WATCH: Tiger Woods hits a near hole-in-one as he ends first day 1-under 71 on Augusta Masters return

Woods marked his return to a golf major after a gap of 509 days.

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Updated - 08 April 2022 12:58 PM

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American golfer Tiger Woods shook the sports world as he made his return to the Majors after suffering a life-threatening car accident on 23 February 2021. Woods suffered a lot of leg injuries but still the 15-time major returned and hit a 1-under 71 on the first day of his Augusta campaign. 

It was a mixed bag round for Woods as he hit 8 of 14 fairways and 9 of 18 greens. He required only 27 putts and 13 on the first nine holes. He averaged 283.3 yards off the tee but suffered as he hit four drives left. He was even par on the four par-5 holes and two under on the four par-3s.

Watch Tiger Woods’ near hole-in-one at Augusta:

"I am as sore as I expected to feel, but it was amazing," Woods

After the round, Tiger talked about how he was sure that he could return to Major and function at a high level with an injured right foot. He was quoted saying, “I was going to pull it off. I had a gap. I had a window. I was going to hit it."

He then also talked about his score from the first day and said, “I'm only 3 back". "We've got a long way to go. This golf course is going to change dramatically -- cooler, drier, windier. You can hear the SubAirs on out there. This golf course is going to change, and it's going to get a lot more difficult”, Woods added.

Woods also expressed his feelings about returning to golf after a 509-day hiatus. He said, "I am as sore as I expected to feel, but it was amazing". "Like I was telling the team all week, come game time, it will be a different deal. My adrenaline will kick in. I'll get into my own little world, and I'll get after it. It's about the training that we've done to have the stamina to go."

"To finish in the red today after as long a layoff as I've had and not being in competitive golf [is good]," Woods said. "I know where to hit it [on] a lot of these pins, and I miss in the correct spots and give myself good angles. I did that all day, and I was able to make a few putts and end up in the red like I am now", he concluded.


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