger,  to get minute to minute update from Day 9 of Pro Kabaddi League. Two exciting battles between Jaipur Pink Panthers vs. U Mumba, followed by Haryana Steelers against Bengaluru Bulls.  

9:45 PM: It’s a wrap!

That’s it from another exciting day of action. After Delhi registered a huge win over Bengal, UP and Gujarat played out a thrilling tie. See you tomorrow! Until then, you can check out our predictions for Day 9.

9:41 PM: Top four after Day 8

1. Dabang Delhi (18 points in 4 matches)

2. Gujarat Giants (12 points in 4 matches)

3. Patna Pirates  (11 points in 3 matches)

4. Jaipur Pink Panthers (11 points in 3 matches)

9:38 PM: Summary of today’s results

Dabang Delhi 52-35 Bengal Warriors

Gujarat Giants 32-32 UP Yoddha

9:36 PM: IT’S A TIE! In the final raid of match, Pardeep gets an empty raid as match ends in a tie (Gujarat Giants 32-32 UP Yoddha)

9:34 PM: Pardeep makes it all equal (Gujarat Giants 32-32 UP Yoddha)

9:32 PM: A crucial moment in the match as UP takes a review. The decision goes in favour of Gujarat (Gujarat Giants 32-31 UP Yoddha)

9:27 PM: Gujarat get a slender lead with 3 minutes left (Gujarat Giants 31-30 UP Yoddha)

9:23 PM: Surender Gill gets a crucial point for his side in the 35th minute. (Gujarat Giants 30-29 UP Yoddha)

9:21 PM: Pardeep gets a super 10! He is back and so is UP. (Gujarat Giants 29-28 UP Yoddha)

9:19 PM: Parvesh gets a tackle on Surender Gill, who was on do-or-die raid. Ajay gets 2 points on subsequent raid (Gujarat Giants 29-26 UP Yoddha)

9:15 PM: It’s all equal after 30 minutes (Gujarat Giants 26-26 UP Yoddha)

9:13 PM: Rakesh Narwal completes super 10 with an impressive kick (Gujarat Giants 25-23 UP Yoddha)

9:10 PM: Pardeep Narwal equalize after getting two raid points (Gujarat Giants 22-22 UP Yoddha)

9:07 PM: Gujarat Giants have been all-out as UP pave their way back into the contest (Gujarat Giants 22-20 UP Yoddha)

9:05 PM: Brilliant defense from UP as Ajay is out on do-or-die raid. Meanwhile, Pardeep gets a touch point on Ravinder Pahal. (Gujarat Giants 20-16 UP Yoddha)

8:56 PM: End of first half

Rakesh Narwal gets tackled out on do-or-die raid as UP ends first half with a mini comeback (Gujarat Giants 20-14 UP Yoddha)

8:54 PM: Finally UP gets a super tackle on Rakesh (Gujarat Giants 20-12 UP Yoddha)

8:51 PM: A fantastic running kick by Rakesh Narwal on Sumit before Girish Ernak gets another tackle point (Gujarat Giants 18-10 UP Yoddha)

8:47 PM: Pardeep Narwal gets a touch point on left cover Parvesh (Gujarat Giants 14-8 UP Yoddha)

8:45 PM: A brilliant raid by Rakesh Narwal as UP gets all-out (Gujarat Giants 12-7 UP Yoddha)

8:42 PM: A super tackle by UP on Rakesh as Surender Gill continues his impressive start in the match (Gujarat Giants 7-7 UP Yoddha)

8:38 PM: After Pardeep Narwal’s 2 points raid, Rakesh Narwal gets a super raid for Gujarat (Gujarat Giants 4-3 UP Yoddha)

8:35 PM: Starting 7s of UP vs Gujarat

UP Yoddha: Pardeep Narwal, Ashu Singh, Surender Gill (c), Nitesh Kumar, Sumit, Gurdeep, Rohit Tomar

Gujarat Giants: Rakesh Narwal, Sunil Kumar, Parvesh Bhainswal, Rakesh, Ravinder Pahal, Girish Maruti, Ajay


An unsuccessful review for Warriors followed by an empty raid as Delhi completes a huge victory. They get their revenge for loss in PKL 7 finale (Dabang Delhi 52-35 Bengal Warriors)

8:20 PM: A half-century for Delhi against the defending champions (Dabang Delhi 50-34 Bengal Warriors)

8:18 PM: Naveen Express is not stopping at any station as he gets a few more raid points to inflict an all-out (Dabang Delhi 49-31 Bengal Warriors)

8:14 PM: Delhi are cruising towards a big win as they currently have 13 points lead. (Dabang Delhi 43-30 Bengal Warriors)

8:07 PM: Maninder Singh also completes a super 10 with a touch on Joginder Narwal before Naveen Express gets another point (Dabang Delhi 41-26 Bengal Warriors)

8:04 PM: Vijay completes a super raid to extend his side’s lead (Dabang Delhi 38-24 Bengal Warriors)

8:01 PM: Sensational raid by Maninder Singh as wipes out the entire Delhi defense with a super raid (Dabang Delhi 34-22 Bengal Warriors)

8:00 PM: Maninder Singh’s side have started the second half quite positively after getting a couple of crucial points. (Dabang Delhi 33-17 Bengal Warriors)

7:50 PM: End of first-half

Bengal Warriors finally manage to get a super tackle on Naveen Kumar on the final raid of first half. (Dabang Delhi 33-15 Bengal Warriors after 20 minutes)

7:46 PM: Naveen Kumar gets 2 more touch points to extend his side’s lead (Dabang Delhi 29-10 Bengal Warriors)

7:44 PM: A fantastic block by Sandeep Narwal on Maninder Singh hand Delhi another point (Dabang Delhi 25-9 Bengal Warriors)

7:41 PM: Naveen Kumar has completed a Super 10 in only 11 minutes before Bengal gets all-out with a Jeeva Kumar tackle. (Dabang Delhi 21-7 Bengal Warriors)

7:39 PM: After a poor start to the season, the experienced Manjeet Chhillar is finally showing his class today with back-toback successful tackle  (Dabang Delhi 15-5 Bengal Warriors)

7:36 PM: Bengal Warriors all-out

A fantastic dash by Manjeet Chhillar on Nabibakhsh inflict an all-out (Dabang Delhi 10-4 Bengal Warriors)

7:33 PM: Exciting start in the match

Dabang Delhi have started the contest rather strongly as Naveen Express continue to wreack havoc. (Dabang Delhi 5-1 Bengal Warriors)

7:30 PM: Starting 7s of Delhi vs Bengal

Dabang Delhi: Joginder Narwal (c ), Naveen Kumar, Vijay Malik, Ashu Malik, Manjeet Chhillar, Jeeva Kumar, Sandeep Narwal

Bengal Warriors: Maninder Singh (c), Sukesh Hegde, Mohammad Nabibakhsh, Darshan J, Vijin Thangadurai, Sachin Vittala, Abozar Mighani

December 29: We are back!

Welcome to another exciting day of PKL Season 8. Here are today’s fixtures:

7:30 PM – Dabang Delhi vs Bengal Warriors

8:30 PM – UP Yoddha vs Gujarat Giants


Never lose hope, and keep fighting till the end. That could be an apt conclusion from today’s two matches. Signing off now but will show up tomorrow with more exciting matches, scheduled for Day 8.

Top 4 teams in points table:

Dabang Delhi – 13

Patna Pirates – 11

Bengal Warriors – 11

Jaipur Pink Panthers – 11

Summary of today’s match: 

Haryana Steelers 39 – 37 Telugu Titans

Patna Pirates 38 –  26 Puneri Paltans 

9:38 PM: Steelers registered their maiden victory against Titans, Meetu star player while Bahubali’s failed to impress. (Haryana Steelers 39 – 37 Telugu Titans) 

9:35 PM: Difference of 3 points but thirty seconds left. (Haryana Steelers 39 – 36 Telugu Titans) 

9:33 PM: Meetu’s failed to score. Titans closing gap effectively. (Haryana Steelers 38 – 34 Telugu Titans) 

9:31 PM: Steelers leading with six points. (Haryana Steelers 38 – 32 Telugu Titans) 

9:30 PM: Can Haryana make a comeback without Siddharth Desai, stay tuned to watch.

9:26 PM: Titans able to close the gap by six points. (Haryana Steelers 37 – 31 Telugu Titans) 

9:23 PM: Titans scoring bonus points. (Haryana Steelers 37 – 28 Telugu Titans) 

9:20 PM: Difference of eight points. Meetu’s maiden super ten complete. (Haryana Steelers 36 – 26 Telugu Titans) 

9:17 PM: Meetu now one point behind super ten. (Haryana Steelers 34 – 25 Telugu Titans) 

9:16 PM: Surendra’s successful defence continues. (Haryana Steelers 35 – 25 Telugu Titans) 

9:15 PM: Titans hinting towards return in the match. Super raid by Ankit Beniwal. (Haryana Steelers 32 – 24 Telugu Titans) 

9:14 PM: Meetu two points behind super ten. (Haryana Steelers 32 – 21 Telugu Titans) 

9:12 PM: Titans missing Desai aka Bahubali. Time for youngsters to step up. (Haryana Steelers 31 – 21 Telugu Titans) 

9:11 PM: Titans continued with their disappointing performance. All Out again. (Haryana Steelers 30 – 21 Telugu Titans) 

9:09 PM: What an escape from Meetu. The rising star. (Haryana Steelers 26 – 19 Telugu Titans) 

Welcome back everyone. Less than 20 minutes left in the game, its going to be Siddharth Desai versus Haryana Steelers.

9:01 PM: That’s 1st Half – Siddharth Desai alone keeping Titans alive in the game. (Haryana Steelers 23 – 19 Telugu Titans) 

9:00 PM: Siddharth Desai caught before the middle line. (Haryana Steelers 23 – 18 Telugu Titans) 

8:58 PM: Haryana sailing with leads. (Haryana Steelers 22 – 16 Telugu Titans) 

8: 56 PM: Yet another super raid from Rohit Gulia. (Haryana Steelers 20 – 15 Telugu Titans) 

8:53 PM: That’s Titans All Out ! Haryana Steeler riding high. (Haryana Steelers 16 – 11 Telugu Titans) 

8:50 PM: That’s a super tackle by Vikas Khandola (Haryana Steelers 11 – 9 Telugu Titans) 

8:48 PM: Ankle hold but Sandeep stepped outside mat. (Haryana Steelers 10- 7  Telugu Titans) 

8:47 PM: Meetu struck hard. (Haryana Steelers 9 – 6 Telugu Titans) 

8:43 PM: That’s chain tackle for Titans. (Haryana Steelers 5 – 5 Telugu Titans) 

8:41 PM: Bahubali caught well by Steelers.  (Haryana Steelers 5 – 2 Telugu Titans) 

8:39 PM: Haryana to start the game with first raid.

Match 18: Telugu Titans vs. Haryana Steelers

Folks, that was an end from first match but stay tuned for yet another close battle between, Telugu Titans vs. Haryana Steelers.

8:33 PM: Patna Pirates wrapped the match with a comprehensive win by 12 points. (Puneri Paltans 26- 38 Patna Pirates)

8:32 PM: That’s victory for Pirates, (Puneri Paltans 26- 38 Patna Pirates)

8:25 PM: A ray of hope for Paltans. Scored two points with super tackle. (Puneri Paltans 23- 35 Patna Pirates)

8:23 PM: Review successful, Pirates ahead with one more points. (Puneri Paltans 21- 35 Patna Pirates)

8:20 PM: Patan challenged ‘Jersey Pulling’

8:19 PM: Yet another two points for Paltans. (Puneri Paltans 21- 34 Patna Pirates)

8:17 PM: Patna hammered Puneri Paltans, latter all out once again. (Puneri Paltans 21- 31 Patna Pirates)

8:16 PM: Patna taking two leads here in Do-or-Die game. (Puneri Paltans 20- 28 Patna Pirates)

8:12 PM: Patna leading with four points. Ten minutes left in the game. (Puneri Paltans 20- 24 Patna Pirates)

8:09 Hold your breathe folks. That’s Paltans returning to the game. (Puneri Paltans 19- 23 Patna Pirates)

8:06 PM: That’s super tackle. Monu Goyal’s yet another failure. (Puneri Paltans 18- 22 Patna Pirates)

8:05 PM: Patna has bounced back and that too stronger than ever. (Puneri Paltans 15- 22 Patna Pirates)

8:04 PM: Raining points for both the teams. (Puneri Paltans 15- 19 Patna Pirates)

8:03 PM: Patna Pirates has stunned everyone, now leading with four points. (Puneri Paltans 14- 18 Patna Pirates)

8:00 PM: One points for Patna Pirates. (Puneri Paltans 14- 15 Patna Pirates)

7:55 PM: Surprise Surprise. That’s a turnaround for Patna Pirates. (Puneri Paltans 13- 14 Patna Pirates)

 7:52 PM: Green Card to Vishal Bharadwaj  (Puneri Paltans 12- 11 Patna Pirates)

7:50 PM: Patna closing the difference, scored a raiding point. (Puneri Paltans 12 – 10 Patna Pirates)

7:49 PM: Super tackle by Patna Pirates. (Puneri Paltans 12- 9 Patna Pirates)

7:47 PM: Paltans close defence ensured by Sanket Sawan. Lead by four points. (Puneri Paltans: 11 – 8 Patna Pirates)

7:46 PM: Breather for Patna Pirates. (Puneri Paltans: 8 – 7 :Patna Pirates)

7:45 PM: Paltans maintaining lead with better defence. (Puneri Paltans: 8 – 6 :Patna Pirates)

7:43 PM: Aslam grabbed the two bonus points for Puneri Paltans. (Puneri Paltans: 7 – 6 :Patna Pirates)

7:40 PM: Pankaj Mohite has pulled off an exciting raid for Puneri Paltans (Puneri Paltans: 5 – 5 :Patna Pirates)

7:33 PM: Starting 7s of Puneri Paltan vs Patna Pirates

Puneri Paltan: Rahul Chaudhari, Abinesh Nadarajan, Sanket Sawant, Pankaj Mohite, Aslam Inamdar, Sombir, Vishal Bharadwaj

Patna Pirates: Monu Goyat, Neeraj Kumar, Sajin C, Prashanth Kumar, Sachin, Sunil, Mohammadreza Chiyaneh,

Here are today’s fixtures-:

Match 17: Puneri Paltan vs. Patna Pirates || Time: 7:30 PM

Match 18: Telugu Titans vs. Haryana Steelers || Time: 8:30 PM

7: 28 PM: Hello Kabaddi lovers, SportsTiger welcome you all to the country’s most exciting sporting tournament, Pro Kabaddi League. Stay Tuned to watch the two spectacular matches.


9:45 PM: Good Night!

That’s it for today. What an exciting day of Kabaddi where we witnessed two nail-biting encounters. See you tomorrow. Until then, it’s goodbye. In case you want to look at our predictions for tomorrow, check them out here. 

9:42 PM: Top 4 after today’s matches

1. Dabang Delhi – 13 points

2. Bengal Warriors – 11 points

3. Jaipur Pink Panthers –  11 points

4. Bengaluru Bulls – 10 points

While the above mentioned sides have played 3 games each, other teams have played only 2 matches so far.

9:40 PM: Summary of Day 5

Match 15: Tamil Thaliavas 30-30 U Mumba

Match 16: Pink Panthers 32 -29 UP Yodhas

9:36 PM: Victory for  Pink Panthers! Well fought UP  Yodhas. (UP Yodhas 29- 32 Pink Panthers)

9:33 PM: Yet another lightning raid from Surendra Gill. (UP Yodhas 27 – 30 Pink Panthers)

9:32 PM: Bonus points for UP Yodhas, owing it to Surendra Gill. (UP Yodhas 26 – 30 Pink Panthers)

9:30 PM: Yet another failure from Pradeep Narwal. Yodhas must be highly disappointed from star player. (UP Yodhas 24 – 29 Pink Panthers)

9:25 PM: Time Out moment! Pink Panthers leading with four points but UP Yodha will not give up too. Exciting battle, set to go till last seconds.

9:24 PM: Arjun Deshwal earned 10th raiding points of the match. Standout Player for Pink Panthers. (UP Yodhas 23 – 28 Pink Panthers)

9:23 PM: Arjun Deshwal’s super raid for Pink Panthers. (UP Yodhas 21 – 27 Pink Panthers)

9:22 PM: Welcome back! Last few minutes and both the teams have rolled their sleeves to snatch victory from each other.

9:18 PM: Strategic Time Out – (UP Yodhas 20 – 24 Pink Panthers)

9:17 PM: Review from UP Yodhas seeeking bonus points. Unsuccessful! (UP Yodhas 19 – 24 Pink Panthers)

9:15 PM: Great defence from UP Yodhas. (UP Yodhas 19- 23 Pink Panthers)

9:13 PM: Pink Panthers earned one more point. (UP Yodhas 18- 23 Pink Panthers)

9:11 PM:  Pradeep Narwal waiting for his second revival of the match. 

9:10 PM: Pradeep Narwal caught again. Points for Pink Panthers. (UP Yodhas 15- 21 Pink Panthers)

9:08 PM: A raid from Pradeep for Yodhas. (UP Yodhas 14- 20 Pink Panthers)

9:02 PM: 1st Half- Both the team have bounced back. UP made some successful attempts but Pink Panthers are way ahead with 7-points lead. Thanks to Deepak Niwas Hooda’s super raid. (UP Yodhas 12- 19 Pink Panthers)

8:57 PM: That’s a formidable defence from Pink Panthers. Yodhas, All Out! (UP Yodhas 08- 15 Pink Panthers)

8: 50 PM: None of the team is ready to provide breather to other. Pink Panthers’ collective effort. (UP Yodhas 07- 12 Pink Panthers)

8:48: PM: Jaipur Pink Panthers slowly sailing ahead. But even, UP still in game. (UP Yodhas 6- 8 Pink Panthers)

8:46 PM: UP Yodhas bouncing back with two straight points. (UP Yodhas 5- 6 Pink Panthers)

8:45 PM: Pink Panthers taking some early lead. (UP Yodhas 3- 6 Pink Panthers)

8:44 PM: Raining points, for both the teams. Heading towards a tight match. (UP Yodhas 3- 5 Pink Panthers)

8:43 PM: UP Yodhas closed the gap with one point. (UP Yodha 1- 2 Jaipur Pink Panthers)

                                    Live Commentary- UP Yodhas vs Pink Panthers – 2nd match of the day


8:37 PM: That’s a wrap from the 1st match of the day, living up to the expectations it was a nail biting but hold your breathe for yet another thriller. UP Yodhas will take on Pink Panthers as PKL’s 16th match.

8:31 PM: That’s a tie! You have to feel for Ajit, he is disappointed, but Thalaivas rescued themselves from a narrow defeat. (U Mumba 30-30 Tamil Thalaivas)

8:30 PM: U Mumba has bitten Thalaivas. Victory on the door. Less than 20 seconds left!

8:27 PM: Yet another score for U Mumba (U Mumba 30-28 Tamil Thalaivas)

8:24 PM: A set back for U Muma, lost the chances of bonus points. (U Mumba 29-28 Tamil Thalaivas)

8:23 PM: That’s a challenge from U Mumba, bonus points?

8:19 PM: U Mumba is back in action. One point addition to the lead. (U Mumba 28-26 Tamil Thalaivas)

8:17 PM: That’s a massive turning point, U Mumba has got the much-awaited lead. (U Mumba 27-26 Tamil Thalaivas)

8:16 PM: Ajit is doing it all for U Mumbas. (U Mumba 24-26 Tamil Thalaivas)

8:14 PM: Another Do-or-Die for U Mumba, successful attempt. (U Mumba 21-23 Tamil Thalaivas)

8:10 PM: Bit of turn around in the game. Both team secured one point each. (U Mumba 20-23 Tamil Thalaivas)

8:09 PM: Another one point lead by Thaliavas. (U Mumba 19-22 Tamil Thalaivas)

8:07 PM: Manjeet failed to turn Do-or-Die attempt into points for Thaliavas. Two points difference. (U Mumba 19-21 Tamil Thalaivas)

8:03 PM: That’s another raid from Tamil Thalaivas. (U Mumba 15-21 Tamil Thalaivas)

8:00 PM: Yet another point for Thaliavas (U Mumba 14-19 Tamil Thalaivas)

Back to the thriller game

7:55 PM: 1st Half – U Mumba has made a fab comeback in the game. Nail biting thriller ahead. (U Mumba 14-17 Tamil Thalaivas)

7:53 PM: That’s a super raid from Ajit Kumar. U Mumba has closed the gap by six points. (U Mumba 14-17 Thalaivas)

7: 52 PM: Yet another points for Thalaivas.

7:38 PM: That’s All Out ! U Mumba has been done & dusted. Thalaivas’ have once again proved their dominance in the game (U Mumba 2-10 Tamil Thalaivas)

7:37 PM: A brilliant start by Tamil Thalaivas as Manjeet Singh put them on top in the first few minutes. Tamil Thalaivas 4-1 U Mumba

7:33 PM: Tamil Thalaivas have won the toss and U Mumba will make the first raid.

7:12 PM: Starting 7s of Tamil vs Mumbai

Tamil Thalaivas: Manjeet, Surjeet Singh (C), Mohit, Athul MS, Bhavani Rajput, Sagar, Sahil Singh
U-Mumba: Abhishek Singh, Ashish Sangwan, Prince, Shivam, V Ajith, Rahul Sethpal, Fazel Atrachali (C)

7:07 PM: Hello and Welcome!

Here are today’s fixtures

Match 15: Tamil Thalaivas vs U Mumba (7:30 PM)

Match 16: UP Yodhas vs Pink Panthers (8:30 PM)

9:45 PM: Good Night!

That’s it for today. What an exciting day of Kabaddi where we witnessed two nail-biting encounters. See you tomorrow. Until then, it’s goodbye. In case you want to look at our predictions for tomorrow, check them out here. 

9:42 PM: Top 4 after today’s matches

1. Dabang Delhi – 15 points

2. Bengal Warriors – 11 points

3. Bengaluru Bulls – 10 points

4. Gujarat Giants – 9 points

While the above mentioned sides have played 3 games each, other teams have played only 2 matches so far.

9:40 PM: Summary of Day 5

Match 13: Gujarat Giants 24-24 Dabang Delhi

Match 14: Bengaluru Bulls 36-35 Bengal Warriors


Bengaluru Bulls get on Dong Geon Lee and he gets 2 vital points. In a subsequent raid, Pawan now gets 1 point. Nabibakhsh can only get 1 point in final raid as BULLS WIN THE MATCH 36-35. Brilliant substitution, fantastic tactics! Masterstroke by the Bulls coach. What a game.


After a short break, Maninder Singh gets 2 crucial touch points to now get Bengal Warriors into lead. It’s 32-31 now but in favour of Warriors.

9:22 PM: Bulls all out

The game has come alive and the pendulum has swung once again! Nabibakhsh has been the game-changer in last few minutes as the huge lead of Bulls has been wiped out. With around 4 min 30 seconds left, score is: Bulls 31-30 Warriors! WOW!

9:19 PM: Magical Nabibakhsh

After a brilliant raid, Nabibakhsh gets a tackle point. Warriors cut down the lead to 25-29.

9:17 PM: Pawan has done it

Pawan Sehrawat has wiped out the remaining two defenders as Bengal Warriors have been all out. Bulls now lead by 28-21.

9:13 PM: Final ten minutes left

With the final phase of action left, It’s Bulls who have a slender 24-21 lead. If they can inflict an all-out, they can get on top of the game. Can Pawan deliver it for them?

9:11 PM: Super 10 for PAWAN

After Maninder Singh, it’s Pawan Sehrawat who gets a Super 10. Bulls now lead by 22-20.

9:08 PM: It’s 19-19 now

The two sides are all equal after 25 minutes in the match. It is set for a thrilling end!

8:56 PM: End of first half

In a half that Bengal dominated, they are going into break trailing by 17-18, courtesy an outrageous moment of brilliance by Pawan Sehrawat.


After a touch start, Pawan Sehrawat comes up with an unimaginable effort. The High Flyer is back! The Bulls has wiped out the 5 Bengal defenders to inflict an all-out. Its 16-15 in favour of Bulls. WOW!

8:49 PM: Warriors are running away 

Bengal Warriors have got themselves a big 14-6 lead in this match.


Maninder Singh gets all the 4 Bulls defenders in a sensational raid as he inclficts an all-out out of nowhere. Bengal leads by 11-3. One of the best raids of the season! What an effort!

8:36 PM: Interesting start

Raiders of both sides – Maninder Singh and Pawan Sehrawat – have started with 1 touch points each. It’s 1-1 after early stages.

8:31 PM: Starting 7s of next match

Bengaluru Bulls: Pawan Sehrawat (c), Mayur Jagannath, Mahender Singh, Bharat, Saurabh Nandal, Aman, Chandran Ranjit

Bengal Warriors: Maninder Singh (c), Darshan J, Parveen Satpal, Sukesh Hegde, Mohammad Nabibakhsh, Abozar Mighani, Rinku Narwal


With Gujarat Giants on the cusp of victory, Naveen Kumar gets a touch point on final raid to make it 24-24 in the end. A mega error by Ravinder Pahal. A stupendous effort by Naveen. It was a thrilling game of Kabaddi. Huh! Time to take a breather.

8:24 PM: It’s all equal with 40 seconds left

It’s 23-23 each between two sides with only 40 seconds remaining. OMG! What a finale we have in store!

8:17 PM: Delhi are back

A brilliant raid by Vijay followed by a clinical dash by him turns the match around once again. Delhi now ahead in the game by 22-21. Final 5 minutes left! What a match it has been so far.


Gujarat Giants are now into the lead 21-20 after two Delhi defenders go out of bounds.

8:06 PM: Final 10 minutes left

After 30 minutes, its Delhi 19-16 Gujarat. While experienced players like Jeeva Kumar and Manjeet Chhillar have disppointed, Naveen Kumar’s heroics have kept Delhi in the lead.


Naveen Kumar gets another touch point to complete a hattrick of Super 10 in PKL Season 8. Thanks to him, Delhi are back in lead. It’s 16-14 now!

8:00 PM: Exciting start to second half

Gujarat Giants are 14-13 up in the match after early stages of second half.

7:54 PM: Best performers so far

Naveen Kumar – 6 touch points, 2 bonus points

Rajesh Narwal – 4 touch points, 1 bonus point

7:50 PM: End of first half

An exhilarating 20 minutes of Kabaddi as Delhi leads by 12-11 going to break.


Ravinder Pahal finally shows his class as he gets a brilliant tackle on Vijay, who was on a do-or-die raid.

7:43 PM: Naveen steps up once again

With Delhi in a slight state of bother, Naveen Kumar gets a bonus point in do-or-die raid. He gets Sunil Kumar in next raid to make it 9-9.

7:37 PM: Gujarat in the lead

Gujarat Giants have got themselves a slender 6-5 lead after an error by Manjeet Chhillar.

7:30 PM: And the contest begins

We are off to a brilliant start as Sandeep Narwal catches Rakesh Narwal blind sighted to get first tackle of the match. Meanwhile, Naveen Kumar gets his first touch point. Delhi 2-0 up in early stages

7:20 PM: Will Naveen Kumar continue to shine?

Naveen Kumar has been in scintillating form in the tournament so far, having scored 33 points in first two matches. Will he complete a hattrick of Super 10 today?

7:15 PM: Starting 7s of Gujarat vs Delhi

Gujarat Giants: Rakesh Narwal, Sunil Kumar (c), Parvesh Bhainswal, Sonu Singh, Rakesh, Ravinder Pahal, Girish Maruti

Dabang Delhi: Naveen Kumar, Jeeva Kumar, Manjeet Chhillar, Vijay, Ajay Thakur, Sandeep Narwal, Joginder Narwal (c)

7:10 PM: Here are today’s fixtures

Match 13: Gujarat Giants vs Dabang Delhi (7:30 PM)

Match 14: Bengaluru Bulls vs Bengal Warriors (8:30 PM)

December 26: It’s Boxing Day in PKL Season 8 as we get set for another exciting day of Kabaddi! 

11:00 PM: Good Night

That’s a wrap on another thrilling day of Triple Panga! Do join us tomorrow for a double header. Until then, good bye. Just in case, you want to look at our predictions for Day 5, you can check here. 

10:55 PM: Standings after Round 2

1. Dabang Delhi – 10 points

2. Bengal Warriors – 10 points

3. U Mumba – 6 points

4. Gujarat Giants – 6 points

5. Patna Pirates – 6 points

6. UP Yoddha – 6 points

7. Jaipur Pink Panthers – 6 points

8. Bengaluru Bulls – 5 points

9. Puneri Paltan – 5 points

10. Telugu Titans – 4 points

11. Tamil Thalaivas – 3 points

12. Haryana Steelers – 2 points

10:45 PM: Here is the summary of today’s results

Match 10: Patna Pirates 35-36 UP Yoddha

Match 11: Puneri Paltan 34-33 Telugu Titans

Match 12: Jaipur Pink Panthers 40-38 Haryana Steelers


Jaipur Pink Panthers have won the match by 40-38 against Haryana Steelers. WHAT A GAME!


Rohit Gulia comes up with a spectacular raid as Haryana now trails by only 36-39. A brilliant finale in store for us!

10:30 PM: Five minutes left

With 5 minutes remaining, the score is: Jaipur 37-30 Haryana

10:27 PM: Brilliant by Vikash

Vikash Khandola has come up with two impressive raids in short time to cut down the lead to 5 points only. Haryana trails by 30-35. GAME ON!

10:23 PM: Haryana all-out

Haryana Steelers have been all-out. How the tables have turned in this match in last few minutes! With 10 minutes left, Jaipur leads by 34-27.

10:20 PM: Jaipur in the lead

Jaipur Pink Panthers have got themselves into a 28-26 lead with around 12 minutes remaining in the match. Arjun Deshwal gets couple more points to give his side a 4-point advantage.

10:14 PM: Exciting start 

The second half has started on an even note with both sides getting points on a regular basis. It’s 25-25 right now!

10:06 PM: End of first half

Haryana Steelers 22-21 Jaipur Pink Panthers after first 20 minutes!

10:05 PM: Haryana Steelers all-out

Despite Vikash Khandola’s brilliant efforts, Jaipur Pink Panthers have inflicted an all-out. After a flurry of points, Steelers lead by 22-20.

9:58 PM: Jaipur staging a comeback

Jaipur Pink Panthers look re-energized in their defense couple of tackle points from Shaul Kumar gets his side back into the contest. They now trail by only 12-14.


Jaideep Kuldeep comes up with another extravagant block on Deepak Hooda to put his side 12-6 up in the match.

9:49 PM: Impressive start by the Steelers

Haryana Steelers have started the contest as the brighter side as they have now gone 6-2 up in the early stages of the match. Meetu and Vikash are looking good in the raiding department while Jaideep Kuldeep is looking solid in defense.

9:45 PM: Starting 7s of next match

Jaipur Pink Panthers: Amit, Deepak Niwas Hooda, Dhamaraj Cheralathan, Arjun Deshwal, Vishal, Nitin Rawal, Amit Hooda

Haryana Steelers: Rohit Gulia, Jaideep Kuldeep, Surender Nada, Vikash Khandola (c), Meetu, Mohit, Shrikant Tewthia


Telugu Titans have asked for a review on the final raid. And it goes against them. Puneri Paltan have sealed the victory 34-33 in this brilliant encounter. WHAT A GAME!

9:34 PM: Going down the wire!

With one minute left, it’s 33-33 each. WHAT A THRILLING FINALE WE HAVE IN STORE!

9:28 PM: It’s 28-28 with 5 minutes remaining

It has been an astonishing match so far, with the score reading 28-28. Only 5 minutes left in the match! Let’s see, who wins!

9:18 PM: Baahubali shows his strength

Siddharth Desai shows his strength and takes the defenders along with him to the half-line. A fantastic super raid just when his side needed one. Telugu Titans now leads by 26-25


Mohit Goyat comes up with a brilliant super raid as they inflict an all-out on Puneri Paltan. Baahubali now gets tackled and the game has swung on its head. Paltan now leads by 24-21.

9:11 PM: Strong start by Paltan

Puneri Paltan have cut down the lead by 16-20 in early moments of second half.

9:03 PM: Siddharth ‘Baahubali’ Desai changes the match

A brilliant super raid by Baahubali towards the end of first half means that Telugu Titans now leads by 20-14. What a turnaround! You got to feel for Puneri Paltan who were brilliant in first 20 minutes but two moments of luck have given Titans a big lead.


After a successful review, Telugu Titans get 4 points and subsequently, Puneri Paltans gets all out. It’s 17-14 in favour of the Titans now. WOW!

8:50 PM: Brilliant super tackle

A fantastic super tackle by Puneri Paltan as they go 11-9 up in the match.

8:44 PM: Nothing to separate two sides

It’s 6-6 after first 8 minutes and it has been a brilliant game of Kabaddi so far. Both teams looking focused to win this game.

8:38 PM: Good start for Puneri

After a brilliant tackle on Rohit, Puneri Paltan’s Aslam Inamdar gets a touch point to put his side 2-0 up in the contest.

8:30 PM: Starting 7s of next match

Puneri Paltan: Vishal Bharadwaj, Rahul Chaudhari, Abinesh Nadarajan, Sanket Sawant, Pankaj Mohite, Aslam Inamdar, Sombir

Telugu Titans: Rohit Kumar (c), Siddharth Desai, Sureinder Singh, C. Arun, Ankit Beniwal, Ruturaj Koravi, Sandeep Kandola


Absolutely brilliant presence of mind by Surender as he takes a bonus point and surrenders himself. UP wins by 36-35. WHAT JUST HAPPENED! This was brilliant. SURENDER, YOU BEAUTY!

8:25 PM: Final minute remaining

Brilliant play from Patna Pirates as they now trail by only one point! UP 35-34 Patna with just 1 minute left.

8:22 PM: Brilliant from Prashanth

Patna Pirates captain has come up with some quick back-to-back smart raids which has helped Patna cut down the lead to 32-35. Only 2 minutes remain!

8:15 PM: Final 5 minutes remaining

With 35 minutes up, UP leads by 32-28. The match can still tilt anywhere. Can UP hold on to their lead or will Patna stage a comeback? Let’s wait and watch!


After a flurry of super tackles by both sides in the match, UP Yoddha have finally managed to inflict an all-out as they get into lead. Pardeep gets a bonus point to make it 30-26 in UP’s favour.

8:05 PM: Its 24-24

A perfect ankle hold by Nitesh Kumar as it becomes 24-24 on the evening.

8:00 PM: Patna with a slender lead

Patna Pirates have a slender 22-19 lead over UP Yoddha in opening stages of second half.

7:55 PM: Best performers of first 20 minutes

Pardeep Narwal – 8 points (6 raid, 2 bonus)

Sachin – 8 points (2 raid, 2 tackle, 4 bonus)

7:51 PM: First half ends

The exciting first half of the match has now ended with Patna Pirates leading by 20-17. That was FAST! That was QUICK! That was KABADDI at its best!

7:45 PM: Exceptional super tackles by Patna

Two brilliant super tackles, on Pardeep and Surender, have got Patna Pirates into the lead. They are ahead by 16-15 in the match.

7:40 PM: Super raid by Shrikant

Shrikant Jadhav comes up with the first super raid of the contest. Pardeep Narwal gets Mohammadreza Chiyaneh after his revival as UP now leads by 12-7.

7:35 PM: Impressive start by UP

UP Yoddha leads by 7-4 after Pardeep Narwal’s sensational start in the contest. The raider has already picked up 6 points.

7:32 PM: Pardeep opens his account

Pardeep Narwal has opened his account with two back-to-back smart bonus points. UP leads by 3-0.

7:30 PM: UP Yoddha wins the toss

UP Yoddha have won the toss and it will be Patna Pirates’ Monu Goyat with the first raid.

7:25 PM: Can Pardeep Narwal upset his former team?

Pardeep Narwal’s debut for UP Yoddha did not go as planned for his new side as he could only get 8 raid points to his name against Bengal Warriors. Can he be back to his best against Patna Pirates, a team where he actually broke all records in PKL.

7:20 PM: Starting 7s of Patna vs UP

Patna Pirates: Sachin Tanwar, Monu Goyat, Prashanth Kumar (c), C Sajin, Mohammadreza Chiyaneh, Sunil, Neeraj Kumar

UP Yoddha: Ashu Singh, Sumit, Nitesh Kumar (c), Shubham, Pardeep Narwal, Shrikant Jadhav, Surender Gill

7:15 PM: Best individual performance of the season so far

From Naveen Express showing his magic to Girish Ernak’s rock-solid defensive display, there have been numerous spectacular performances by the players in the first three days of action. However, the best among them has to be U Mumba’s Abhishek Singh breathtaking performance against Bengaluru Bulls in the opening match of season, where the raider registered 19 points.

If you missed that performance, don’t worry! We got you covered! Watch the highlights of Abhishek Singh’s heroic 19 points performance here.

7:05 PM: Here are today’s fixtures

Match 10: Patna Pirates vs UP Yoddha (7:30 PM)

Match 11: Puneri Paltan vs Telugu Titans (8:30 PM)

Match 12: Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Haryana Steelers (9:30 PM)


A warm welcome to everyone on the festive day of Christmas. There is another Triple Panga day lined up for you so if you are celebrating the day at your home, stay tuned with us for the latest updates on PKL Day 4 on the cold Saturday evening!

That’s it for today, do join us tomorrow for another exciting day of action. Good Night!

Just in case you are wondering what’s in store for you tomorrow, you can have a look at our predictions for Day 4 matches. Check out here!

10:55 PM: Standings after Day 3

1. Dabang Delhi – 10 points (2 matches)

2. Bengal Warriors – 10 points (2 matches)

3. U Mumba – 6 points (2 matches)

4. Gujarat Giants – 6 points (2 matches)

5. Patna Pirates – 5 points (1 match)

6. Bengaluru Bulls – 5 points (2 matches)

7. Telugu Titans – 3 points (1 match)

8. Tamil Thalaivas – 3 points (2 matches)

9. Haryana Steelers – 1 point (1 match)

10. UP Yoddha – 1 point (1 match)

11. Jaipur Pink Panthers – 1 point (1 match)

12. Puneri Paltan – 0 point (1 match)

10:50 PM: Here is the summary of today’s results

Match 7: U Mumba 27-31 Dabang Delhi

Match 8: Tamil Thalaivas 30-38 Bengaluru Bulls

Match 9: Bengal Warriors 31-28 Gujarat Giants


The defending champions have defeated Gujarat by 31-28 to win the second consecutive game of the season. On a day where they will take many positives, especially Akash’s debut performance, they will be slightly concerned with fitness of Maninder Singh who got an injury in the final moments of the match. Bengal would be hoping their captain back fit for their next match.

10:38 PM: What a twist!

Rakesh Narwal gets 2 points and with one minute remaining, Bengal now only lead by 30-28. We are in for an exciting end to the contest.

10:33 PM: Defending champions take the control

After Parvesh’s error gave Maninder a lucky touch point, the Warriors defense comes up with another food effort to earn another tackle point. Warriors lead by 29-24 now.

10:29 PM: Super 10 for Rakesh 

With the raiders struggling, Rakesh Narwal gets another bonus point to earn a sensational Super 10. Gujarat now trails by only 23-27 and we have an exciting finale in front of us with 5 minutes remaining.

10:27 PM: Akash continues to impress

Akash P is having a dream debut as he gets another crucial touch point for Bengal Warriors. No nerves from the debutant as Warriors now lead by 27-22.

10:22 PM: Final 10 minutes remaining

After 30 minutes, score is: Bengal 24-19 Gujarat


Maninder Singh gets 2 touch points with a sensational raid as Bengal now leads by 24-18.

10:16 PM: Bengal inflicts the all-out

Bengal Warriors have inflicted the all-out with a tackle on Hadi Oshtorak as they now extend their lead to 22-17.

10:13 PM: Gujarat in trouble

Gujarat Giants are on cusp of an all-out after Nabibakhsh’s impressive raid. However, a super tackle on Maninder now cuts the lead as Gujarat now trails by only 15-17.

10:05 PM: Akash P gets his first point in PKL

On his debut, Akash P comes up with a crucial touch point in 20th minute to open his account in PKL. After the end of first half, Bengal 16-11 Gujarat.

10:02 PM: Super-sub Rohit

With his side fearing an all-out, Rohit comes up with a 2-points raid (including a touch point on Girish) to keep his side in the lead. Warriors ahead by 14-11.

9:58 PM: Super tackle on Rathan

An exceptional super tackle, starting by Rohit, on Gujarat’s Rathan. Bengal lead by 10-8.


Ravinder Pahal comes up with a brilliant ankle hold on Sukesh Hegde to continue his impressive start in the match. Bengal 7-6 Gujarat

9:51 PM: Maninder continues to show his magic

Maninder Singh continues to dazzle as he comes up with a point in do-or-die raid. Meanwhile, Rakesh Narwal also repeats the same in a do-or-die raid. It’s 4-4.

9:45 PM: Gujarat Giants wins the toss

Bengal Warriors will get the match rolling as Maninder Singh gets ready for first raid. AND HE GETS GIRISH ERNAK!

9:42 PM: Starting 7s of next match

Bengal Warriors: Maninder Singh (c), Darshan J, Parveen Satpal, Mohammad Nabibakhsh, Sukesh Hegde, Abozar Mighani, Rinku Narwal

Gujarat Giants: Rakesh Narwal, Sunil Kumar (c), Parvesh Bhainswal, Rathan K, Rakesh, Ravinder Pahal, Girish Maruti Ernak


Bengaluru Bulls win by 38-30 and courtesy a brilliant back by Saurabh Nandal, Tamil Thalaivas fail to get even a single point from the match as the margin of defeat goes over 7 points.

9:33 PM: Decisive tackle by Bulls

Another brilliant tackle, which was started by Aman, by Bengaluru Bulls as Manjeet is sent back on bench. Bulls lead by 36-30 with less than 1 minute remaining.

9:30 PM: Brilliant by Aman!

Bengaluru Bulls get another tackle point through Aman as they extend their lead to 34-29 with only around 2 minutes remaining in this contest.

9:26 PM: Final 5 minutes remaining

Bengaluru Bulls 32-28 Tamil Thalaivas after 35 minutes

9:23 PM: Tamil Thalaivas all-out

A successful review followed by Chandran Ranjit’s 2-points raid complete an all-out for Thalaivas. Bulls now lead by 31-26.

9:20 PM: Unsuccessful review for Thalaivas

Chandran Ranjit gets a touch point as Bulls lead by 26-25. Thalaivas lose their review on the appeal.

9:16 PM: 10 minutes to go

A super tackle be Thalaivas on Pawan Sehrawat prevents a possibility of an all-out as the scores become 25-25 with 10 minutes to go. A thrilling finale awaits us! Hold your breath!

9:12 PM: Bulls with a strong reply

Bengaluru Bulls defense show their class before Chandran Ranjit gets a crucial touch point to take his side into the lead. It’s Bulls 23-22 Thalaivas!

9:09 PM: Sensational comeback by Thalaivas

Tamil Thalaivas continue their sensational start to second half as they inflict an all-out. They now lead by 21-19.

9:05 PM: Positive start for Thalaivas in 2nd half

After a tackle on Pawan, Manjeet gets a touch point with an impressive raid. Tamil Thalaivas get 2 wuick points as they now trail by 15-19.

9:03 PM: Best performers of first half

Pawan Sehrawat – 6 raid points

Bhavani Rajput – 5 raid points

Bharat – 3 raid points and 1 tackle point


As Prapanjan gets a point in dying seconds of first half, Tamil Thalaivas cut down the lead to 13-19. Bulls in the driving seat as of now!

8:56 PM: Tamil Thalaivas all-out

After Pawan gets two back-to-back successful raid, their defense completes the job by tackling Himanshu as Bulls extend their lead to 17-11.

8:54 PM: New talents continue to impress

Bengaluru Bulls are using youngster Bharat who is continuing to impress with some good raids. Bulls now lead by 11-9. Meanwhile, Bhavani Rajput is doing a decent job for Tamil Thalaivas with Manjeet on bench.

8:50 PM: Narrow lead for Bulls

Bengaluru Bulls leads by 10-7 after Bharat gets a crucial point in do-or-die raid.

8:45 PM: Sensational defense from both sides

It’s been a sensational defensive starts from both sides as raiders continue to struggle. Bulls lead by 7-6.

8:40 PM: What a start!

Pawan Sehrawat starts strongly for his side as Bengaluru Bulls lead by 4-2 after few early raids.

8:35 PM: Here is the Starting 7s for next match

Tamil Thalaiavas: K. Prapanjan, Surjeet Singh (c), Mohit, Manjeet, Bhavani Rajput, Sagar, Sahil Singh

Bengaluru Bulls: Pawan Sehrawat (c), Mayur Jagannath, Mahender Singh, Bharat, Chandran Ranjit, Saurabh Nandal, Aman


An emphatic win for Dabang Delhi as the previous edition’s runners-up beat U Mumba by 31-27. Naveen Kumar was the start of show with 16 raid points and 1 tackle point.

8:24 PM: A game-changing raid

Naveen Express continues to dazzle as he comes up with an exceptional super raid to extend Delhi’s lead to 29-25.


Naveen Kumar becomes the youngest and the fastest player ever to score 500 raid points in PKL history. Absolutely sensational from the talented raider! Dabang Delhi leads by 25-23 with around 5 minutes remaining.


After a poor start, Naveen Kumar has completely turned the game and his fortunes around as he completes 10 raid points for the match. Delhi follows it up with some solid defense as they now lead by 23-21.

8:10 PM: Delhi staging a comeback

Dabang Delhi takes 6 consecutive points as their all-round display help them cut down the lead.

And it is a Mumbai all-out, thanks to brilliant defending from Jeeva as it becomes 20-20. WHAT A THRILLING FINALE WE HAVE IN STORE NOW!

8:04 PM: Dabang Delhi all-out

Abhishek Singh gets the 2 points to inflict an all-out on Dabang Delhi. U Mumba now leads by 19-10.

8:02 PM: Interesting start to second half

After Anil Shivam gets 2-points raid, U Mumba have prevented the possibility of getting an all-out and have instead put Delhi in trouble. Fazel’s side leads by 14-10.

7:52 PM: Brilliant from U Mumba

On the cusp of an all out, Ani Shivam comes up with a herculean effort in a crucial raid before getting a super tackle along with Mohsen to send Naveen back to the bench. After first half, U Mumba leads by 12-10.

7:46 PM: Naveen opens his account

Naveen Kumar has opened his account as he gets a touch on U Mumba’s captain Fazel Atrachali. Dabang Delhi now tackle out Abhishek Singh on subsequent raid to make it 7-7.

7:45 PM: Another empty raid 

Naveen Kumar’s struggles continues as U Mumba defends brilliantly once again to keep Naveen quite. They now tackle out Ajay Thakur in do-or-die raid as Dabang Delhi trails by 5-7.

7:36 PM: Tough start for Naveen

After few empty raids, Naveen Kumar gets tackled out as U Mumba leads by 5-2. Quite a tough start for Naveen Express!

7:32 PM: Fine start for U Mumba

After a successful raid by Abhishek Singh, the Mumbai defense tackle out Vijay to go 2-0 up in the contest.

7:30 PM: U Mumba wins the toss

U Mumba have won the toss and it will be Dabang Delhi on the first raid. Naveen Kumar begins the proceedings!

7:25 PM: Fantasy Tips for Delhi vs Mumbai

With big names like Fazel Atrachali and Naveen Kumar on display, you can have a look at the fantasy tips of the much-awaited encounter.

7:20 PM: Here are the Starting 7s

U Mumba: Abhishek Singh, Ashish Sangwan, Harendra Kumar, Mohsen Maghsoudlou, V Ajith, Rinku, Fazel Atrachali (c)

Dabang Delhi: Naveen Kumar, Jeeva Kumar, Manjeet Chillar, Vijay, Ajay Thakur, Sandeep Narwal, Joginder Narwal (c)

7:15 PM: Here are today’s fixtures!

7:30 PM IST – U Mumba vs Dabang Delhi (Match 7)

8:30 PM IST – Tamil Thalaivas vs Bengaluru Bulls (Match 8)

9:30 PM IST – Bengal Warriors vs Gujarat Giants (Match 9)

December 24, 2021: Welcome back everyone!

A warm welcome from SportsTiger team to all the readers on Day 3 of PKL Season 8.


That’s it for the day. Thank you for joining us on another exciting day of PKL. Do join us tomorrow for Day 3 action. Until then, Good Bye!

10:50 PM: Here are the standings after Round 1

1. U Mumba – 5 points

2. Dabang Delhi – 5 points

3. Gujarat Giants – 5 points

4. Bengal Warriors – 5 points

5. Patna Pirates – 5 points

6. Tamil Thalaivas – 3 points

7. Telugu Titans – 3 points

8. Haryana Steelers – 1 point

9. U.P. Yoddha – 1 point

10. Jaipur Pink Panthers – 1 point

11. Puneri Paltan – 0 point

12. Bengaluru Bulls – 0 point

10:47 PM: Summary of Day 2

Match 4: Gujarat Giants 34-27 Jaipur Pink Panthers

Match 5: Dabang Delhi 41-30 Puneri Paltan

Match 6: Haryana Steelers 39-42 Patna Pirates


Patna Pirates wins the thriller by 42-39! What a match it has been! This is Kabaddi at its best.

10:39 PM: Brilliant from Patna

After an impressive raid by Sachin, an injured Sunil comes up with a fantastic tackle as Patna now leads by 39-37.

10:32 PM: Super Raid followed by Super Tackle

With the match poised so closely, Monu Goyat comes up with a Super Raid to extend his side’s lead. But but but, Surender Nada now comes up with a spectacular tackle (A Super Tackle) with Ashish’s help as they cut down Patna’s lead. Score: Patna 37-36 Haryana with 5 minutes remaining!

10:28 PM: Big Moment in the contest

A close review goes against Haryana Steelers as Patna Pirates extends their lead to 34-30. Rohit Gulia was confident that he had got 2 points but the TV umpire does not have conclusive evidence to reverse the decision.


After a fantastic ankle hold, Monu Goyat wins 2 points in his next raid to complete a Super 10 performance. He has been sensational in the second half as Patna Pirates now leads by 33-27 with 10 minutes remaining.

10:15 PM: Haryana Steelers all-out

Sajin C gets another tackle as Haryana Steelers have been all-out. Their big lead has been taken out and Patna Pirates goes ahead by 27-25.

10:11 PM: Monu Goyat shows his class

Monu Goyat comes up with an important 2-points raid to help Patna Pirates get back into the match. Meetu Mahender gets 1 point for Haryana Steelers in next raid. Exciting end-to-end stuff.

10:09 PM: Best performers of first half

Vikash Khandola – 5 touch points in 10 raids

Rohit Gulia – 4 touch points and 2 bonus points in 4 raids

Prashanth Kumar – 3 touch points and 3 bonus points in 7 raids

10:03 PM: Ankle hold by Surender Nada

Surender Nada, one of the best defenders in the country, has come up with a sensational ankle hold. However, he makes a mistake in the subsequent raid as first-half ends with Haryana Steelers lead by 22-18.

9:56 PM: Exceptional Super Raid by Rohit

Rohit Gulia comes up with a herculean effort to take out 4 players from Patna Pirates. Haryana Steelers now leads by 14-12 and the match has turned around in a blink of an eye. It leads to Patna getting all-out in subsequent raids as Haryana now goes ahead by 18-13.

9:53 PM: Impressive by Prashanth Kumar

Prashanth Kumar comes up with a 2-points raid to extend Patna’s lead to 10-7.

9:48 PM: Good sequence for Patna

After a super tackle, Patna Pirates gets 2 more points through Sachin. They lead by 6-4.

9:44 PM: And the contest begins!

Monu Goyat starts the contest with a bonus point while Vikash Khandola gets a touch point in his very first raid.

9:40 PM: Here is the Starting 7s for Match 3

Haryana Steelers: Vikash Khandola (c), Shrikant Tewthia, Jaideep Kuldeep, Meetu Mahender, Rohit Gulia, Mohit, Surender Nada

Patna Pirates: Prashanth Kumar (c), Monu Goyat, Neeraj Kumar, Sajin C, Sachin, Sunil, Mohammadreza Chiyaneh


An emphatic win for Dabang Delhi as they beat Puneri Paltan by 41-30. Naveen Kumar was the star of the show with 14 touch points, 1 bonus point and 1 tackle point in the contest.

9:33 PM: A new boy in the business

Puneri Paltan’s youngster Aslam Inamdar has been absolutely brilliant since coming on the mat in 32nd minute. He has scored 5 points (1 touch, 3 bonus, 1 tackle) in the contest so far, which is surely a great sign for Anup Kumar’s side going ahead into the tournament.

9:26 PM: Done and dusted for Puneri Paltan

Puneri Paltan have been all out once again after Rahul Chaudhari gets tackled out. Dabang Delhi have now sealed the victory without a doubt as they extend their lead to 37-26.


Naveen Kumar shows unbelievable athleticism to come up with another fantastic raid, as he secured 2 more points for his side. Dabang Delhi now leads by 34-25.

9:21 PM: Brilliant by Vijay

Vijay comes up with another heroic effort in a do-or-die raid. Dabang Delhi now extends their lead to 31-24.

9:16 PM: Super 10 for Naveen Kumar

Naveen Kumar has been absolutely majestic in this contest so far, having already secured 10 touch bonus, 1 bonus point and 1 tackle point. He has single handedly helped his side to a comfortable 29-23 lead with final 10 minutes remaining.

9:12 PM: Brilliant comeback by Paltan

Puneri Paltan have inflicted a fantastic all-out as they pave their way back into the contest. With over 12 minutes remaining, the score is Dabang Delhi 26-22 Puneri Paltan.

9:09 PM: Strong start by Delhi

Dabang Delhi have started the second half on a stronger note as they have managed to prevent an all-out situation. They lead by 25-17.

9:04 PM: Star performers of first half

Naveen Kumar – 9 points in 15 raids

Nitin Tomar – 5 points in 5 raids

9:01 PM: A strong finish by Paltan

Although Dabang Delhi are leading the contest, Puneri Paltan did get some crucial points in final stages of first half to cut down the lead by 15-22.

8:56 PM: Puneri Paltan all-out

Dabang Delhi have inflicted an all-out once again as they lead by 21-10. The senior players, with the fantastic Naveen, are delivering the goods for last edition’s runners-up.

8:52 PM: Delhi loses a review

An unnecessary review taken by Dabang Delhi over a bonus points results in them losing a review. They would just hope it doesn’t hurt them later in the match.

8:47 PM: Puneri Paltan all-out

The experienced Manjeet Chillar comes up with a brilliant block as Dabang Delhi inflicts the first all-out of the contest. They lead by 10-5.

8:45 PM: Naveen Express on the show

As expected, Naveen Kumar has got off to a brilliant start as he has 3 points in 4 raids. Impressive stuff from the raider!

8:39 PM: Good start for Rahul Chaudhari

An impressive start for Rahul Chaudhari on his debut for Puneri Paltan as he gets an early point.

8:38 PM: Here is the Starting 7s for Match 2

Dabang Delhi: Joginder Narwal (c), Naveen Kumar, Jeeva Kumar, Manjeet Chillar, Vijay, Ajay Thakur, Sandeep Narwal

Puneri Paltan: Nitin Tomar (c), Sombir, Vishal Bhardwaj, Pankaj Mohite, Sanket Sawant, Jadhav Shahaji, Rahul Chaudhari

8:31 PM: Victory for Gujarat Giants

Gujarat Giants have completed an emphatic win by 34-27, thanks to some brilliant all-round display by the side. While Rakesh Narwal starred with 7 raid points, Girish Ernak was rock-solid in defense as he secured 7 tackle points. BRILLIANT BY GUJARAT!


Gujarat Giants have inflicted another all-out as the extend their lead to 33-27. It’s the game secured for them now!

8:23 PM: Less than 3 minutes remaining

Gujarat Giants get a crucial point through Rakesh Narwal as they lead by 28-27.

8:19 PM: Why was Gujarat’s coach angry?

Well, Parvesh Bhainswal had clearly entered the lobby which is why many people did not understand the reason behind Manpreet Singh’s complains against the referee. Notably, the coach of Gujarat was angry as he was making a point that Parvesh was not involved in tackling of Jaipur raider. Hence, he wanted 1 tackle point to be awarded to Gujarat as well but that did not really happen.

8:14 PM: Brilliant review by Jaipur

Jaipur Pink Panthers have taken a brilliant review which gives them a crucial point in a do-or-die raid with Gujarat’s Parvesh ruled out of bounds. Jaipur gets the point as they lead by 25-23.

Gujarat’s coach Manpreet Singh was not happy with umpire’s decision as he gets a green card for his reaction.

8:08 PM: Less than 10 minutes remaining

With less than 10 minutes remaining, Jaipur Pink Panthers have got themselves a narrow one-point lead with score reading 24-23 in their favour. Arjun Deshwal has notably completed a fantastic Super 10 in what has been a brilliant effort by the Jaipur raider so far.

8:02 PM: It’s 20-20 

The two sides continue to hit back at each other as the score-line reads 20-20 with 15 minutes to go. The match is set for a thrilling finale!

7:57 PM: Second half begins

The second half in Bengaluru has begun as both sides kick off with a point each.

7:50 PM: End of first half

After the end of first 20 minutes, Gujarat Giants leads by 19-17. Jaipur’s Arjun Deshwal was one of the best players in first half with 7 raid points.

7:49 PM: Interesting tactics by Jaipur

The Jaipur Pink Panthers came up with two quick raids to force a do-or-die raid for Gujarat Giants very quickly. As it turns out, the Men in Pink managed to stop the raider and Arjun subsequently came up with a fantastic raid to force an all-out. Gujarat 18-17 Jaipur!

7:41 PM: It’s an ALL OUT!

Rakesh comes up with a brilliant raid as he gets both the Jaipur defenders to complete a brilliant all-out. Gujarat Giants leads by 13-7.

7:40 PM: Gujarat Giants coming back into the contest

A brilliant spell of Kabaddi for Gujarat Giants has helped them not just cut down the lead but go ahead in the contest. They lead by 9-7 after 10 minutes.

7:33 PM: Impressive start for both sides

Both the sides have got off to an impressive start in the contest with back-to-back points for Jaipur and Gujarat. It’s 2-2 right now.

7:28 PM: Here is today’s schedule

Match 1: Gujarat Giants vs Jaipur Pink Panthers (7:30 PM IST)

Match 2: Dabang Delhi vs Puneri Paltan (8:30 PM IST)

Match 3: Haryana Steelers vs Patna Pirates (9:30 PM IST)

December 23, Thursday: WELCOME EVERYONE TO DAY 2!

11:07 PM: Good Night!

It’s been a brilliant start to PKL Season 8. Do join us tomorrow where there is another triple-header scheduled for Thursday. Until then, it’s goodbye from us!

11:04 PM: Summary of Day 1

It was a fantastic Day 1 of PKL Season 8. Here is the summary of all results:

Match 1: U Mumba 46-30 Bengaluru Bulls

Match 2: Telugu Titans 40-40 Tamil Thalaivas

Match 3: Bengal Warriors 38-33 U.P. Yoddha


The defending champions have started the PKL Season 8 on the front foot as they have defeated U.P. Yoddha by a margin of 38-33.

10:44 PM: Super Raid for Sukesh Hegde

Sukesh Hegde comes up with a super raid at a crucial juncture of the match as he almost seals the win for Bengal Warriors with 3 points. His side now leads 37-28 with only few minutes remaining.

10:40 PM: Pardeep Narwal tackled again

Pardeep Narwal has not had a very memorable debut for U.P. Yoddha so far as he gets tackled out once again. Bengal Warriors leads by 34-25.

10:34 PM: Bengal Warriors dominating

Bengal Warriors have been the better side in second half so far as they extend their lead over U.P. Yoddha by a margin of 31-22.

10:25 PM: Second half begins

The final 20 minutes of action has kicked off in Bengaluru as Bengal Warriors starts on top and gets a 21-19 lead over U.P. Yoddha.

10:19 PM: First half ends

Maninder Singh gets tackled out in a do-or-die raid as the exciting first half ends with score-line reading 18-18.

10:14 PM: Bengal Warriors all out

Bengal Warriors have been all out and U.P. Yoddha have equalized the score 15-15.

10:05 PM: U.P. suffer first all out

Pardeep Narwal fails again in another raid as U.P. Yoddha gets all out and trails by 3-10.

09:59 PM: Impressive start for Bengal Warriors

Bengal Warriors have started as the more dominant side as Maninder Singh comes up with two impressive raid. Bengal Warriors 4-1 U.P. Yoddha

09:53 PM: Starting 7’s for Match 3

09:47 PM: It’s a TIE!

Manjeet gets tackled out in final do-or-die raid as the game ends in a tie with score-line of 40-40.


Telugu Titans have inflicted an all-out in matter of no time and the score is 39-39.

09:37 PM: Final 5 minutes remaining

With 5 minutes remaining in the contest, the score is as follows:

Tamil Thalaivas 38-29 Telugu Titans

09:30 PM: Telugu Titans all out

Telugu Titans have been all out by Tamil Thalaivas once again as PO Surjeet Singh’s side leads the match by 33-28.

09:27 PM: Super 10 for Manjeet

Manjeet gets another point to complete an emphatic Super 10. The Tamil Thalivas raider has 7 touch points and 3 bonus points in the contest so far and has been absolutely brilliant for his side.

09:22 PM: Prapanjan steps up in do-or-die raid

K Prapanjan steps up in the crucial do-or-die raid and gets a point. Tamil Thalaivas narrowly leads by 28-26

09:12 PM: 2nd half begins

Manjeet gets the first point of the second half and a subsequent tackle on Rajnish means that Tamil Thalaivas extends their lead to 25-21.

09:10 PM: Key players in Match 2 so far

Manjeet (Tamil Thalaivas): 8 points

Siddharth Desai (Telugu Titans): 6 points

09:06 PM: First Half ends

Tamil Thalaivas have bounced back in heroic style in the match as they get one more point in dying moments of first half. They lead by 23-21 at the end of 20 minutes.

09:04 PM: First super raid of the match

Manjeet comes up with first super raid of the match as Tamil Thalaivas finds themselves back into the contest. Subsequently, they have inflicted an all out against all odds and the score is 20-20 on the stroke of half-time. Absolutely Brilliant!

08:59 PM: Crucial tackle on Rajnish

Brilliant defense by Sagar on right corner to tackle out Telugu Titans’ Rajnish. Another tackle on Siddharth Desai follows next as Tamil Thalaivas cuts down the lead to 12-17.

08:53 PM: Tamil Thalaivas suffer first all out

Telugu Titans have inflicted the first all out of the match as they lead by 12-5.

08:48 PM: Exciting start to the contest

After a nice start by Siddharth Desai, the Telugu Titans gets tackled out in his subsequent raid. However, he returns to the mat after another impressive raid by Rajnish. Telugu Titans 6-4 Tamil Thalaivas

08:45 PM: Starting 7s for Match 2

Telugu Titans: Siddharth Desai (c), C Arun, Surinder Singh, Rajnish, Ankit Beniwal, Sandeep Kandola, Ruturaj Koravi.

Tamil Thalaivas: Surjeet (c), Manjeet, K Prapanjan, Mohit, Bhavani Rajput, Sahil Singh, Sagar.

08:36 PM: Abhishek Singh stars with 19 raid points

Abhishek Singh was the star for U Mumba in season opener as he registered 19 points (15 touch points, 4 bonus points) as he led his side to a huge win over Bengaluru Bulls. Although Pawan Sehrawat and Chandran Ranjit also got 12 and 13 points respectively, it was just not enough for the Bulls.


U Mumba have registered an emphatic 46-30 win over Bengaluru Bulls.

08:26 PM: Super raid by Ajith Kumar 

Ajith Kumar comes up with a super raid at a very crucial juncture of the match as U Mumba gets three players back on the mat and extends the lead to 37-26. It’s surely game, set and match for Fazel Atrachali’s side.

08:23 PM: Abhishek Singh is out

Huge moment in the game as Abhishek Singh gets tackled out only for the second time in the match. Score: U Mumba 32-26 Bengaluru Bulls with around 7 minutes remaining.

08:16 PM: Time for strategic time-out

It’s a 1 min 30 seconds strategic time-out as U Mumba leads the match 32-24. Only few minutes remaining in the contest! Can Bengaluru Bulls register a comeback or will U Mumba hold on to their lead! Thrilling finale coming ahead.

08:13 PM: Super 10 for Bulls captain

Bengaluru Bulls are slowly getting their way back into the contest as captain Pawan Sehawat gets Super 10 on the night. U Mumba 30-23 Bengaluru Bulls!

08:04 PM: Second half begins 

Abhishek Singh kicks off the proceedings of second half as he gets another point before Bengaluru Bulls gets all out again! U Mumba leads 28-17.

08:01 PM: Abhishek Singh has been on a roll

U Mumba’s Abhishek Singh has been the star of the show so far as he has already secured 14 raid points in the contest. Can he continue his heroics in second half?

7:56 PM: End of first half

After the first half, U Mumba leads 24-17 against Bengaluru Bulls.

7:53 PM: Unbelievable raid by Abhishek Singh

With U Mumba on brink of an all out, Abhishek Singh produces a herculean raid where he gets 3 points + 1 bonus point to get his side back into the contest. U Mumba leads 22-17 in the match.

7:46 PM: First super raid of the match

Chandran Ranjith produces the first super raid of the match after a successful review by Bengaluru Bulls. Score: U Mumba 12-10 Bengaluru Bulls

7:42 PM: Bengaluru Bulls all out

Bengaluru Bulls have suffered the first all out after another brilliant raid by Abhishek Singh. 2 points for the raid and 2 bonus points for all out as U Mumba leads 11-6 in the contest.

7:38 PM: U Mumba leads after first five minutes

After a strong start by Bengaluru Bulls, U Mumba have bounced back in some style. They lead 5-4 after first five minutes.

7:33 PM: PKL Season 8 begins!

The referee blows the whistle as the match between U Mumba and Bengaluru Bulls kicks off. Pawan Sehrawat is the first raider of the season as he gets a bonus point but gets caught out by the U Mumba defense.

7:32 PM: Neeraj Chopra sings national anthem

India’s Tokyo Olympics gold medalist – Neeraj Chopra – kicks of the proceedings in Bengaluru as he sings the country’s national anthem.

7:30 PM: Starting 7s of Match 1

Bengaluru Bulls: Pawan Sehrawat, Chandran Ranjith, GB More, Saurabh Nandal, Mahender Singh, Mayur J Kadam, Aman.

U Mumba: Fazel Atrachali, Abhishek Singh, Ashish Sangwan, V Ajith, Harendra Kumar, Rinku, Mohsen Maghsoudlou

7:25 PM: It’s time for Le Panga!

We are just moments away from the season opener between U Mumba and Bengaluru Bulls. Two quality sides, two iconic captains, it’s going to be a brilliant start to PKL Season 8!

6:00 PM: Check out the fantasy tips for Day 1

If you are looking to form a solid fantasy team for PKL matches, you can have a look at the probable starting line-ups, key players and various other tips for the three matches scheduled for today.

5:10 PM: Head to head record in recent times

In last 6 meetings between U Mumba and Bengaluru Bulls, both the sides have 3 wins each to their name. Will Fazel Atrachali’s U Mumba make the noise today or will Pawan Sehrawat’s Bengaluru Bulls clinch the win in season opener? We will found it in some time.

2:45 PM: Here is the schedule for Day 1 (Dec 22)

Match 1: Bengaluru Bulls vs U Mumba | 7:30 PM IST

Match 2: Telugu Titans vs Tamil Thalaivas | 8:30 PM IST

Match 3: Bengal Warriors vs U.P. Yoddha | 9:30 PM IST


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